With regards to your comment about lantana, for a while now I have been aware that it attracts so many butterfly species and small birds love to hide in it. For the record we are on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Glad I’ve had it identified for me from this post. Their eyes glowed red under the iphone flashlight. The outer edge of the forewing has a... Nephele subvaria is a brown hawk moth from northern Australia The forewings are brown and males may have small white spot in centre of forewing near the leading edge. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Just spotted one of these in our bottlebrush outside the kitchen window, Nambour Qld. I am glad you have had a similar encounter to mine. I also started doing some research to identify this hummingbird-like hawkmoth. Yorklea (Northern NSW).. As per many others in this conversation, tried to photograph and then came to www to then try and identify them. Thank you Evelyn … Sandra has shared some amazing experiences from her garden and we are still finding more. Perfect for catching fish! I took photos with my phone, but nothing like the ones shown. Haha, thank you Deb, that is great news! The Bee Hawk Moth has transparent wings and a stout body like a Bumble Bees. A built-in snorkel is also included: its nostrils are on top. Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Macroglossum micacea, Wilkesdale, SE QLD, Australia. It’s like a self organised map forming now, we must make a real map out of all the sightings . The sword-billed hummingbird’s beak is longer than its body. With the hook at the top of its beak, it grabs its prey. We use cookies to improve our service for you. I am so glad i found your post as i was beginning to think i would never know and could never explain, the one time I didn’t have a camera on me, I wish i had. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The butterfly can suck nectar from up to 100 flowers per minute. Since they are in the same genus, the similarity to Macroglossum stellatarum is understandable. Hoping I’ll see it again, Hi Angela, so great to hear you have also seen one of these beauty. Dugongs feed on seaweed. Most online images are of mounted specimens, and we are thrilled to be able to post your excellent action photos of this lovely diurnal Hawkmoth. I have downloaded some fascinating science articles on moth vision. Seen one on three separate occasions now in the late afternoon. Thank you for writing about your encounter. It is valuable data this post is collecting, so good to see the distribution of the hummingbird moths across time and space. Privacy Policy | Hi there, so fantastic to hear you and your daughter have discovered these flying treasures Thank you so much for sharing this. We have been googling frantically thinking it was a bird then came across your article and realised that it was a Hummingbird Moth that we’d been watching sucking nectar from our old callistamon covered in yellow brush like flowers. Hi Susanne, where are abouts are you so we can put another dot on the map? Hi Evan, great to know the plant the moth was feeding on, a great little plant preference story unfolding here , Thank you so much for this. Michael Fox. The humming birds are so amazing, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some in Peru recently in the Amazon rainforest verges Perhaps it is worth writing a post about them??? Currently, the platypus is listed as "near threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, but it is not listed as threatened under Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Thanks so much for sharing, Peter! I’m at Woodgate qld. And it needs it! They also eat jasmine and a number of other plants. So I emailed Dr. Kathy Ebert to illuminate me further on this humming query. I feel blessed to be able to witness this little miracle in the midst of these sad times. It has been here for the last two mornings. They swim with their mouths wide open to catch and filter food. I was mesmerized, I had never seen anything like it. WOW. Changing its listing would prioritize its monitoring and "also mean an increased focus on what we can do to improve the situation," Kingsford said. She’s 7 and at first I thought she must have been exaggerating. Regards Ben Olsen. Look forward to learning more about our fascinating mini world from a learned person, or is that curious, yourself. Feel free to find me on facebook by searching my name, if you’re a user, and tag me in a post if you want to share those images/videos Would love to see them! They were enjoying Pink pentas lanceolata. With these it can examine 13 potential prey animals per second. Hi! We were so intrigued, we almost got fooled, but I knew that unfortunately, we do not have hummingbirds in Australia. Hi Sandra..just had the most beautiful encounter with The Hummingbird Moth in our garden at Burpengary East, I immediately went onto the computer to find insects of Qld that look like a Hummingbird(have seen them many times overseas on our travels ) and found this article. They come to one of our geisha girl plants, regularly. My husband and I had a similar encounter in our garden near Widgee yesterday. Extreme droughts linked to climate change threaten the platypus' existence, scientists have warned. What a delightful creature! In the mud flats, it swings its head back and forth, filtering food from the shallow water. I thought it was a bird at first but so small and after it left me behind I went to look in my bird book – not a thing to be found! It had us stumped to what it could be. I thought it was an extremely small bird, even a hummingbird, until I found this post. The world is so full of wonder and surprises and makes life so enjoyable and special . While fleeing, they erect their white tail — an escape-signal among tufted deer. What a treat. This incredible site is run by passionate volunteers in the U.S., who identify insects from photos that people upload. In the meantime I have started to do some research on hummingbird and other hawkhmoths. The platypus boasts a large, flexible beak with a leather-like surface. Click to continue> Hawk Moth (Nephele hespera) Nephele hespera is a brownish hawk moth from Asia. Thank you so much for this site, as I was able to identify around 3-4 months that I saw right on dusk tonight, I’m just out of Tamworth NSW I was able to get a bit of video footage on my phone, but not sure how to put it here.. all the best.. Just magnificent to see.Knew it couldn.t be a hummingbird but what resemblance.Have seen it twice. However, unlike us and bees, who are colourblind at night, nocturnal moths are able to discriminate flowers at starlight intensity. Hi there! I was positive it was a baby hummingbird lol. Absolutely beautiful. Hi Cherie, with all the treasures around at the moment, it is a wonderful time to be alive! The Privet Hawk Moth is found in eastern and northern Australia. "The platypus continues to face ongoing threats across its range. Too true Glenda … I love discovering species I have never seen before. H Cyrus, awesome to hear that you have had the pleasure also. Photos were a fail. Hi, These are so amazing aren’t they. They’ve been around for days and days, lots all the time. So we are still on a Hummingbird Moth high!!! Scientists have called for the Australian native platypus to be listed as a "threatened species" after a report found the habitat of the semi-aquatic duck-billed mammal  had shrunk by up to 22% over the past 30 years. Other hawkmoths have different flight characteristics and not sure they have this long proboscis? Thought it was a giant bee. W could almost map out where it is now with so many people commenting , Hi Sandra thanks for your amazing photos. I followed the very adamant creature trying to capture it’s beauty on camera. Thankyou so much Sandra! So glad you got to see this amazing creature, Jenny, and have found this post, thank you for letting us know about it. Banksia Hawk Moth. Numbers of the vulnerable duck-billed species, unique to Australia, have dropped by more than a fifth since 1990. After some time it seemed to have become accustomed to my prying presence and began to ignore me, completing it’s seemingly one pointed mission, as I ecstatically snapped away. No matter fish, frog or other water-dweller, nothing escapes this beak. The Grapevine Hawk Moth is a brownish hawk moth with greyish striped markings, long narrow forewings and shorter hindwings. Glad you enjoyed the post Evan. Yes the learning will never stop and we are always graced with great surprises which make life all worth living!!!