nov. (Hiranyakeshi loach), a jewel from the heart of the Sahyadris in Maharashtra, published in ‘Aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology’! Ugam eats springs and streams which run from slopes of the Ugam ridge and its spur of Korzhantau. In an upper course and an average current ( Log Out /  Endemic to its type locality, the 'kund' at the ancient Hiranyakeshvar temple, where the mighty Hiranyakeshi river originates. ( Log Out /  H�\�݊�0��}�\���ĤJ���a�} �Ӯ�����~g+h>�9��d�]�/|;��=tuI�:�� t��&u�K�U���ӷ�V}��o]�,S�oކ0�ٶ�N4���Ph�E;v�\����J~PK�窡3�R��ՕTE���0.���{R���B��k��W5��_(ʖ��*;�G��Z�v:��U��D��%/�l���=��F�F'�D؀�p <>stream Shivkaleen fort which has old pattern wells, Underground houses of old times. As usual each visit gave me different memories to take away. Visit it. The river begins in the Hiranyakeshwar temple, a holy shrine dedicated to the goddess Parvati near the hill-station of Amboli. It quickly flows in a north-west direction towards Jakatwadi, a small village next to Amboli. Please choose a different date. Next to Amboli waterfalls there are few more spots .i.e. #westernghats #sahyadris #freshwaterfish #maharashtra #taxonomy #novataxa #ichthyology #loach #schistura #amboli @praveenrajjayasimhan @shankar.balasubramanian, A post shared by Tejas Thackeray (@tuthackeray) on Oct 15, 2020 at 8:19am PDT. From the parking its a 10 min walk to reach the temple. N�q��s�;�5x-�o� �F�^#^��ق��)2��!�`�lW������NԲRˢ��Z٬d��f%�݁w�艕��� |s�3��N�:�uRסWNz��I���e=nE���K=g�����0��42����]��%o�+� rg�A The Markanda river is an eponymous seasonal river in Haryana state, which is a main tributary of the Ghaggar River.. you have to go on foot from parking. The fish was named as ‘Schistura hiranyakeshi’ after the river Hiranyakeshi which originates in the Sindhudurg district. The river's source starts by the Kitoma Swamp in the Kibaale District and then it starts to flow east before it turns north where it reaches its mouth at the Victorian Nile River near the town of Masindi Port in the Masindi District. 14 0 obj road for going by foot is good. Leading the paper is Dr Praveenraj Jayasimhan, a young passionate ichthyologist and Shankar Balasubramanian, an explorer and underwater photographer. In this climate your journey is incomplete without having a cup of hot tea or hot sweetcorn:). Nangarta Falls which is 10 kms and Kavala Sad very well known as Kavale Shet which is around 13 Kms from Amboli waterfalls. At the town of Sankeshwar it begins its short south-eastward course before it confluences with Ghataprabha river after Hidkal dam and before Gokak falls. Aahhh feels like I’m in heaven!!!! nov.'  - have been published in 'Aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology'. It continues its run now along the right side of SH 134 crossing over into the Belgaum district, Karnataka. Origin of Hiranyakeshi River » Hiranyakeshi Temple - YouTube ( Log Out /  It is understand that this place is the “ugam sthan” (starting point) of Hiranyakeshi river. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. On the way I was just thinking how this spot might be and I had an OK thought, but when I actually visited, it was just awesome, I had no words to express how beautiful this place was. Next to Amboli waterfalls there are few more spots .i.e. Kafu River. There is a Lord Shiva and Parvati temple near the Origin point. We have named this species after it's type locality and the ephitet "hiranyakeshi" in Sanskrit also means 'golden hair' alluding to the brilliant golden colouration seen in adults. It is near the quaint town of Amboli, a hotspot for new discoveries across multiple taxas, with this fish being the 20th new species (and my 4th) to be described from this tiny town in Sindhudurg district since 2005! The Hiranyakeshi River originates in the Kaldagi group of the Sahayadri range, which mainly consists of quartzite, sandstones, minor conglomerates, shales and limestone. The river Ugam - the largest right inflow of the river Chirchiq - flows into it below Charvak hydroelectric power station. During this period seasonal variation were observed in all the parameters from all sampling sites and found within the limits of WHO standards except at Site V. Electric conductivity at Site VI during winter and summer season were This temple is very beautiful, situated in the cave. we moved here from goa, we feel very mentally relaxed while visiting this location. %PDF-1.4 From Amboli village you need to take left approx 5-7 KM for Hiranyakeshi temple where river has started (ugam) from this temple. 15 0 obj Change ), Kaneri Math – Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum, Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra (Hadshi Temple). "It's near the quaint town of Amboli, a hotspot of new discoveries across multiple taxas with this fish being the 20th new species, my fourth, to be described from this tiny town in Sindhudurg district since 2005," said Tejas.