Many of Naturalista’s co-wash to avoid over-drying their hair. With so many different types of hairstyles out there, let us go over some hairstyles that you may know by their look but not by their name. The word barber today is used for men who cut hair for other men or sometimes to shave them. Once you arrive for your appointment you will book in with the receptionist. They will normally take your coat and hang it up for you, then they put a protective cape around you and take you to your chair in front of a big mirror. Also known as “bangs,” fringe a haircut where some of the hair lies over your face. Beehive – Backcombing or teasing with hairspray to style hair on top of the head so that the size and shape is suggestive of a beehive, hence the name. You can get this treatment at a salon, or you can do it yourself at home. A woman’s layered short hairstyle that is cut to create a slightly tousled effect. Hair Vocabulary. Comb over – Hair is swept sideways across the head. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This is hair that is unprocessed, and chemicals weren't used to treat it. Hair vocabulary isn’t something you come across every day. Many places that cut hair will call themselves a: As far as I am aware there is no difference between these examples. Do touch-ups with hair coloring or perming. Like braid outs, you can wear flat twists overnight or a few hours then unraveled revealing curly hair. Very short lower down. It ultimately creates a layered effect. A vocabulary list featuring hairdresser, hairstylist, journeyman. Asking for something in the hairdressers is the same as asking for anything, you start your sentence with “I would like”, or “I want” and then you simply need to know what it is you want. Getting your hair cut can be an exciting experience, but it can also be totally mystifying if you don't know the latest styling jargon. A haircut where the hair is not symmetrical and one side is longer than the other. When the hair shreds excessively this is considered shedding. Bunches / Pigtails – Hair is tied up on each side. We’ve come up with 30 must-know hairstyling terms to help you along the way! The braid pattern is a foundation created by braiding your hair to prepare your hair for sew-in extensions. Check out our article “DIY Ombre Hair: My First Time!” to learn how to achieve the ombre look. Here are some hair treatments that can be used to promote the health of your hair. Usually used by a barber. hairstylist definition: 1. someone whose job is to cut and arrange people's hair: 2. someone whose job is to cut and…. Cornrows – A style of braiding and plaiting the hair in narrow strips to form geometric patterns on the scalp. You will then be offered a drink (Tea, Coffee, or Water) and a magazine to read while you wait. – You have a few stray hairs growing on your neck. A highlighting technique that you do in a way that creates a gradual color effect for a natural look. Copyright 2020 Vocabulary University ®. To help make this process a little easier, this post introduces a number of important English vocabulary words and phrases related to getting a haircut. Learn Hair Lingo Knowing how to speak the language in any field is a must, and the field of hair is no exception. Find out more about how you can use essential oils along with other products to promote healthy hair growth in our article “15 Tips to Maintaining Healthy Hair”. Hair Growth: Why Isn’t My Natural Hair Growing Faster? With so many different types of hairstyles out there, let's go over some of the terms you need to know when styling hair. First of all, you need to know where to go to get your hair cut. When taking the hair lighter all over you may hear the term. Cutting your hair into various lengths to “layer” them and create a voluminous look. Forehead – The front of your head above your eyebrows. Here are some traits of high versus low porosity hair: A protein treatment strengthens your hair. Sideburns – The area of hair in front of your ears. Get one wrong? Mohawk – long hair on the top of the head which is styled straight up and held in place with holding product. that can be used on your hair to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Next time you’re doing hair or having your hair styled, you can always refer to these terms. An all over colour colours all your hair, but there are other options. 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Weave – Artificial hair is braided / woven into the natural hair. The only exception is if you decide to visit a: – Barber Shop (Men Only – includes facial haircare). Comb – (pronounced with a silent B) a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair. They take photos and write down the dates of their big chops to document their natural hair journey. Straighteners – Irons for the hair, they make hair straight using heat. There are many benefits to wearing virgin hair such as its durability when it comes to styling and coloring. So it’s not until you’re in the seat that you find you are exposed to it. Top knot – Similar to a bun, a knot of hair on the top of the head. This is often referred to as simply – The barbers. This is a method where you wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Practice Answer a few questions on each word. Knowing these terms can help make achieving your next hairstyle easier. A milder version of a relaxer. A hairstyle with coiled, small buns all over the head that look like knots. You never know when these terms will come in handy. Ombre is usually darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. Our textures range from straight, kinky curly, natural wavy, loose waves, and more! A hairstyle that you take sections of hair to apply the product and then began braiding your hair. Most visits will involve washing your hair. A number 1 all over is much shorter than a number 3 all over. Asking for something in the hairdressers is the same as asking for anything, you start your sentence with “I would like”, or “I want” and then you simply need to know what it is you want. Most visits will involve washing your hair. Hair treatments are great when it comes to treating various hair conditions or getting your hair to be in a healthier state.