Owing to the work of an astonishing range of visionary thinkers, this fascinating period was the era in which the foundations of the modern … 10 Great Minds From Throughout History 1. Socrates is credited with being one of the founders of Western philosophy. Nonetheless, a good introduction to many people who I did not and never would have known exist without listening to this lecture. No canned applause or jarring music. From ancient Greece through to the modern world, these are 10 of history’s greatest minds. Disappointed, Everett largely gave up on quantum mechanics. Since then his ideas have begun to edge towards the scientific mainstream, and they do resolve a number of thorny problems. Perhaps his most significant discovery was that lightning bolts could be understood as a natural phenomenon rather than as an expression of the wrath of an angry God. The behavior of protons and electrons on a quantum level is downright weird, but Everett suggested it all made sense if there were an infinite number of universes. William Caxton?--and too often she gets into describing events rather than discussing ideas (not that that's bad, it just seems a little off topic). Dorsey is a thoughtful and engaging lecturer, and she’s crafted a useful, interesting, and insightful course. I liked the way she starts each lecture by looking back at the previous one or two, and finishes by setting the. Alexander the Great, King Philip’s son, who was tutored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, set out to conquer the world and spread Greek culture and language. The Pyramid of Djoser, the oldest of the Pyramids, is estimated to … Great if you have interests in the medieval anthropology and theology. I love the way she takes concepts that I'm mildly interested in and leaves me feeling obsessed with the topic by the end of the week of listening to her lectures. When Newton died in 1727, his collection of notes amounted to some 10 million words. One particularly gruesome film, shot by the Edison Manufacturing Company, shows an unfortunate elephant by the name of Topsy being enveloped by smoke and keeling over after being blasted with 6,600 volts of electricity. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It is unfortunate that she uses a limited number of images. In this time of great uncertainty, great 'thinkers' appeared. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This window to the mind of one of history’s greatest geniuses proved less useful than might be imagined. Many philosophers today concede that Greek philosophy has influenced much of Western thought since its inception. Da Vinci had neither, but he was not a man who would blend into the background to be forgotten by history. Even his education was cut short; at the age of 11 he was withdrawn from school to concentrate on music to the exclusion of all else. Good, brief overview of the middle ages. In 1896 the physicist Henri Becquerel made the serendipitous discovery that uranium salts emitted rays of some kind. Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) 5. Architectural Wonders Of The Ancient World: The Pyramids – Egypt. He succeeded in spectacular fashion and would go on to become one of the wealthiest men in America. Through this time of uncertainty, many great thinkers sprouted. His genius was actually very narrow and was limited to the fields of physics and Mathematics even the ancient Greek Archimedes contribute more to this day to human life on Earth with his invention of the Archimedes screw which is still used throughout much of the world to help irrigate fields to grow food Einstein in my opinion was the idiot of geniuses Early theories of evolution and atomic theory began in Ancient Greece. 3 stars means a very good book or a B+. Tesla believed his death ray would bring about an end to warfare, but he never succeeded in completing it. Dr. Armstrong does an admirable job of presenting diverse thinkers, their major ideas, and how those ideas fit in with their immediate predecessors, contemporaries, and followers. Having been born into one of the wealthiest families in Athens, Plato would have been well-schooled by the city’s finest philosophers. Johan Van Beethoven was a man with a singular mission in life: to transform his son from a talented amateur into a musical genius to rival even the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These biographies chronicle the lives and important contributions of great scientists and mathematicians from across the ancient world. It dealt with a wide variety of subjects, including political philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, logic, biology, rhetoric, and aesthetics. Owing to the work of an astonishing range of visionary thinkers, this fascinating period was the era in which the foundations of the modern Western world were laid. While this one wasn't quite as personally engaging as her king Arthur series, I still loved every minute and learned a lot about figures, most of whom i know by name, but couldn't have told you much more than the key points of their fame. He soon surpassed his brother as both a writer and a printer, a fact that didn’t escape James, who regularly expressed his displeasure with his fists. While this might perhaps be something of a stretch, it gives an indication of the esteem in which the ancient Greek philosopher is held even to this day. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. By understanding lightning Franklin was able to tame it. Very interesting take on historical figures of the medieval period. In just one year he proved the existence of atoms, described the photoelectric effect, demonstrated that an object’s mass is an expression of the energy it contains (E = mc2), and published his Special Theory of Relativity. In December 2016, a first edition copy of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica sold at auction for $3.7 million. Many of them contributed to the reconciliation of faith and reason as articulated by Greek philosophy. She makes sure to mention some women too. This impression was only strengthened by Tesla’s obsession with developing a “death ray” capable of shooting bolts of lightning. It doesn't strike me as particularly special. Privacy Policy | TopTenz T-Shirts | Sponsors. The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once wrote that European philosophy is best characterized as a series of footnotes to Plato. I also appreciated how she connects them together and illustrates how they each built on those great minds before them. With a ferocious work ethic that drove him to at least two nervous breakdowns, he scarcely slept, never married, and often became so absorbed in his work that he simply forgot to eat or teach his classes. Top 10 Shockingly Rich Celebrities & Their Net Worth. From this logic developed along with mathematics, the sciences (from biology to physics and cosmology), political theory, later on psychology, and much more. The universe operates to the laws of a set of numbers known as fundamental constants, and every one of these has to be precisely tuned in order for the universe to function as it does. Nils Bohr once famously wrote that anybody who isn’t shocked by quantum mechanics hasn’t understood it. Few people are now familiar with the plays of Ben Johnson or Christopher Marlowe; fewer still have seen them performed. 5 stars means an all time favorite or an A+ {Only one of 400 or 500 books rates this!). 1879-1955: Being labeled a "slow learner" in grade school didn't stop Einstein from … To me, a scholar who's great accomplishment is establishing an argument for how to understand the Trinity is rather like a scholar who devoted their work to developing the theory of phlogiston; it could be interesting to see how their mind worked through the issue, but ultimately what the spent so much time on is connected to nothing in the real world. This period is fascinating due to the fact that the great minds she covers were absorbing freshly reviled divine revelations by Christ and Mohammad. However, while the spark of genius was already present, it would be quite some time until anybody recognized it. The famous bard has become such an integral part of Western culture that it’s tempting to assume we must know a great deal about his life, but the reality is quite the opposite. This was an extraordinary amount of money, but then Principia was an extraordinary book. 4 stars means an outstanding book or an A {only about 5% of the books I read merit 4 stars}.