Turron Duro is the hard turron while Jijona is the soft turron or turron blando. En caso de usar almendra molida, quitar una pequeña todos los ingredientes y productos deben ser de máxima calidad. While Turron Jijon a is a softer, smoother version of the same ingredients.. Basco is an online Spanish food shop that sources, imports & sells only the finest & most authentic Spanish foods throughout the UK and Europe. For instance, if you find it too sticky, reduce the amount of honey. Turrón de Alicante (left) & Turrón de Jijona (right) The main difference between the two is in their texture. When you take it out you might notice some oil at the bottom of the mold. De esa forma podremos disfrutar de una verdadera joya de la artesanía gastronómica (unos 20 gramos) y sustituir por almendra granillo tostada. Engrasamos el molde de turrón con un poco de aceite vegetal, untando la base y los laterales, y rellenamos con la mezcla. Turrón is commonly consumed in most of Spain, some countries of Latin America, and in Roussillon (France). All rights reserved. Watch as I try Turron de Alicante and Turron de Jijona! The reason? Cinco de Mayo Recipes ... Turron Jijona (Spanish-Style Nougat Candy) Turron Jijona (Spanish-Style Nougat Candy) Rating: 2.71 stars 7 Ratings. Add to Cart. Unlike in Alicante, the almonds are ground to form a sweet, aromatic meal. It is a 2 serving size bar. The original recipe for turron is a combination of honey, almonds, and egg white. Come and join our trips across this stunning country and let us show you some beautiful hidden corners whilst we introduce you to some of our favourite people. Feel free to have a go and vary the proportion of certain ingredients. Turron Alicante is a hard nougat confection of almonds and honey. In fact it is a sign of quality, hence you will see this happening more often when using whole Marcona almonds than ground almonds from the corner shop. Alimentos de temporada. Like with many recipes, different people like different things. The main difference between the two is in their texture. The softer texture comes from the grounding of the almonds unlike turron alicante which does not. I was born and bred in Zaragoza, Spain. Spanish turron is serious business in Jijona, Spain. The softer texture comes from the grounding of the almonds unlike turron alicante which does not. (unrefined, organic). We will bring you articles and recipes of the very best Latin American & Spanish cuisine. Amigofoods was founded in 2003 and is the largest online grocery store offering a wide variety of hard to find freshly imported foods & drinks from all over Latin America and Spain. And remember, contrary to what some might think when opening a turron de Jijona tablet, the oilier it is, the better the quality. This kind is soft, made with ground almonds and is a little like marzipan but to me at least, a lot tastier. Jijona Soft Almond Nougat by El Artesano. Turron duro or de Alicante Photo by Hyuki en Pixabay. However, turron manufacturing must adhere to strict quality controls from the Consejo Regulador IGP y Turron de Alicante. Turron alicante and turron jijona stay true to the original recipe. Basco's Turron De Jijona is gluten free and made by "1880". These continue to be the most popular types of turron. Type the name of the city or region where you want to eat Turrón. The presence of oil is just a sign of the good quality of the almonds. We stock two types of Turron: the Jijona; finely ground marcona almonds flavoured with orange blossom honey and Alicante; the chunky variety with whole marcona almonds.