survey paper is to complement these papers by putting the emphasis on applications of polling models. The results of the study illustrated that the dominant discourse in the media was women in Aceh were prone to violate Sharia. The narratives of these victims focusing on their. Feminist Communication Methodology Structuralism and Methodology Poststructuralism and Methodology Conclusion4. Here, I ask questions about what this “no man’s land” means for power and gender, resisting the perception of women as “cultural sponges” (Bartky 1997). The second half of the chapter explores the method of interviewee recruitment via socio-sexual platforms and encourages scholars to consider the effects of announcing themselves in an online field. The nature of symbolic violence of masculinity may be such that unless the subversion identifies both the ideological and material structures of their dominated position (Glenn, 2000;Risman, 2004;Risman and Davis, 2013;Risman, 2017), any contestation in the field would be neutralized through symbolic violence. The modern obsession of Americans with witches, whether real or metaphorical, is related to politics especially when it came to issues of gender politics. In 2008 Argentina enacted the United Nation’s Convention to combat human trafficking, Palermo Protocol, as federal law 26.364. The reform asks the state of Argentina to recognize sex work as a legitimate form of labor, thus insuring the sex workers’ labor and social rights. Second, the reasons of using feminism perspective by the poet is the image of her bad life experiences. "Gender Communication Theories and Analyses: From Silence to Performance is an innovative analysis of contemporary feminist communication theories and methods. The concepts of hegemonic masculinity and masculine domination have not been reviewed in the light of emerging perspectives on hegemony, power and domination. How have theories about gender and communication evolved and been influenced by first-, second-, and third-wave feminisms? Islam and ‘Muslim’ emerged as a primary identification in the 1990s, in Britain with the War on Terror; in France through controversies about women’s Islamic dress. Gender Communication Theories and Analyses discusses contemporary research in gender and communication and expands on future directions for research. conseguiu criar interpretações tão diferentes nos públicos. IntroductionAcknowledgments1. Therefore, supporters of the millennial wave phenomena of Bernie Sanders in the primary caucus of Democratic Party of US elections in 2016 became one of the reflections of the millennial post-feminism ideas.