Starting in the fall of 2018, I began meditating more and more often before finally making my 2019 New Year’s Resolution once again to meditate every day. Jillian Lavender, co-founder of London Meditation Centre, explains: “Vedic Meditation comes from the Veda, the ancient body of knowledge from India and the source of yoga, meditation… Meditation has impacted every single aspect of my life in a positive way. I should probably go to therapy, but the thought of going to therapy makes me anxious. I’m only human), this means that overall I’m a lot calmer about things that once would have had me sweating bullets over. They also have a "learn to meditate" section which is an awesome place to start. There’s been a meditation boom recently. It was horrid. Okay, enough of all that. Why? Meditation has helped me improve my tolerance and patience for other people which – translated over to parenting – and that’s absolutely golden. I was surprised at how relaxing it was to count the number of chocolate Easter bunnies as they passed, being packaged in silver and purple foil by robotic arms. I’m not going to tell you to “shut your brain off” because really, none of that is meditation… at least not for me. Ep 37: Create Positive Change in your Life Through Meditation with Jeff Warren, Ep 38: How to Thrive as a Couple with Psychotherapist Allison. I personally still use guided meditations most of the time, since that’s just how I prefer to meditate. jump head 30 yrs after having success etc and lost because recession. I'm on a quest to better my life mentally. I’ve now been with Ananda Sangha for 25 years, and now currently serving at Ananda’s Ashram in Panchsheel Park, New Delhi. Initially, I was only looking at this as a “temporary experiment.”. This profoundly changed my life in such a positive and amazing way! I personally picked up meditation about a year and a half ago, in the fall of 2017. This is a podcast. When I was in grade seven I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around the time of puberty. Find something that works for you. Let’s get some details. In my early journey through self care, it was one of the first things I did to help settle my mind and take care of myself. I've listened to it more than once because I have it saved in my "favourites". By day four, my sleep patterns started improving. Along the same lines, meditation has also helped me to be better at handling stressful situations. Hurrah! I don’t stay stuck for very long anymore. Thanks for sharing this. Read on for an explanation of why that is here. 5 Ways Daily Meditation Has Changed My Life. Meditation helps you to know yourself. As I move along the spiritual path I’ve come to understand that true happiness, fulfillment and peace is not possible without a dedicated, disciplined self-effort at turning the searchlight of my senses inward, and the divine, guiding presence and grace of God and Guru. Until recently, I worked a 9-5. And meditation has changed my life. I’m generally more relaxed, not just during my meditation, but hours after I come out of it. Make no mistake, most times when I'm meditating my mind drifts offs and wanders. It’s been difficult to put all of this into words, not emotionally, but because these are big concepts that rarely get talked about. Hong Sau, which Yoganandaji called Baby Kriya and Recharging Exercises, do indefinitely give a goal of inner happiness and to a certain level, ecstatic states. How exactly has meditation improved my life? After the 21 days, I added meditation to my morning routine and I’m sticking to it this time. Never use it. This is probably one of the most valuable ways meditation has changed my life because I was feeling very desperate about the sleep situation! It's been my saviour. Instead of completely avoiding a situation that previously would have triggered my anxiety, I can now take a minute or five to step back and breathe through the panic. There are so many benefits and I know it will help me with my anxiety. Some of my faves are Sarah Blondin and Tara Brach. Here are 5 ways daily meditation has changed my life: 1) I’m Less Reactive. Kriya brings about to the essence of our being, and for that, we must first bring about complete surrender to God through the many expectations as set out in Patanjali Yogasutras. I get this amazing feeling when I meditate – it’s almost like euphoria. Prolonged labour: How long can a baby be in the birth canal? After meditating, I usually fall asleep before thirty minutes or so because my brain is just super chilled and ready for sleep. If meditation has changed your life, please explain how. In the early days of parenting, a stressed-out mum with a toddler that was driving me round the bend, my gosh how I wish I had started my meditation journey before that! If someone cuts me off in traffic, my natural reaction now is to breathe and relax (rather than get... (2) Fearlessness, Confidence, Inner Strength. One thing I've learned is that there is no "right" way to do it. I was no stranger to meditation before I actually began implementing it. But I was craving calm in the season of my life that I was in. Because I’m using meditation on a daily basis, it eases the same problems that alcohol once attempted to calm. Thank you for sharing your experiences about this , The timing here is insane literally just been thinking about starting meditation so this is great and I will be trying this out tomorrow morning x. Staying calm/non-reactionary. Meditation connects you intimately with your thoughts, and so often, our thoughts are what’s running amok, preventing us from getting where we need to go.