Infact Peaches is far away from Cora and Cora is living with her grandparents and Father since the Beginning. “He’s like ‘Shadowlands?’ And I’m like yeah, and he’s like OK go!”. But her stage name is Lovely Peaches. She might be mentally unstable and that's why she did this mess. According to a Dexerto report, an FBI investigation was recently launched and Cora was removed from Johnson’s custody. She has two sides of her content, one side she will post troll live streams or content. We’ve got nothing to hide because honestly, we know we’re doing our best, and that’s okay with us. We do not take any of this lightly and would feel worse if, the authorities were dishonest with us and we found out we were misinformed about her being safe because we could’ve been louder longer and kept her from harm. PLEASE, let’s not stop fighting for justice for children like Cora. She is being prosecuted and will pay for what she has done!! They said: “Bro, hahaha. Every one of you can call to confirm this as well. The controversial figure boasted hundreds of thousands of followers across various platforms, however many of those accounts have now been taken down. On the back of these, Cora was taken away due to these issues, however, Johnson was seen with the baby once again on. There’s Covenants to mess around with, new quests to try out, and many will have been rushing home to play it after work. On release day, streamer bbnogames was already playing Shadowlands when his friend called, who presumably also streams with him. share. According to the video, her mother died when she was young and something traumatic happened to her (peaches) but police wouldn't specify for her privacy. So this was requested by Bees Knees and today I'm going to talk about a TikTok user called Peaches and I will mostly Analyze her. Cathy Areu: Former Fox News Guest Accuses Hosts of Sexual Harassment. Then her final stream saying she C**ked Cora and k*lled her. Then she says that Cora was Crying and Peaches said "That not going to save you now." When there are actual new photos of Cora at an older age, It means Peaches took it from a family member and Cropped out the member. Most Popular #2286. Our voices are finally being heard. People Also Viewed . by Children’s Riot that Cora had been “rescued” and “will never be returned” to her biological mother. Her mother called police about 50 minutes later. So, did Peaches from TikTok die? Also, the money donated to us goes directly to front line shelters and child rescue operations. After that remarkable exchange with the Police officer, things went without a hitch, when really he could have been left with a hefty ticket to pay for his troubles. Her real name is actually Britney Johnson. Brittany Johnson (Lovelypeaches) is an American social-media personality, most of whose social-media profiles have been disabled due to their graphic and disturbing content. Although her fans were not really concerned about it. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. A post shared by Candle In A Dark Room ? On a live stream Peaches was talking about Cora but said some things about her. Check out this biography to know about her family life, birthday, etc. Published: 24/Nov/2020 10:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 10:57. ?❤️???? “She is being prosecuted and will pay for what she has done.”. Johnson also released some music and her artist profile has over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. I will update as updates come. Please keep following CIADR & supporting our purpose in helping survivors, cuz we can’t do this alone! According to multiple users on Reddit, all of her accounts have been deleted, including TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. The media star always celebrates her birthday on the 4th of January every year and was born in the year 2001. “The FBI has ensured that Peaches will no longer have access to hurting Cora or any other children,”, . Again, these results were cuz of ALL who have been sharing & talking about this. Some people think it's a joke, while others thinks shes mentally ill. She even recorded her talking to someone to sell Cora. The next thing she posts is a love stream but I have to Warn you Because the next things are Gross and Bad, In the stream she is talking trash about Cora and Saying She wants to Hurt her.. once again I have a link if you want to see it for a detailed description of her, Fans were shocked, one even said she/he was Screen Recording for the FBI (might be a joke but they were shocked). As a survivor I have felt alone in this fight for so long and I no longer feel that way. Born on January 4 #6. share. She also had a super traumatic Experience, people.say she was **x trafficked as a kid and that's why she.made up the story. Peaches mom Passed away and peaches was a run away child. #Save Cora was going around and even a petition spreaded around. We hope you will continue calling the authorities to demand charges for peaches. What we know from our experience is that the multiple phone calls we’ve made personally to the FBI, Police, CPS and every other possible number that’s available to report this disgusting abuse to, we were told that Cora is safe and it was being “taken care of”. Constant, Charli D’Amelio threw Johnson into the spotlight in July. A video on YouTube I put the link will tell you what her disturbing content she puts cause it's too Graphic to show. WE saved that little girl!! Which Could explain why Peaches uses The same picture of Cora Over and over because she was with Cora for a few weeks until she left. A Post Millenial article from April 2020 wrote that the FBI confirmed that Cora had been removed from Johnson’s custody at a young age and she had not been in contact with her mother since the age of 8 months. The video for a more detailed n user known for "Itchin and Burnin" I believe, but she is more cruel and gross. The fight has only started so let’s keep fighting. Woman who claimed she sold her baby into sex trafficking finds social media fame, paid endorsements. Into Conspiracy Theory? This social media movement has unquestionably played a major part in bringing the situation to light. Often perceived as the much-needed source of entertainment for a generation plagued by tedium, the influencer ventured to a domain no other dared to enter before. Peaches admitted to starting to runaway at age 13. She even said she should of Aborted Cora. In a attempt to save Cora, Peaches Personal Information were leaked, causing People to call her local police.