Kiran Aug 08 2019 8:08 pm The ajummas are her friends now and Joker is caught! Hmmm. Yeah, my mind is going makjang ballistic. One thing that's certain about this drama is the acting quality of the actors. Have her own insecurities over her relationship with her son caused her to turn it into a hermetically-sealed dyad? vnya Oct 25 2019 11:24 pm They both need to behave like adults. I think so, too. Yong-shik shares his suspicion that their culprit is Heung-shik but Dong-baek disagrees with him. This drama really deserves it. When yongshik's mom told dongbaek to break up was really sad sad too. One of my favorite scenes in this episode was of Capt. Too many questions left unanswered and the whole “I killed people. I've watched too many forensics shows, but have forgotten the details. I was literally full of tears because of Dongbaek's mom. The presence of the Joker in their lives is also out of Dong-baek’s control, but she can do something about the suitor that is proving to be too much for Pil-gu to deal with. Choi go un? With a father like that, Heung-shik never had a chance. Kong Hyo Jin is a precious actress. All these emotions caused her to faint and it’s here we see that he actually saved her and took her to the hospital. The story in this drama is really relatable. Spoiler alert. A 10/10 KDrama ❤️, sterk Apr 15 2020 4:15 am It’s 20 episodes - just 1 split into 2. In the time jump scene he may be calling out to his little sister. PG hasn’t been allowed to be positively influenced by the presence of his dad by JR and DB. I'm not sure what the writers are up to. Jung-sook and Yong-shik should've had that break up in dramas talk in front of her lol! But I could see him and Yong-shik staying in touch even if Dong-baek sticks to her noble idiocy crusade. I love Kong Hyo Jin so much!! '” Jung-sook argues that people should just be honest, “I like you, but…I don’t want all these other things that come with you.”. At the police station, Dongbaek’s mother starts to describe what the Joker looks like and claims it’s Heung-Sik, while we see a flashback of a conversation between the two where he begged her not to do anything. O/T. I literally binge watched on the nights I’m on Netflix. It's freshly baked with love,humor and the characters were doing superb work and delivered it greatly. 2. yongshik. They are just so precious and unforgettable. When the Camellia Blooms: Ep 18 Joker’s Identity. Hatsoff. Glad that Kang Hanuel finally got his lead role. When Pil-gu looks up, Dong-baek is staring at him as the adult Pil-gu narrates, “I had never seen my mom so angry before.”. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Overall, the drama was fun and such a visual treat. At the end of the fourth episode there is a scene where there is someone who is holding a lighter (I think it's killers hand) while Yong-sik is painting the wall and he is wearing a white gloves in his hand where in the third episode the only one who is wearing a gloves (besides Yong-sik who is painting the wall) is Hong-sik who repaired the sink that day. Fingers crossed! Jessica complains that her mother shouldn’t feel intimidated because of her. Always love her acting. Their chemistry is amazing and adorable. Recommended. Jan 08 2020 7:22 am I didn't realize that relationship has to be tested for, but it makes sense. There’s still lots to wrap up as we learn what’s transpired in the years between the eight-year-old Pil-gu and the grown up version. He may not have any experience at being a father, but he knows perfectly well what being a kid feels like, and how cruel kids can be - intended or not. Lastly, the osts are to die for ?? I agree with you about joker. And what about others family! Yes, @lookie I agree. Sure he hurt her over a decade ago but people grow up and he wants to take responsibility now and it's her past hurt and ego that won't let it go. And there’s no justification in telling JR not to see his kid. He wont even looking for "alternative life" on the first place... Hmmm Oct 17 2019 3:20 am Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. "Like one of the stray cats he used to bring home" - yes! Didn't know he was in To The Beautiful You and movie "Twenty". ItsOkayThatsLoveRight Oct 06 2019 1:31 pm My blood ran cold when I realized another possible reason for Hyang-mi’s death: Heung-shik liked her. I was floored to learn that it was actually Lawyer Hong, whose testimony is invaluable in tracing Hyang-mi’s last rides. So, very annoying and irritating...That is the miserable effect the drama has on viewers... meer Oct 04 2019 1:03 pm I need season 2 please. I really love Kong Hyo-jin's character too! Alice Dec 10 2019 7:18 pm He assures her that he’s eating well. !I just love all about this drama.But I just want to point out about hyang mi? In fact she is not fit in that role (not being rude but just telling the truth ) . It made me laugh and cry. She very much pushes of her own insecurities on their relationship. Children are often possessions in divorce custody battles. sashaynee Oct 21 2019 4:33 am - HS's dad clearly set the fire at the market in an attempt to kill DB. I would have fallen for Kang Ha Neul's character right away, he's SO kind, and men don't realize it but kindness is the greatest aphrodisiac. Kang Ha Neul is the goofy man of our dreams. 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