She was not seen that night, the red team lost the service, and they were asked to nominate two people for elimination. 1 After service, Ramsay asked the final four to decide on two people that did not deserve to be in the finals. Season 6: Dave Levey Season 14: Dallas, TXSeason 17: New York, NY 'Dancing with the Stars' poll: How did Tyra Banks do in her first season as host? Milly was sent to safety first (despite preparing only five oysters instead of six as required), followed by Manda, Barbie, and Elise, leaving Giovanni and Robyn as the last two. Milly's hand-cut French fries topped with a lobster cheese sauce won him immunity for tonight's service. She made a cast iron grouper with a cucumber broth, it was criticized for being under seasoned, and she lost that round to Robyn, leading her to annoyingly asked why the latter could not have produced strong dishes back in the red team. It was praised for the salty-sweetness combination, and she scored a perfect 5. Ramsay is then joined by Chef Ben Ford (Harrison Ford's son) in the judging. She is the fourth contestant in the history of the show who made it further in the competition on her second run, following Jason (Season 12), Robyn, Nick, and Benjamin (also from Season 17). On the second attempt, she thought it was fine again, but Elise said that it was raw. But, when Josh told her to worry about herself, she got dismayed, but refused to let that bring down the red team. She was not seen that night, the red team lost the service, and were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, Michelle believed that she deserved to be in the finals for bringing it every day, and thought about who she wanted to be with her. When Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo were invited as guest judges, she recalled how the two came as guest judges back in Season 14. A tableside appetizer of smoked salmon rillette is served by Van and Barbie. Otherwise, the blue team had a decent service. 3rd The teams were divided by gender at the beginning, male contestants on the blue team, and female contestants on the red team. Times as BoW/Announcer They had to sweep up all the confetti, break down the bleachers, take down the railings and pick up the mess. Hometown The foul-mouthed chef brought back 16 previous contenders to fight for the chance to win a job with him. Ramsay gave the edge to Nick because Benjamin's bass was slightly burnt. Challenges Won He works as head chef at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dana Cohen was a contestant on Seasons 10 and 17 of Hell's Kitchen. Not long after, they welcomed Benjamin. During the Crabs Challenge, Michelle was on a boat with Meghan, T, and Christine during part one, they were seen struggling to launch their boat into the water, and later, they struggled with trying to paddle to their destination. Hell's Kitchen Season 17 Intro Michelle nearly misinformed Manda a second time, but thanks to Elise taking over tasting duty, Manda was able to deliver a perfectly-cooked pasta. Season 8: Nona Sivley Team challenge: The challenge was to create and bake a pizza at the DeSano Pizzeria and Bakery. and they were rewarded with a private jet trip to Santa Barbara, and had an overnight stay at the Belmond El Encanto resort. During the Fishing Challenge, Michelle called it karma when Elise ended up with only three ingredients. During the punishment, she was seen giving Elise pointers on how to clean the salmon. During the Cave Meat Challenge, Michelle did not want to waste any time for her team, and collected lentils. Number of Contestants: Conversely, on the red team, Manda was on appetizers, but due to having Celiac Disease, could not taste the pasta dishes for doneness and would need Michelle's help. Episode Eliminated 'The Masked Singer' schedule update: Thanksgiving episode airs Thursday, rerun on Wednesday, 'The Bachelorette' episode 7 recap: Tayshia bonds with Ivan over race and fires back at the…, 'Dancing with the Stars' video recap of that surprise ending: 'I should've known the cards were stacked…, 'The Voice': How to vote for the 4-way knockout and save Taryn, Julia, Larriah or Ryan, 'The Voice': Meet John Legend's team for Season 19 live shows, 'The Voice': Meet Kelly Clarkson's team for Season 19 live shows, 'The Voice': Meet Blake Shelton's team for Season 19 live shows, 'The Voice': Meet Gwen Stefani's team for Season 19 live shows, 'The Voice' season 19 episode 11 recap: Who won 4-way knockout on November 24? Ashley Nickell was from Orlando, Florida and competed in season 15, where she came in 3rd place. If they want to make fun at me 'cause I'm the youngest and the smallest, like, fuck you guys. Ramsay gave no comment on her elimination, and she did not receive the coat hanging and portrait burning sequence.[15]. This team's Michelle Tribble, who previously finished in third place in Season 14, won the competition, making her the fifth consecutive female winner of Hell's Kitchen. Benjamin was the second finalist for his calm, collected leadership that night. When Elise survived the challenge, the latter told her that it was on. Winner: The red team won the service.[22]. However, she accused Milly and Meghan for going by process of elimination, and while she knew that it was becoming a popularity contest, she knew that it was Ramsay’s decision in the end. Guests in attendance included Aleks Paunovic and E–40 in addition to the chef's tables, which hosted Cheryl Burke and Dan Bucatinsky in the red and blue kitchen respectively. She was not deemed the weakest chef on the red team by her teammates, and therefore did not participate in the Cook For Your Life Challenge. Despite that, she got her course out first, leading her to believe that it was a good start, despite the missing scallop fiasco. Elimination: At elimination, everyone else said that Nick was the one they wanted to compete against. Despite being a fan favorite, she is one of the most controversial winners of Hell's Kitchen, as many people thought Benjamin or Nick deserved the win more than her, and that she didn't even belong in the finals, to begin with. Michelle's door opened, making her the 17th winner and first All-Star winner of Hell's Kitchen; Benjamin took his defeat graciously. Doja Cat is winning Best New Artist. While neither Manda nor Ashley were nominated, Ramsay called the two down after Barbie revealed that they were each considered during deliberation. Even though both teams completed service with no ejections, Ramsay declared both teams losers and asked for two nominees per team for elimination. During dinner service, Michelle was on the fish station. The red team lost the challenge 2-4, and they were punished by participating in fish delivery, prep them for the following service, and drink a disgusting milkshake. Before the next dinner service, the chefs will compete to create the most delicious new bar drink. According to a Q-A session on Instagram, she is set to make a cameo as a customer in. Then, Ramsay told her that she had the tools and credentials, but wanted her to become a little Rottweiler. During the cooking, she revealed that she loved New Orleans and decided to use a lot of bell peppers as she knew how much teenagers loved color, before calling her dish "Mardi Gras on a plate". In August 2020, Michelle announced on Instagram, that she was no longer working at Hell's Kitchen, citing abuse from customers taking a toll on her mentally, and taking concern for her own health during COVID-19. Season 12: Scott Commings While it was criticized for not using the full extent of the pizza dough, it was also praised for being a good job, and she scored that round over Giovanni. During the cooking, she decided to sear her venison. During the Blind Taste Test, Michelle received all three punishments during Dana's turn. The red team won the challenge 26-25, she said that they needed the confidence boost. Robyn sent up bland couscous and had trouble keeping up on garnish. They were punished by taking deliveries of 100 pounds of seafood, prep them for that night’s service along with both kitchens, and eat a disgusting fish soup. During the closed charity dinner service, Michelle called it a fucking disaster after it was revealed that all of Josh's tuna was overcooked. Despite T reminding her about being nominated three times before, Meghan said that she wanted her in the final two next to her. Back at the dorms, she said that she would rather have Barbie or Elise eliminated over Manda. Ramsay broke the tie in favor of Benjamin. Robyn made a seared lamb loin with potato and corn hash (despite having initially selected halibut for her primary protein), Elise made a filet mignon with potato puree and rainbow chard, and Jennifer made scallops and shrimp with corn succotash.