Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Sometime yus nurse Deborah died and was buried. Since Isaac was twenty-six years old at the time, and forty when he married Rebekah (Gen. 25:20), she was thus fourteen years old when she married (Lit. What a rich dowry of blessing must have been Isaac’s because of such a close relationship. Jacob, in spite of his weaknesses and mistakes was the finer character, and on the whole truer to the Lord and more fitted to possess the blessing of the birthright. Set the filter to Rachel. How do you put grass into a personification? Jacob, however, recognized the solemnity of the birthright and wished to possess it. The Hastings dictionary notes that Rebekah died before Jacob's return from Haran. There is no mention of Rebekah's death in Scripture, only the place of her burial is mentioned in Gen 49.31. As with other pairs in the Bible, it is hardly possible to separate Isaac from Rebekah whose lives were so closely knit together. She married Jacob (2245 AM) when she was old enough to carry an adult responsibility, because Jacob met her when she was leading a flock of sheep to water. (NIV) Genesis 27:14-17 So he went and got them and brought them to his mother, and she prepared some tasty food, just the way his father liked it. In which place the raw silk factories in tajikistan? “Their great grief would seem to have been almost the only thing the two old people were at one about by that time.” Esau had seen little in his mother to admire and respect; therefore he was never in any mood to please her. While she may have been faithful during the first 20 years of marriage while she was childless, Rebekah, by her unjustifiable treacherous and wholly inexplicable intervention for her favorite son, stained her solemn marriage. Isaac was out in the fields at eventide for his usual period of meditation. Isaac is old, feeble and blind, and informs the members of his household that the time has come to give Esau, officially, what was left to him after selling his birthright, namely, the blessing which carried with it the recognition of his headship, the ratification of the birthright. When the pilgrims set out from the Ur of the Chaldees, Nahor was one of the party, and settled down at Charran where Terah, his father, died. Leah suddenly found herself sterile after the birth of Judah, and offered Jacob her own handmaid as well. The chapter recording how a wife was found for Isaac (Genesis 24) presents a link in the chain of events leading up to—. Research and Commentary from Dr. Craig Keener, Jacob has to let Benjamin go—Genesis 43:1-14. Although not belonging to any animal in particular, it has reference to animals of a limited class and in a peculiar condition. When she died we are not told. She died giving birth to Benjamin. She She was a virgin, and had a childlike simplicity. Rachel unquestionably had Jacob's favor, but Rachel was sterile, while Leah was fertile. In a culture where the husband’s will was law and Isaac was blind to God’s choice, Rebekah took the only route she knew to secure God’s promise. As he had refused a grave for his wife, Sarah, amongst the sepulchers of the Hittites (Genesis 23), so a wife for their son must not be sought among their daughters. How the function handphone can be connect with computer? Isaac married Rebecca when he was 40-years-old (Genesis 25:20) This means, that Rebekah was between the ages of 3 to 10 years old when she was married off to Isaac. When Rebekah died, she was buried in the family tomb, a cave near Mamre in Canaan, the resting place of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and her daughter-in-law Leah. That she was a woman of faith is evident from what Paul says of her as being the recipient of a direct revelation from the Lord regarding universal blessing through her favorite Jacob (Romans 9:12). So they sent their sister Rebekah on her way, … Thus it came about that Abraham’s trusted, godly servant, Eliezer, was divinely guided to Haran where Nahor, Abraham’s brother settled. What else can be expected but confusion and trouble when there is a crossing of purposes between parents concerning their children? [1] Jacob decided to leave quietly at night. New Testament Edit. Rachel and Leah both took Jacob's side. At such an age, a girl might be given adult responsibility in a family that did not (yet) have sons. Rachel died while giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob was the opposite of his brother. As with her mother-in-law, Sarah, beauty carried its dangers. This well had a heavy stone to cap it by night, and Rachel was accustomed to waiting for someone to roll the stone away when all the flocks were gathered. What a different story would have been written if Esau’s home had been “without partiality”! She bore him in 2259 AM. This makes little boy Benjamin, who Israel was so worried about 31 years old, about the same age Jesus was when He began His public ministry. Are we not forcibly reminded that love which seeks success at the cost of truth and righteousness is of the earth, earthy? Esau received a promise from his father that he would be the progenitor of a great nation—the Edomites—and much misery accrued to Israel because of Edom. Smelling Esau’s clothes, and feeling the false hairy hands, Isaac was a little doubtful and said, “The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau.” But reassured by the repeated lies of Jacob, the deceived father bestowed the unalterable blessing upon his son, and Jacob, by fraud, became the father of Israel’s race. 357; Midr. Sunday School Lessons That Have Groups Talking. Thus another meaning of Rebekah is that of “captivating,” according to BibleGateway. Esau thought so lightly of the birthright that he was willing to sell it for a mess of pottage, and be guilty, thereby, of the sin of profanity (Hebrews 12:16). Many years later, Esau was able to forgive Jacob. When she became a mother she revealed how masterful and clever she could be—a direct contrast to Isaac who was probably more simple, slow of wit, and mild of manner than his wife. During his sojourn in Gerar, Isaac feared lest the physical charms of his wife might excite the desire of the king of Gerar and so he lied. We agree with Alexander Whyte when he says of the ancient record of the circumstances leading to the securing of a wife for Isaac—. Interesting how much earlier those are than the "early" dates on the Timeline. Thus Rachel knew that Jacob loved her more than he did Leah.[1][2][3][4]. The opposite characters of Rebekah’s twins, Esau and Jacob, brought into sharp focus the dark side of their mother. For twenty years she had been childless, and conscious of God’s promise that the Abrahamic Covenant could not be broken, Isaac entreated God that his long barren wife might conceive. She bore another son and a daughter over the next two years. "order." Set the filter for Joseph and saw the early date is 1914-1805 BC. Had she laid aside “all guile, and hypocrisies” (1 Peter 2:1), and reasoned with her husband about the solemn issue at stake she would have been saved from the disgrace which her worldly policy brought upon her own head and from the sorrow others had to endure. But when Rebekah became the mother of twins—the first of two Bible women mentioned as giving birth to twins—the other was Tamar (Genesis 38:27)—somehow she changed and was a different character from the young bride who rode south so gaily to meet her lover in Canaan, as our next glimpse of her will show. In fact, I would say it must be close to that, because she was not visibly pregnant when they left (Genesis 31:35). Esau’s heathen wives caused Rebekah to be weary of her life (Genesis 27:46). However, the text of Genesis 35:9-15 is a narrative that begins with a recapitulation of an earlier incident: the second appearance of God to Jacob and the renaming of Jacob to Israel.