Mixing needs to be obsessively thorough! The only ways to compensate are either to have the choice of either a slower or faster hardener on hand to use, or to apply external heat while mixing or curing. The sprue ended up poking out one side of the mold (usually, the sprue runs along the seam of the mold) - which is OK because it doesn't "lock" the casting in place. Thanks so much for taking the time to document and post this incredible (and awesomely successful) project. Dragon Skin® is excellent for brush on molds. The final outcome is incredible. .. How to use PoYo Putty silicone putty to repair a damaged picture frame. This did NOT work very well because not only was demolding the part like opening a bear trap (the silicone was too hard for this style of mold), it made a harsh parting line along the back of the head that would be very difficult to clean up. Pot-life 75-90mins; demould time 2hrs; Shore D 80-90 hardness after 5days cure. This is partly because the hardener part is more active, with a shorter shelf life. Like other resins the general rule is that one can add up to 10% by weight if using a powder pigment, up to 5% if using any other liquid colourant. How Pig Iron® Cast Magic powder can be applied to a silicone mold to make a metallic finish. I am stunned at your talent and incredible attention to detail. The only solution is to make sure that the original surface is completely sealed first. Another problem involving bubbles occurs when using epoxy for coating a porous surface such as foam or wood. Works well with epoxy and the surface is not too hard to be successfully ‘cut back’ or buffed with steel wool. I did this to make sure that I wouldn't have to pay for *two* prints to get the size I wanted. Most of the guidance when using epoxy suggests the contrary. Epovoss Glosscoat £35.86 per 1kg (Tiranti 5/2015) from the website page: ‘A general purpose clear epoxy resin for casting, embedding, cold enameling and coating. On the plus side though, they all rose to the surface. 8 years ago Material is colourless compared to my usual GP polyester resin.. clear, though not quite water-clear. Creating a hollow casting with high impact resistance by rotating a mold while casting. The 3d printing service that I chose (3DArttoPart) uses a powder/binder system for printing the model. The alcohol doesn’t adversely affect the resin and evaporates quickly, but acts long enough to reduce the surface tension and pop the air bubbles. Thanks for the info!! Learn how to mold and cast a backlit bust of the infamous Marvel character, Ghost Rider. While you don't have to make one contiguous mesh, you do at least need intersecting volumes that are completely enclosed. As with anything, if you’re serious, and you want to learn properly for yourself ..do a test first. This was an attempt to make a monolithic block mold for the head. Polyfibre do not currently offer an MSDS or further tech data on their website! Follow this simple step-by-step lifecasting guide, and you will have a perfect lifecasting which will 'freeze time'. The pigment colour was completely even with no grain. Your painting skills really make this thing "pop". It also means that it’s not a good idea to measure out portions in separate cups and then decant one into the other when ready, because even the slight amount adhering to the cup could make a difference. MEKP is a catalyst that activates the fiberglass resin and allows it to harden.Brush the fiberglass resin mixture on top of the Bondo. While this is probably the least expensive of the 3D techniques, it leaves a surface that is less than optimal for pulling molds or painting. Apparently another method is either to add acetone (not more than 10% by volume) or methylated spirits (US ‘denatured alcohol’) at 15-20%. Sunlight doesn’t just discolour epoxy, it degrades it. This works to advantage because they are often cheaper. West System recommends layers of not more than 12mm when working with their epoxies. or toll-free:(800) 762-0744. She's bad-ass! After 45mins mix is much thicker but may still be spreadable .. stronger heat from cup but by no means excessive.