Some gardeners suggest keeping birds away from tomatoes by creating a web of fishing line or reflective tape over and around the plants. While birds, hornwormsand other insects are common pests of tomato plants, animals can also be a problem sometimes too. Build the cages of chicken wire fencing or hardware cloth, perhaps with bird netting placed over the top. If your main concern is keeping your dog or cat out of your tomato plants, you may consider growing them in pots on a porch or balcony that your pets cannot reach. Fences are great options when it comes to your pets or livestock out of the garden.

It accommodates eight tomato plants, six pepper plants and 70 stalks of corn. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at no extra cost to you. Sign up for our newsletter.

Most gardeners are used to battling rabbits, squirrelsor deerbut don’t think much about protecting plants from these other animal pests: We also don’t like to think that our own pets and livestock (like goats) could be the problem. She enjoys container gardening and experimenting with different tomato varieties. You may then hang your tomato pot on a porch, balcony, or overhang, and place the netting over the top of the plant. Deer and even squirrels will help themselves to your garden produce. trap them out. And there are no teeth marks or openings in the bag!! Ha! Spooked me a couple times. Yesterday, before I found this forum, I hit on venusruiz's idea of putting mesh bags around the tomato clusters because I would go out and find teeth marks in the half-eaten fruit. Urine odor is not noticeable either, I think.... Now if we could just get rid of the damn gophers! I am very vocal and wave my arms and band a big stick. Have .

My boyfriend built a 3’X5′ raised garden bed (3 ft. high) so I may grow a small garden. I also used poor man’s cloche to protect the plants at night. If you opt to surround your tomatoes with chicken wire, you should also consider placing a dome made of the wire over the top of each tomato plant. Your email address will not be published. IT WORKS! “Help! Do squirrels or rabbits eat tomatoes??Thanks! Not a happy camper.... Al continuar en este sitio o utilizar esta aplicación, acepto que el grupo Houzz pueda utilizar cookies y tecnologías similares para mejorar sus productos y servicios, ofrecerme contenido relevante y personalizar mi experiencia. Spend $22.00 for a squirrel trap, or spend $22.00 on chicken wire? you can not co exist with them. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. For the pet owner with a small garden, vinyl fencing is a must. Just now, I cannot believe that "they" have eaten half of a tomato that is inside a mesh bag whose openings are so small, nothing could get in there. Keeping Birds Away from Tomatoes. You may then hang your tomato pot on a porch, balcony, or overhang, and place the netting over the top of the plant. Well, I was mad at my new puddy cat for leaving furry tailed presents at the door....but what a favor she did!!!! Easily installed and reasonably priced, vinyl garden fencing comes in a variety of heights to suit any gardener’s needs. Depending on who is nibbling, there are different measures you can take to …

Contrary to popular belief, tomatoes seem to ripen best in the dark. The stairs are not distinctive enough to shine in black, even tho I think some stairs with cool newel posts can look great with black. They love to pull nearly ripe tomatoes and take one bite. I leave them alone when they are not in the garden. The suggestions so far are good to try.Also, you could try a small bird bath. But they won't give up. Because of this I do believe that it must be an animal instead of an insect. How do I protect my plants from being eaten? Just respray every 2 weeks or after every rain. Been there done that, over and over. They love to pull nearly ripe tomatoes and take one bite. They sell bobcat and coyote urine for big money, but even coyotes are afraid of humans!

Your neighbors may think you’re crazy for decorating your tomato plants like a Christmas tree in midsummer, but you may yield enough of a harvest to share with them. The li'l furballs would get each and every beanstalk just as the beans were approaching blooming age. Now, it seems they are giving up, Since i started, last week, they attacked the first couple of days, but now i havent seen them. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! A poor man’s cloche is a gallon jug with the bottom cut off and slipped over the individual plants. To keep deer out, the fence needs to be 8 feet or taller. It kept the rabbits out, too. It’s not always easy to keep birds, especially mockingbirds, from eating your ripening tomatoes. Probably Squirells. I have a huge groundhog getting at mine. Fences are great options when it comes to your pets or livestock out of the garden. Hi Jef190, I had them try to steal the tomatoes from inside the mesh bags, they managed to rip 3 tomatoes of the stems and try to bite thru the mesh, making holes on the mesh but couldnt get them out. I tried buying a rubber snake, and that didn't do anything. So, this holiday season, we created a giving campaign for two of our favorite non-profits who are working to help put food on the tables of hungry families across the U.S. and around the world. They won't cross the area where it is sprayed. Once you find a solution to the problem, you can put it into practice every year to ensure that you have an ample tomato crop that is permitted to grow and flourish without being ravaged by wild and domesticated animals. I'd love an answer to this problem. Sometimes, the best thing to for keeping animal pests from eating tomatoes is to build a fence around the garden. All Rights Reserved.

I have planted tomato plants and have had no trouble until the tomatoes start to ripen. As you’re out giving the garden its daily water, inspection and TLC, you notice your tomatoes, which were just small, bright green orbs yesterday, have taken on some red and orange hues. You can also build cages from wood and chicken wire to protect tomato plants from birds. The problem is that the Landlord has the timed sprinklers turn on miscellaneous times and different days of which wets my tomato plant. Planting basil close to house was the only way to save it. Re-apply after every rain. Hi, this is my first time here. Go to a carpet store and they can bind a broadloom of your choice to the exact size you want.

Most garden centers carry bird netting to protect fruits and veggies from birds.

Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Take them back over to Piedmont Park behind my house, or put them in the woods behind my house? Your email address will not be published. Chips can get in under or thru because they are so small.Being destructive to the property they lose my favored status, same with all rodents,....... squirrels , mice, rats, chips. It took two weekends to complete the project.

This keeps the plants safe while you sleep, and your pets roam the yard without supervision. I don't know if it will work, but we actually bought one of those hanging tomato planters and put the plant in there.. the tomatoes are just ripening now and are beautiful and because it hangs, no animals can get at it.

They also lay their eggs on the leaves so remove anything that looks like a bunch of eggs on a leaf. No squirrels so far. We narrowed the damage definativly to squirrels and chipmunks. For mine, I am tempted to look in to how much it would cost to put in a new rail, spindles, and post, to freshen the look.

I found several in my fenced in garden yesterday morning, both ripe and unripened. Birds are eating my tomatoes!” Continue reading to learn how to protect tomato plants from birds. My question is if I plant tomatoes now will they still have fruit on them? If wild animals are your main problem, you can purchase special containers for hanging plants that will prevent wild animals, such as squirrels and birds, from being able to reach the plants themselves. Answer + 2. I have a garden in a community garden and the deer attacked the gardens, once i put up the fishing line, my garden was safe the rest of the season but the other gardens still got attacked.

How high of a fence should I have and what should I use?