Holbein Artist Watercolour - Opera, Brilliant Pink, Shell Pink, Cadmium Red Purple. Takes a long time to use a whole tube, would be nice if people could fill pans and swap and share. It was fun and informative and I WANT that box! Holbein Artist Watercolour - Indian Red, Imadazolone Brown, Light Red, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber. 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From Handprint.com: “Holbein opera is a more intense bluish pink hue (chroma of 79), and has long been a favorite of botanical and landscape watercolor painters for its captivating, bright floral or flamingo color. For the latter, the grains of pigment are ground to half the size of the pigment found in standard products, which results in the light being reflected more evenly across the surface of a painting. Choose from a number of predetermine color selections. Looks like I am in good company Cathy :). I don't know what the consistency is like straight from the tubes. or     Thank you! Holbein Artist Watercolor Chart has ratings for the permanence of the pigments and codes for other properties, scroll down to the bottom for the key. M&M is one of my favorites. You can see more of my work along with tutorials on my website www.janeblundellart.com. Great idea! DANIEL SMITH Half Pans – 6 Hand Poured Watercolor Sets! I have been painting professionally for over 35 years and love to share my discoveries. Excellent reviews of just about every brand of oil paint currently on the market. I got inspired to try water-soluble (aka water-miscible) so researched which brand had artist quality paints made with real, archival pigments that performed most like regular oils. I squeezed paints in without putting much thought in. You can see more of my work along with tutorials on my website www.janeblundellart.com. Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2015. I love bright colors! It is the 125th Anniversary of Schmincke Horadam watercolours, and they have been building up to a big release as part of an overhaul of t... Burnt Sienna is one of the most useful colours in the palette. Painting examples on Arches cold press paper. Thanks Jessica. Save up to 43% off List! The color chemists at Holbein took a decade to develop Vern. This set of swatches came out more intense than the pan swatches above. I have been a strictly QoR painter for a year plus, and after scoring a couple tubes of PB33 from Holbein, I had to see how they compared as a brand. Peach Black (old version - now just PBk1) . I haven't tested how the two interact with each other. Look at the ceramic mixing palette! Upon looking at this data, it can be said that Vernét has approximately half the grain diameter of traditional oil color but is nevertheless spreadable over the same approximate area. The fundamental grain diameter of HVC ranges from 5 micrometers to approximately 25 micrometers at the largest. I’ve ordered a few more colors and look forward to trying them out for plein air painting too, where I think they should be … I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I also put the other book you list in this post on my Amazon list. Holbein’s Artist Watercolor Color Chart. They dried into these hard little lumps. Holbein Purified Linseed Oil. When I paint, I like trying to match the colors and values I see, so I’m disappointed when I paint with Open Acrylics and the painting dries to look completely different. As such, any warranty / guarantee in the United States or Canada is honored only with valid proof of purchase from a HK Holbein U.S.A or Canadian Retailer or Distributor. After working with the Golden Open Acrylics for several months I became frustrated with the way they dry darker and how sometimes the paint gets tacky or dry in minutes (outdoors) and other times stays sticky for days. Holbein is the only watercolor brand on my region that I can select individual colors. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Great swatches and reviews! I’ve been mainly using Schminke Horadam pans and Sennelier and love both, but it’s nice to learn about more. Throw nice container + Japanese paints into the mix, and well, then there are definite impulse issues. Hehehe. Holbein Artist Watercolour - Olive Green, Leaf Green, Permanent Green #1 (old version), Permanent Green #2 . My first palette set. I forgot to add, I just recently got a book by Jean Haines that I have been using for some of my watercolor month work. Q & A. But it would have to be locally…. We’ll take a look at the Palm Box set, as well as a set of 24 tubes and a few other colors. I’m not tied to any […], […] including favorite paints from Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Lukas, Mijello, Schmincke, and Holbein. Trekell has been making handmade professional quality paint brushes for over 30 years. Holbein Artist Watercolour - Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow (now made with PY35+PY42+PW6), Jaune Brilliant 1, Jaune Brilliant 2, Greenish Yellow. They (Holbein) are an excellent brand for anything, but I like the wet on dry applications when I am charging a bead or stroke with additional color, because I can mix and mingle in a little more controlled fashion. I know the tins you speak of because I have an M&M one that I got a Walmart! The first week of World Watercolor Month has started off with tremendous fun and enthusiasm with thousands of artists from around the world joining in! Pasting a link here for some of your blog followers. My favorite paper is cold press Fluid watercolor, it comes in a […], […] Canson Moulin Du Roy Watercolor block 9″ x 12″ Holbein Watercolors: Marine Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Peacock Blue Daniel Smith Watercolors: Alvaro Caliente Gray, Joe Z […], […] preferred watercolors include a Schmincke Horadam 12 Color Set, Holbein (gouache), M. Graham (gouache), Winsor & Newton (gouache), Shinhan Pass (watercolor/gouache […]. It is a set of 18 colors, usually on a cold press watercolor paper because I like the texture of […], […] La Corneille 7020 Series Ultra Round and flat brushes have served me well.