Enter an investment value to see likely costs. So I want to dye my hair a platinum blonde colour at the hairdressers but I have no idea how much it will cost? How much does it cost to get platinum blonde done at both salons and hair dressers? Keep in mind that going platinum with a professional can cost upwards of $300, and you also have to maintain it with regular root touch-ups and special brass banishing shampoo and conditioners. Does anybody have any experience or know how much it costs? Favourite answer. We use cookies (including third-party cookies such as Google) to remember your site preferences and to help us understand how visitors use our sites so we can improve them. Relevance. In SoCal or in generalI want blonde hair like this: I am thinking of going for the blond color. 3 Answers. Behrent began by re-explaining her method. x Hi, i was wondering if anyone can tell me how much it would cost for me to dye my hair platinum blonde at a salon. My fate arrived on a Saturday morning three weeks later. Rae Erd. I'm trying to go as light of a blonde as Lady Gaga's hair. I know it differs, but about how much? Platinum Blonde Guidelines. Going platinum blonde is time-consuming, so be prepared to sit. It is painless and totally worthy since once you see yourself in blonde, you will know whether you should go down that road or you shouldn’t. Simple styles are cheaper, while today's more-complex trends such as Balayage, Babylights or Ombre highlighting all cost … Answer Save. To find out if you are not one of those ladies, try out a blonde wig first. Nationwide, the average price for hair coloring and highlights is between $60 to $150 depending on the salon, length of hair, and if it's partial or full highlights. Try out blonde wigs: The truth is that some ladies do not look marvelous with blonde hair. She would separate my hair and soak my ends first, followed by my roots. I have medium hair What do you think is the general cost of going this blond in Venice/Los Angeles/So-Cal? Cost of Highlights. I have originally light brown hair but I dyed it in March a darker brown. Try to be patient with the process. In the annals of men’s grooming, going platinum blond is not the newest trend, but it is one of the most advanced. Our gold cost calculator is a free interactive tool showing fees to buy, store & sell investment gold, silver & platinum bullion. My hair is a light brown colour but I dyed it dark brown but that colour has faded and it's back to its light brown colour again. Be aware that you may not leave the appointment as a platinum blonde, but this is a safer route than trying to go platinum blonde in a day. 9 years ago. The hair close to your scalp lightens much quicker, she explained, because your head naturally radiates warmth. I can either do it myself and then use violet toner, or go to a salon and do it.