3. The lines should curve around the shape of the watermelon. For the other pair, allow the lines to meet in a sharp point. Draw two sets of wavy lines extending downward from the stem. Watermelon Slice drawing - step 3. Then draw a circular line inside, the melon skin is done. Drawing a watermelon is easy. Inside this shape draw some lines that will represent the position of the stripes. It is only important to draw the round shape of the watermelon correctly. Start drawing a watermelon by drawing a circle. Allow one to reach the opposite side of the watermelon. 3.Draw a spiral vine on top of the watermelon. 2.Draw the watermelon pattern with irregular wavy lines. 2. 3.Draw lots of melon seeds, and color them black. If you are going to draw a slice of watermelon, draw a piece of a circle next to main circle. Let's draw half a circle first. 5.Draw some wavy lines inside the oval, isn't it a bit like a watermelon. 1.Start with a slice of watermelon. Start with a simple line drawing of the shape of the watermelon. 5. You can purchase our How To Draw Funny Food ebook here https://www.artforkidshub.com/book/draw-funny-food/ Learn how to draw a cartoon watermelon… 4.Draw an oval on the left, we start to draw the complete watermelon. 1.First draw a circle, this is the outline of the watermelon. Next with the help of colored pencils you will make a realistic drawing of a melon with easy. 4. Then draw a triangle next to it, with three arcs at the bottom. Then draw the seeds. 6.Draw another slice of watermelon behind it. These form the first of the watermelon's characteristic stripes. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show How to draw a watermelon step by step total 5 phase here we create a watermelon it will be easy tutorial.