I was influenced by the right people and the head of the ride experience. Amanda Hammett: How did that go into helping your style of leadership that you would go on to develop? Amanda Hammett: That's amazing. I all leadership like me, I'm not used to, we're not used to it. Horst Schulze: It was a dishwasher, but what he did is exactly what I met my career. Amanda Hammett: No, it doesn't. Amanda Hammett: Hi, this is Amanda Hammett with the next generation rockstars. What would be, what would you say to someone today to try to a young person trying to tell them, hey, join us in this dream. I'm curious, how old were you when you were passed over for that promotion? Horst Schulze: Just to curse of today. So I actually, I think that we should end on that note because you had so much wonderful, so many wonderful things to say about development and talent and excellence and of course excellent, right? So let me ask you this. And it had some great leaders and I remember that the president of, of Higher Ed who was affable and what was fun was relaxed but didn't compromise who was, it was a friend. The rewards will come. In 1995, he was awarded the Ishikawa Medal for his personal contributions to the quality movement. You do not compromise. Horst Schulze: And hold on, hold American Lion, England, Germany. Before his association with Hyatt, he worked for Hilton Hotels. Right or wrong. It was used to decide. Be early, be happy if you have extra roping given, gives you a chance to learn this. Horst Schulze: No, it must be good for all concerned and then align your people behind it and hire people for it. Don't you have a current, a career? I wrote as weight and as a coconut from this, I have done the work our employees do. I why? Horst Schulze: Yeah, there are many people who have impacted me that way and I can look, and if you're lucky, you have got people who impact you. Now at that time of went over my head, frankly that's not, and for by on one, what does excellence and washing dishes and dishes and cleaning floors. A Horst actually walks us through how that idea of excellence was really brought into his life as a 14-year-old working as a busboy in a hotel and how he carried that with him and some lessons he learned along the way. There's one very close by over here. [inaudible] we are a team. There are some of the lovings of us. Yeah. That's really amazing. Horst Schulze: Yes. Horst’s book, Excellence Wins, is now available on Amazon. I had a huge mentor at that time when I was very, and it's accessible to information very young. Sadly that's the same thing but, but excellence. Horst Schulze: What is it? And when I saw it, I saw something beautiful. I'm glad that you have that experience for sure. Horst Schulze: It impacted my life. And as so in front of me, my first made a deal saying to me, I told you, come to work for excellence. In 1991, Schulze was recognized as "corporate hotelier of the world" by HOTELS magazine. Make it clear. Watch more videos and full episode of this event here, Sarder TV ‘Street Beat’ hit the road to cover New York Fashion Week. And uh, it is sort of the first interview, invite them to join an organization. Horst Schulze, chairman emeritus of Capella Hotel Group, is a legend and leader in the service world. Horst Schulze: Do it my way. The most important form of leadership is self-leadership. It showed a future to our own, showed us why we do things, not just for the function of the day, but for results in the future, et Cetera, et cetera. And that's really it because the effect is we are a result of that. So I didn't change my approach. To help them to get there but not compromise. Yes. So join us for today's episode and take lots and lots of notes. That's the story. What's the objective? Yeah, guys don't come to work to just work, come to work to create excellence. So I know the pain of the employees and I and it was very good. That's because of the moment that compromise if my vision isn't created one and good for Arkansas and soon the moment when a compromise, I'm going against everybody, I can't do that. We give orders and direction. It will be rewarded. Leadership can be learned. Be Excellent today, every day for day. Horst Schulze: And yet at the same time, if I'm down and the vape, I can really impact on that. That came from, I came from being a busboy. We would have liked to know, we would have liked to ask the question of why and the Millennials and says why. That is the thing. Amanda Hammett: Hi, this is Amanda Hammett and on today's episode of the Next Generation Rock stars, we have Horst Schulze says he is the co-founder of the Ritz-Carlton. Now, of course, I want you to keep up to date every single week as we are dropping each and every episode. I have four daughters. So you know, if something popped up in my head when you were just talking just now, what would you advise someone who is, when you're looking to promote people, say you're looking to promote somebody to lead a team.