There is a decadent pleasure in the airport shoe shine. “[T]he more demeaning the job, the more the person holding it (if female, of course) is likely to be described as a lady,” wrote the feminist linguist Robin Lakoff in a 1973 academic paper. And I said hey pretty cowboy lady.. However, I’m flying out again today and badly need a shine – so I’m going to conveniently forget that I ever read this post! “Thus, cleaning lady is at least as common as cleaning woman, saleslady as saleswoman. I think I might give it a whirl next time I’m at Logan…just for the experience as well . Warren & Drew – Thanks for stopping by. Beccy — LOVED that comment.. ! Let’s start with the lack of a platform….. Dusan — Thanks for stopping by.. as always. I really hope this blog turns into a book. Waitin' On Your Love. But worth it? They really appreciate the love I put into fixing up there purses as well!! definantly consider wearing stockings when you plan your next shoe shine ladies!!! I think it’s a blend of indulgence and pampering mixed with the lingering memory of the men we used to see getting a shine…and how we probably thought they looked important in their nice suits and fancy shoes. Gradon — George was in United. “Every time I hear a woman casually called a lady, something goes off in my mind,” Lakoff told me. Writer(s): Raymond Mcguire, Brian W Smith. If he sensed that he had a virgin on the platform, he was too kind to mention it. You are a gifted writer. (Thank you, Ludacris.) Your writings deserve a “Collected Blogs” volume. We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time) Oh, Pretty Lady. What does hey pretty girl mean? Oh my gosh… is there a business opportunity here? To quote Britney Spears’s 2002 power ballad, many of the female gender today think of themselves as “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” “Lady” has come to occupy the middle ground. Follow @annfriedman. “‘Woman’ has this heaviness, which sounds old,” Zimmerman says. “Now sit,” he said, motioning for me to take a chair and place one foot on each brass footrest, shaped to look like the sole of a shoe, but smaller, like the footprint a child might leave in wet cement. Not to be redundant, but you really do have a way with words. I’d probably feel just about as awkward getting a manicure or something…it’s tough enough buying lingerie for my wife! But, for that money, I do it myself. Pretty lady Submit Corrections. Lisa — You are one female I might have thought would have done the shoeshine gig. It;s funny how many guys dig a good stiff shoeshine, huh!? I have always noticed the ‘shoeshine man’ in almost every airport I’ve ever been in. But to your point, I haven’t noticed up until your blog posting, that there are never any women! I cut down on my pre-cleaning considerably but I still scan the house and fix things before she shows up. I named my site LadyJournos as a deliberate nod to the fact that it should be ridiculous—a full decade into the new millennium—to have to point out that women are doing good work. Thank you for this public service announcement, Ann. The first few months, I cleaned and organized the whole house just to make sure that the maid doesn’t have too much to do. I didn’t know what to do, I felt like people were looking at me and my foot kept slipping off the rest. Hey all I love the writing, thanks for this…. Your article made me homesick for the shoe shine that I would always get in Logan’s terminal C on the way out of town. Only I wasn’t necessarily thinking about that as the shoeshine man called out to me. Next time, though, I take off my boots right there and he gets them one by one…! Are there any collections of blogs printed? I gotta little girl at home thinks the world of me.. Well I could tell by the look in her eyes.. She didn't take rejection easily.. I’ve grown to quite enjoy professional shoes shines though–think of it as the male version ofa pedicure. I’ve taken the same, lonely trip a dozen times or so, and it’s always a tiring day that reminds me again how profoundly disappointed I am that the seven-league boots I coveted as a kid still aren’t commercially produced. unless your coming too Vegas!!! To quote Britney, “All I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between.” The fluidity of “lady” is part of its appeal; it fits right in with modern feminism’s in-betweeness. Totally loved each and every response… seriously. In the second episode of HBO’s “Girls,” three young women are eating frozen yogurt on a park bench: Jessa, the slutty one, Shoshanna, the prudish one, and Hannah, our protagonist. Today was a quiet Tuesday in the terminal, and nothing there (a sundries shop, a TBCY staffed by a yawning clerk) seemed to hold much in the way of a half-hour’s distraction. “Oh…” he said, sounding disappointed, when I said I hadn’t. Gender politics are important—but sometimes we just want to greet a female friend with a popular term of endearment without launching a feminist crusade. I always walk away from a shoe shine feeling fabulous. Is Platform rent cheap, I wonder? I try to go once a week here in the office and I almost always do so at the airport. “What is wrong with ‘women’?” Pollitt asks. I mean, yeah.. they looked good. I too find the shoe stands a little awkward, and I stand about 6′ tall – I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you, as petite as you are. In all of these contexts, there’s a tongue-in-cheek sensibility at work. Cam & Lewis — Funny thing is.. Loved the post – I’m linking it to Live Path. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern.