How to Get Rid of Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles. The larval period usually ranges from four to five months, but under favorable conditions, the development from egg to adult may occur in six to eight weeks. Pupation Signs of Infestation of Drugstore Beetles. Both of these pantry beetles are external feeders. Drugstore beetles hatch from eggs which are generally laid on food stuff their larva like to eat. The pest is the last thing you want to share your food with. Because of their ability to infest a variety of food products, drugstore beetles are difficult to control. Control Treatment Plans-How to Get Rid Of Drugstore Beetles Inspect and Discard: First investigate the infested items and discard them. Eggs Female drugstore beetles lay an average of 75 eggs in her lifetime. How do I get rid of drugstore beetles? They primarily infest pantries and garages. … It is important to find everything that they have infested. Drugstore Beetle (Stegobium Paniceum) Drugstore beetles are found throughout most of the world. Drugstore beetles are small, brownish-red insects that invade areas with opened food packaging. Though their name implies they may be a problem for pharmacies, homes are the most common structure they invade. Once this has been found, efforts can be … Boric acid is non-toxic to people (in contrast to customary commercially accessible pesticides) however is extraordinarily efficient in opposition to all beetles together with our drugstore critters. Controlling drugstore beetles begins with a thorough inspection. Drugstore Beetle Lifecycle & Infestations. Call in American Pest to take control of the situation. Cigarette Beetles . Everything from DIY, natural home remedies to get rid of cigarette beetles to more advanced applications like using pesticides are all … Fast. Every item from the categories listed above needs to be checked. Cigarette beetles and the drugstore beetle closely resemble one another, but the cigarette beetle is the more common of the two beetles. Drugstore beetles are not considered harmful to humans or pets. Larvae The hatching larvae are 0.5 mm long and very mobile. Drugstore Beetle Life Cycle. How to Get Rid Of Drugstore Beetles Carry-out Thorough Inspection: Once you suspect the sign of these beetles in your home, the first you need to do is to carry-out serious inspection, doing this will enable you to discover their hideout, the rate of infestation and their entrance. Adults can be seen flying, but because of their small size, most people misidentify them as small flies. The most effective method of ridding your home of these pests is to try and discover the source of the infestation. Drugstore Beetle Bites. I keep vacuming the room but i would like to know if any of you have any better methods on how to get rid of biscuit beetles… Their habit of infesting people food and pet food make them a nuisance pest. This guide will cover basic to advanced techniques that you can try at home to get rid of them. Don’t let tightly closed or even unopened food boxes fool you, since cigarette and drugstore beetles are infamous for their ability to escape, showing up seemingly untouched. I have had Biscuit Beetles (also known as drugstore beetles or grain bugs) in my room and i want to know how to get rid of them, I have already been doing a few right methods. Holes in packaging and debris coming out of packages. Purchase boric acid in its powdered type and sprinkle liberally throughout flooring, cabinets cabinets in addition to into cracks and crevices. So, you want to get rid of cigarette beetles. Drugstore beetles do not bite, but they will chow down on your bread, flour, cereal, spices and pet food. The Drugstore beetle also feeds on flours, dry mixes, breads, cookies, chocolates, and spices. And you want to get rid of them. The Cigarette beetle has a "hump-backed" appearance. Insecticide application is the final step.