Now what? When we say “move your bed on your own”, we don’t really mean you should do it entirely on your own. Remove extra pillows and cushions that add weight to the couch or that will fall off and get dirty, or cause the mover to trip. How to Move Out at 18 | The Essential Guide, Home Organizers’ Top Downsizing Tips for Seniors, How to Relocate: Tips to Make Relocating a Success, Summer Storage Options for College Move Out. To tie down the bed portion of your hide-a-bed, you will need a 6 to 8 feet long length of strong strapping (or rope, or twine but strapping is preferred). They show the tie off necessary between the bed mechanism and the sofa-bed’s front kick-board to prevent the bed … Of course, the best way to move a mattress by yourself is to follow the above steps and to load it into a moving van with the help of loyal friends. Make sure that the path is clear. Moving the bed and mattress yourself is a good idea for several reasons: a) you will save a boatload of money by not hiring movers. Stating that we’ll miss our bed, for example, can be a gross understatement simply because the majority of us just can’t live without the only furniture that wishes us sweet dreams each night. Is it worth it? It’s even worse if you decide a week or a month down the road that you really don’t want it anymore because it looks shabby, you don’t have the space for it, or it doesn’t fit in with your new decor. Organizing a move is hard enough without lifting heavy furniture and boxes, so don’t. © 2020 RemovalReviews. Book a Dolly today. In case you’re moving only a short distance (for example, within the same city), you may choose to use your own vehicle instead of renting a moving van. , especially if you’re moving a far distance or if you need to carry it upstairs at the new home. For your health and for your relationship, leave it to the professionals. Have you ever had to move a bed on your own? It’s a transition that requires much more planning…, Relocating to a new city is one of the biggest–and potentially most rewarding–life changes you can make. The actual process of moving a sofabed is also quite similar to the process of relocating a couch – it is a difficult and risky job that is better left to the professionals. If you just moved to a new house or apartment with a baby or toddler,... Good planning is essential for the success of any project – especially so when it... Do you have to tip movers? Removals are experts at what they do and will have your bed ready for transportation, carried out of your home and loaded onto the moving lorry in no time. Sound familiar? The best way to move a sofa is to hire experienced furniture movers, of course, but if you have other plans in your head, then you should definitely be familiar with some essential tips for moving a sofa in the safest way possible. The easiest way to move a sofa is to use a 4-wheel furniture dolly to transport the large and heavy piece to the moving truck. The solution to the problem? If you live in an apartment or are using your sofa bed somewhere other than a main floor, you may very well need to move your sleeper sofa up and down some stairs. Once you figure out the escape route of the furniture piece, make sure you have enough helpers to comfortably lift the bare frame and move it out of the room. If you’re planning on moving a sofa bed, then you know how true it is that art can imitate life. This little moving tip can save you from a very severe and potentially very costly moving injury! They can also give you a hand with other moving related tasks if you so desire. We offer Moving Storage service for all our customers at affordable rates. The good news is that the rubber wheels of the dolly are floor-friendly and the entire weight of the couch will be successfully transferred to the moving equipment itself. Dolly helps you move on your schedule and at an affordable price. To move heavy furniture without professional assistance can be rather risky but it could actually pay off in the end provided that your brave decision does not end with any personal injuries or property damage. Here’s how to move a couch up flights of stairs without breaking your back and denting the walls along the way. Wrap the disassembled larger components with protective covers, such as bed sheets, blankets, old pieces of clothing or bubble wrap to keep them safe during the trip to your new home. That is why when you want to move your piano you need an experienced Piano Moving Company. Some of them are huge, heavy and require many persons to move, while others are tiny and can be easily transported in one hand. Read on and see for yourself. Test whether the mattress is well fastened to the car roof by pushing and pulling hard at its sides with both hands. Requesting a professional estimate can reduce moving costs by up to 25%. Privacy policy | Terms of service | Sitemap. , or you could go the traditional route and visit your local consignment shop. Therefore, of all the steps in moving a sofabed, this one is extremely important! Ask yourself if moving your bed to your new residence is worth your time, money and efforts. We are available 24/7. This way you’re creating a multi-layered strong tape strap with no exposed stickum to get onto the hidabed or onto the movers’ hands when they move it. US DOT: 1481550. Please note that we may not be affiliated with See also: Should I sell my furniture before moving out? Your email address will not be published. My movers cancelled last minute. Buying a piano is a huge investment. So, make sure you get a price quote to see what the pros have to offer before deciding to move your sleeper sofa yourself. If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, then maybe you’ve seen the episode where Ross and Rachel try to move Ross’ new sofa into his apartment. It’s even worse if you decide a week or a month down the road that you really don’t want it anymore because it looks shabby, you don’t have the space for it, or it doesn’t fit in with your new decor. © Copyright 2003-2020 Xpress Movers. Home > Moving Blog > Footer Info Links > How to Prepare a Sleeper Sofa for Moving. You just graduated highschool and your parents are already asking when you’re moving out. How did it go? You can appoint a person (aka a spotter) to stand by and either assist a person in dire need or shout out if a dangerous situation appears out of nowhere. To reach the right decision before it’s too late, take into consideration the following 3 points: Should you reach the conclusion that your large piece of furniture is not really worth moving between the two homes, then you still have a few good options: gift it to friends or family, donate it, or try to sell it to help out your budget. Do you need help with your upcoming move? Call now. After all, do you really want to exacerbate that old football injury or fight with your partner on how this should (or shouldn’t) be done? Invest in plastic sliders to place under furniture legs to easily slide a couch, chair or table across carpet or hardwood floors.You can also employ moving straps to reduce weight strain. If you’ve managed to gather up a friendly moving team, then you’re up to the bed moving challenge. It’s better to plan out this route ahead of time with whomever is carrying the couch with you rather than discussing your options (by loudly screaming “PIVOT!” a la Ross Geller) while carrying the heavy object. You may be wondering if hiring professional removals could actually fit into your moving budget and you’d be right to do so. Be extra careful when going around tight corners or down the stairs. Think about posting on sites like Craigslist or OfferUp, or you could go the traditional route and visit your local consignment shop. Your room…, The first step in moving your sleeper sofa is to determine what type of. Moving house is usually a crazy-busy period when you may get rewarded for being brave enough to complete some or even all of the tough tasks without professionals to help you out. Make sure that you tie it around both the flat kick-board in front of the sofa-bed and the top of the spring bed mechanism in front just as shown in the picture above. And before you actually move your huge and heavy furniture piece out of the bedroom and into the moving vehicle, there are several things you have to do to prepare your bed for moving. Place carefully the mattress on the roof of your car. It’s also true that we tend to take for granted most of the furniture in our homes, and most of us don’t really appreciate a piece until it’s gone. However, there’s often a fine line between being brave and being reckless, especially when it comes to packing and moving large and heavy furniture pieces such as your sofa, for example. They struggle to carry the heavy behemoth while Ross yells, “pivot!” to maneuver the stairs. They show the tie off necessary between the bed mechanism and the sofa-bed’s front kick-board to prevent the bed from unexpectedly springing out as it’s being moved.