Honeycrisps sell for two to four times as much as the Gala, Granny Smith, or Fuji. I am very excited. Like many that have given up smoking, need better digestive health or just a pick me up during a late evening drive, Honey Crisp Apples are my top vote getter for their sweet, crisp and juicy taste. It was from Costco, so either WA or OR grown. You don't want an apple that turns to mush in the oven! Our Ramsey, NJ fruit store (Steve's) get's my applause for bringing both Pink Lady and Honeycrisp apples to this North NJ area. Great apple; pick it early it's great. They're a nice mix of sweet and tart, so they work well on their own in a pie. your neighbors and the world! Any other ideas? According to Shannon Rowe at Spicer Orchards in Hartland Township, "Honeycrisp tastes so good because they are juicier than any other apple." I like to eat mine sliced and very cold with Myer Lemon juice. Many growers choose to stem-clip apples and gently place them in bins to prevent bruising, says Bruce Turner, national marketing representative for Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers. For fans of sweet apples, if you like Honeycrisp why not seek out a Sweet Sixteen apple as they are even a touch sweeter with unique aromatics. The flavor whilst not outstanding is certainly very good, making it a very enjoyable and undemanding apple, particularly if cooled in the fridge before eating. It`s a 10 in my book. It's a sweet-tart combination that's very versatile. I have ruined all other apples for him. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. All rights reserved. I like sweet apples and this is one of the best. Hope the apples are going to be as good as the best ones I've had. It’s lousy odds for the apple farmer: what if you pick the ones to go into storage that later develop bitter pit and can’t be sold? Very crisp, crunchy indeed, but perhaps even a bit hard? It was Crisp and juicy and sweet and just the best apple I ever had. Is your market carrying green dragon to mid fall). Still, not my favorite apple, but very good. My wife and I blind taste tested the two dozen varieties offered by the local farmer's market and Honeycrisp came out number one two years in a row. Now imagine this: Say you’re an apple farmer with a hundred apples, 50 of which go into storage and which 50 will be sold that week. I found Honey Crisp at my local Costco store in Naples Florida. The flavour is sweet with very little trace of acidity and little depth or complexity. But when you get them farm fresh they are absolutely wonderful. Now we're the family with the best apples. This is the first year I've ever Lucky for all of us, Tell us what you think! Surprisingly for a modern commerical apple variety, Honeycrisp tends to bruise easily, and therefore is usually sold in packs rather than loose. They're mostly found at farmer's markets during apple season. Crisp, great flavor and very juicy. Fast forward 5 years and I introduced them to my husband. It's beginning to change color and it will be in the 90's next week. Doesn't have thick skin and the sweetness levels are well balanced. The skin may be flecked with occasional russet dots. I usually buy apples at a farm stand, but since these are not available there, I buy them at a supermarket. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Spiced Apple Pie Has an Unexpected Ingredient, Try to Have Just One Slice of Caramel Apple Pie, Apple-Pear Lattice Pie Is the Perfect Fall Dessert. I am a devoted fan of the Honeycrisp apple. The Pioneer Woman participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Honeycrisp comes from a long line of apples developed by the University of Minnesota from the 1930s onwards. They are crisp and firm. Very sweet apple when heavily blushed. They are Sweet/tart crisp and refreshing. Before you start baking, let’s get down to business: Read on to find out our picks for the best apples for apple pie. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Well, just today I tasted something I’ve never before: a standard HC, sure it was sweet and had a slight lemony tang, but the kicker was the hint of Lavender. Four out of Six of us, have made it through 5+ years, without going back to smoking. Every person I have introduced to the Honeycrisp apple feels the same way. as good as the larger ones. In a good example this is a juicy and instantly refreshing apple, in a less good example it will be simply sweet and bland (but still very nice). It was more floral than fruity. Time and again, I've been disappointed. Of those, 23 have bitter pit and though they may look perfect now, but those unsightly spots are going to start showing up in a few weeks. I like the sweeter varieties. Honeycrisp. Love the taste. Many orchards with fresh apples. Pick it a bit late, still great. The day before? West Coast Canada. A great choice for snacking, Gala is a variety developed in New Zealand. Been eating apples since early 70s (grew up in Minnesota). Other "commercially" grown ones around here seem to get bitter pit and don't color well. It had 3 apples last year but they got ugly and pitted then rotted. The parentage of modern apple varieties is often obscure because they are the result of lengthy breeding programs with cross after cross. Something I would never think of doing. Cortland apples have a very sweet, slightly tart flavor that works well in a pie. Bonus: They're easy to find year-round, so you can get your pie fix whenever the mood strikes! These aren't the most exciting apples for eating, but they work just fine for pie. I can not stand a mushy apple and I never found a mushy applecrisp mushy either. When was the last time you had an apple? A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending upon the maturity of the apple. I wonder if the problem is the mild coastal climate - would Honey Crisp be better in colder areas? 'Honeycrisp' was named the Minnesota State Fruit in 2006. They are great for applesauce, eating, juicing, or baking. It doesn't seem to be restricted to a certain variety (I've tasted it in pink lady, opal, honeycrisp and some I've forgotten). Poor choice to grow at home: easily stunted by overbearing at a young age; youngest leaves cannot release sugars to the rest of the tree and become yellow and sickly looking, fruit hit hard by bitter pit and excavated by earwigs. Try These 9 Spices. I 3 years ago I planted a bare root one into a large pot where it has thrived. These ultra-crisp apples appeal to children and teens. One of my favorite days of the year is the day they first arrive at the local market. are around them. If you like tart apples or balanced sweet/tart you may find them too sweet for your tastebuds. Are they even the same variety? I just tried my first HoneyCrunch apple from Lidl the other day and I enjoyed them a lot. HoneyCrisp 4 life. There are so many apple varieties out there—some are great for apple pie and others, not so much. SHARE THIS ARTICLE. The apple has a combination of tartness, sweetness, juiciness and crunch, ranking high in all categories in our taste … They're also relatively firm and hold their shape well when baked, so you'll get nice clean slices of pie without too much juice. I love that you can get them in the grocery store! More than just an apple variety, this apple is an eating experience! The apple is a cross of Macoun and Honeygold apples, and later in 1974, it was chosen to be reproduced. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Pricy but well worth it. I haven't had an apple this good in a long long time. More Honeycrisp trees are being planted every year … Don't thing I will eat another apples, but Honeycrisp. Fantastic apple in season. Golden Delicious apples are pretty mild in their flavor, so they work well in pies that have some extra sweetness and spice. What a find. I do highly recommend others that haven't tried one to pick one up at a local store. They're great for baking because they release very little liquid when cooked, so your pie won't be too runny. I have tried to grow two of these trees in my orchard, but they both died.