A concept map is essentially used to describe a complex subject, extensive organization, or a new concept with a graphical illustration. Execute the interventions and evaluate your patient's response to them. If you continue to use our site we will assume that you consent to our cookie policy. Since it’s web-based, the tool can be accessed through computers and smartphones. This course has concept map examples that you can use to MAKE CONNECTIONS between risk factors, medications, patient education, and nursing interventions. Then, the practitioner must organize the information with labels, as well as link the pieces of information in a logical manner. Activity intolerance means the patient gets tired after little exertion. which website is this from? The map comes after you have already determined the causes and identified the symptoms. So in this video you’ll learn why concept maps are seriously awesome, the main categories you should include in each concept map you make, and 4 specific questions to ask as you create them (to help you totally ROCK them). For nurses, the use of a concept map can promote a multidisciplinary approach, allowing them to view the patient holistically and visualize the connections between various aspects of a specific patient or condition. Find out about his past health history, perform a physical assessment on him and go through his medical records for any information that may shed more light on his condition, such as laboratory results. Two Ways to Make a Concept Map. Start a trial to view the entire video. It allows the various stakeholders of an organization to come together and formulate effective plans, as faculty are able to create a shared representation of the patient’s condition and situation and determine the proper next steps. This is a concept map assignment I received. Applying critical thinking to a concept map helps the nurse see what the patient's needs are, so that she can make the right decisions concerning patient care. In reality, there are degrees of nursing wisdom and while we may achieve an expert status in one area,   it would be rare to find an individual who has achieved that rank in all areas of nursing. Within the healthcare industry, a nursing concept map allows for prioritizing ideas, evaluating consensus, identifying gaps and creating improved action plans. Do you have other tips to succeed ? Concept maps help nursing students and practicing nurses to visualize information and generate ideas based on what they already know. CONGRATS on getting accepted into nursing school! , I’m so glad you found it helpful, Dianne! 01.01 Coronary Artery Disease Concept Map, 01.06 Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleed Concept Map, 01.07 Congestive Heart Failure Concept Map, That Time I Dropped Out of Nursing School. And I reallllllly want you to know how to create them. I send out a lot of information through email that I don’t post on the blog. The first step in this process must be to define this term for students and to explain what is meant by it within nursing program and nursing course objectives. The constant efforts to maintain and reach ever higher nursing wisdom levels is what the nursing profession is all about. Advance your CRITICAL THINKING skills as the nurse educators take you through all of the concept maps!NOTE TO EDUCATORS: Students can be assigned to a primary diagnosis and make connections between contributing factors, patient education, labs, and nursing diagnoses with interventions. She is interested in teaching, and writes articles focused on student nurses for various online publications. Be sure to check out these blog posts, they are all about how to study in nursing school. The development of a concept map can also be time consuming -- both the learning process that nurses must undergo in order to create quality maps, and the time that it takes to create each map as the opportunity arises. That is AWESOME! mapping is the best way that I have found to describe what it means to “think like a nurse Feel Like You Don’t Belong in Nursing School? Be sure to check out these blog posts, they are all about how to study in nursing school. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I think concept maps are basically the bees-knees. For example, the medical diagnosis may be heart failure, while a nursing assessment result for this condition could be "activity intolerance." Create a concept map. Creating a concept map develops a nursing student's critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. I haven’t done concept maps before but am going to give them a try. A concept map is a visual tool used to depict ideas and concepts, draw connections between them, and then organize them into a hierarchical structure. I decided to create a video training for you that’s all about concept maps! In nursing, it can be applied when creating a concept map.