The Living Tribunal is among the highest-ranking cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. People have called Franklin Richards/Matthew Malloy the most powerful mutants etc. Its function is to safeguard the Multiverse (the total sum of all universes) from an imbalance of mystical forces. [13], He also allied himself with his closest counterpart of the DC Universe, the Spectre, to save their respective universes from being destroyed by two cosmic "brothers". ), Classification: Cosmic Enties, Abstract Entites from Outside the Multiverse, Creators of the Savage Land, and Cosmic Cubes, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Immortality, Regeneration , Non-Corporeal, Abstract, Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Concept Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Void Manipulation, and likely far more. The character was retconned into a less powerful character, a self-aware Cosmic Cube inhabiting his own "dimension" because there was no matrix to hold his energy, with the explanation that other more powerful beings had exercised their powers on the Beyonder's behalf to ease his transition into self-awareness. Their nature is so alien that they are unable to leave their own dimension and for millennia were never observed by any being of the Earth dimension (apparently including even the near-omniscient Watchers themselves); to interact with the Earth dimension they must operate through agents. Summary Edit Powers and Stats Edit. The arrival of a handful of other survivors who recalled the truth shattered this illusion and began the conflict that would lead to the Multiverse's recreation. They also received an entry in Secret Wars Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse. Been stated that they embodies the outside which is beyond the infinite Dimensional multiverse and space & time. [11] Although the Tribunal refused to allow Warlock to wield the Gauntlet, he also ruled against Eternity, who wished the Gems to be placed under his direct supervision. The Tribunal may also act to prevent an overwhelming imbalance of good or evil within a universe. It may act to prevent one universe from amassing more power than any of the others, or from upsetting the cosmic balance in some way. The Living Tribunal was killed by 3 beyonders. [11], The Beyonders are what Doctor Doom calls "linear beings". Their plan was to wipe away existence in an experiment, to recreate everything. Attack Potency: Non dimensionality ( Three beyonders (The Ivory Kings) killed the cosmic hierachy which contains The Living Tribunal, The Never Queen and many more abstract beings, they where also able to kill the true body of Eternity and Living tribunal , also killed an infinite numbers of Celestials host, they all did this on a whim. However, he does or can exist simultaneously in multiple planes of reality, giving the appearance of multiple variations to the human perception. But even more so than Galactus? In fact, there's only one being that the Living Tribunal answers to. They created the Molecule Man as a singularity—identical in every reality—to function as a "bomb" that would destroy its native universe. The Beyonders have been witnessed killing all of the Celestials in the Marvel multiverse at the same time, destroying abstract entities such as Eternity and Infinity, and three members of the race together managed to kill the Living Tribunal itself. [14], Although his own duties are purely cosmic in scope, the Living Tribunal maintains a lesser conclave of judicial officers known as the Magistrati to rule on less dire matters. For the book by Brandon Mull, see, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 19:31. When a matter involves only one universe, the Tribunal may leave the final judgment to the "abstract" entities there (in Earth-616's universe, Lord Chaos and Master Order). The Beyonder first appeared during the first Secret Wars, as a being that was stated to be the omnipotent embodiment of an entire separated multiverse. but Marquis of Death has: 1. [5] One of these energy modicums would later develop sentience and take its name after its creators, the Beyonder. When the Evolutionary arrived at the Beyonders' planet museum, he himself reported that his mind snapped when he witnessed the scope of their powers and how effectively insignificant he was compared to these alien beings. The purpose of their experiment was to eventually kill all of the Molecule Men at the same time, bringing an end to the multiverse. They first came to the attention of Earthlings when they commissioned the alien Nuwali race to create the Savage Land as part of their study of evolution. Incalculable, though apparently not insofar as to oppose the Beyonders. [3], They eventually hired the Pegasusian alien race as agents, to tow Counter-Earth to the Beyonders' museum. The Living Tribunal was a vastly powerful humanoid cosmic entity who has existed as long as the universe itself. He wouldn’t be able to beat the Tribunal with the Gauntlet. [4], Every now and then the Beyonders would shunt a modicum of energy to the universe, allowing sentient beings to use them to create Cosmic Cubes—a practice they appear to have given up after the admonishments by Eternity and the Living Tribunal regarding the disruptive effect of these actions. Instead, he learns the incursions are being caused by the Beyonders, whom he also refers to as the Ivory Kings. Beyonder Yes he has, and in fact, it was implied that Beyonder could wipe TLT from existence with 10% of his power, and TLT is scared of the Beyonder Jongensoden 11 mo 15 d Beyonder vs The Living Tribunal # [4], The Living Tribunal's first known encounter with a being of Earth-616 was with Earth's Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Its front face, through which it usually speaks, represents equity, the fully hooded face on its right side represents necessity, and the partially hooded face on its left represents just revenge. [7] The Tribunal sealed off an alternate Earth devastated by Korvac,[8] and he encountered the Phoenix of an alternate Earth devastated by S'ym and the Goblin Queen.