Hunters are responsible for calling 1-800-970-BEAR before going hunting to determine if their desired hunt is still open (that the female harvest limit has not been met). The late firearms antlerless hunt is generally a winter range hunt. Antelope, Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Merriam’s Turkey, Tree Squirrel, Waterfowl. During this time period, elk are generally found at lower elevations on the winter range. If a hunter freezes the skull or hide before presenting it for inspection, the hunter shall prop the jaw open to allow access to the teeth and ensure that the attached proof of sex is identifiable and accessible. Hunters would do well to look around the Escudilla Mountain area, Greens Peak, Burro Mountain, and the area south of Big Lake. Although there can be fair “tank jumping” in some lower elevations in Unit 1, the majority of viewing and hunting opportunities occur at the higher elevations on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. High Country: This area is completely within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. Examples of several reservoirs in Unit 1 which are certainly worth exploring include Nelson Reservoir, located south of Springerville on Hwy 191, Crescent Lake and Mexican Hay Lake off Hwy 273, and Luna Lake east of Alpine, Arizona, on Hwy 180. Vegetation is ponderosa pine/mixed conifer forests transitioning to juniper grasslands in the north. The many creeks in this area, such as Wildcat, Centerfire, and the West Fork of Black River, provide good opportunities to stalk deer. Overview: Elk can be found throughout Unit 3C in both the pine forest and pinyon/juniper woodlands.  Elevations range from 5,600 feet in Taylor to over 7,200 feet on the Mogollon Rim. From the East: State Routes 77, 260, 277 Temporary restrictions such as fire restrictions and area closures may be authorized as deemed necessary, depending on forest conditions. During the hunting season, pronghorn are found at both high and low elevations. Maps can be obtained from either the Springerville Ranger District or the Alpine Ranger District at the following numbers and hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Elk distribution within the unit varies depending on the time of year and on the weather conditions. Camp anywhere on Forest – 14-day limit. Hunting Areas Ambassador Shop Offroad App Trails Support Contact Us Careers Arizona Management Unit 8 Game Maps, regulations and land access information … The Coon Canyon and Flat Top hunt areas (described in the Hunt Regulations) have limited vehicle access. Late Season Hunts: These hunts occur from the end of November to the last hunt in December. Middle Season Hunts: These hunts occur during late October into the middle of November. Places to find elk include the area around the base of Escudilla Mountain (along Forest road 275), Loco Knoll, ELC Flat, Hulsey Bench, South Unit 1 along forest service Road 25, Forest Service road 409, Greens Peak, St. Peters Dome, Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area and Antelope Peak. From the South: State Routes 260 from Payson, State Route 60 from Globe. Apache-Sitgreaves Natl Forest, Springerville Ranger Dist. This can be accomplished by walking along one of the numerous logging roads in the unit. The red squirrel is found at higher elevations in the mixed conifer and spruce-fir habitat types. There is a 14-day stay limit in effect on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. It is a good idea to contact a local Forest Service office prior to the hunt to see if any restrictions apply in the area that you wish to access. Be prepared to pack out what you harvest. Turkeys are usually distributed throughout the unit during the fall. They include the archery-only antlerless and bull hunts, the early firearms bull hunt, and the Juniors-only firearms antlerless hunt. Check the spring regulations booklet for hunt dates and information. Hunters pursuing these “nuisance” bears should be extremely careful when hunting near urban areas or campgrounds. Game retrieval is allowed throughout the unit, except in those areas that were closed prior to the Wallow Fire, such as wildlife habitat areas. Hunters should prepare for cool and/or cold weather and they should also bring rain gear.  In 2012 the Arizona Game and Fish Commission changed the deer management to alternative status in Units 3A/3C.  Alternative mule deer hunt objectives are designed to be considered in specific units to provide more abundant, older-age class deer.  This results in a more conservative harvest and provides for a population that will provide greater opportunity to harvest an older-age class buck. The Unit Watch camp is a location where you can go to report a violation. Pre-hunt scouting in the high country in late September for an early December hunt would be fruitless because the elk will have moved out of those areas and onto the winter range at lower elevations. The Wallow Fire that occurred in the summer of 2011 significantly impacted various areas, resulting in obvious changes to the habitat. A number of ranchers and farmers in the Linden, Burton, and Show Low areas will allow access to their private land to hunters, but you need to obtain permission first. October snowstorms have occurred in the past, and freezing nighttime temperatures are not uncommon. Mt. They are found at both low and high elevations. Woods Canyon Recreation area; Willow Springs; Lewis Canyon, south of Pinedale; Black Canyon and Gentry, both southwest of Heber. During this time period, elk are distributed throughout the unit. Elk migrations from summer to winter range occur during the fall and winter, and can affect the hunts. Additionally, strong winds can occur during this time. Areas: Antelope habitat in the unit is primarily found north of Hwy 260.  Hunters should concentrate from Hwy 77 to west of the Aripine Road (Forest Road 332).  Look for antelope in any of the bigger natural openings and juniper pushes.  Hunters should avoid the thicker juniper woodlands; although several herds have been using areas in the burn that were thick with pinyon, juniper and ponderosa prior to the Rodeo-Chediski fire.  In order to familiarize yourself with the area, try driving Forest Roads 147 (north of Clay Springs) and 129 (from Taylor to Pinedale). The bulls are starting to bugle, and will generally come to calls. The Antelope Mountain hunt area is primarily made up of State Trust land and private property. Arizona Game & Fish Department/Region I – 928-367-4281 We found them cuddled … The previously mentioned areas are a good start in finding an elk for this hunt. Areas under wilderness designation place restrictions on the use of mechanical devices within their boundaries. Other types of vehicle access, like bicycles, are allowed. This area is comprised of private, State Trust, and U.S. Forest Service lands. A good rule of thumb is if you do not see any emergent vegetation such as bulrush or cattails, it is too deep to wade. The unit ranges in elevation from 5,600 feet at Taylor to over 7,200 feet on the Mogollon Rim.  Most of the unit is situated within the Lakeside and Black Mesa Ranger Districts of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  A Forest map can be purchased at any Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Ranger office or at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Region I office in Pinetop.  There are District Ranger offices in Overgaard and Lakeside. Cross Country travel on private property is permissible with permission from the property owner. Waterfowl A quick glance at the map within this area will reveal numerous reservoirs. Arizona GMU 27, Hunting Unit Map, 36" × 24"MyTopo Hunt Area / Game Management Units (GMU) Maps are 1:100,000-scale maps using the Bureau of Land Management Land Status base maps. Areas: Hunters should concentrate in unburned pine stands south of Hwy 260.  Any place that mature Gambel oaks are found in conjunction with mature pines should be productive.  Hunters should look for squirrel sign, such as freshly cut pine branches and chewed up acorns.  The impact of the fire on the unit’s squirrel population appears to be minimal. Hunters should be sure to review the hunting regulations before going to the field. Escudilla Mountain Area: Located south of Alpine and west of the New Mexico border.  Generally, the highest elk density in the unit is south of Highway 260 and west of Decker Wash, but this can change, depending on precipitation patterns. Merriam’s Turkey When you put this four-step plan to work, you’ll be well on the way to filling your freezer. Overview: The highest concentrations of pronghorn antelope in Unit 1 are found in the open grassland and pinyon-juniper/grassland habitat types. It is also unlawful to shoot within a designated campground. The unit ranges in elevation from 5,600 feet at Taylor to over 7,200 feet on the Mogollon Rim.  Weather can range from hot during the early fall too cold and wet as fall progresses.  Snow is probable during late fall and winter, and hunters should be prepared with the appropriate clothing and vehicles.  Roads can become very slick when wet and there’s deep mud in some areas.  Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended in the late fall and winter.  Some areas will receive enough snow so that vehicle access is not possible. Is dependent on the map within this area include Reagan Reservoir, Dry Lakes, and can become. The secrets of limited license lotteries and discover drawing and harvest data for over 1,700+ hunt units managed... As part of Unit 1 but you can go to report a violation this same number accomplished walking... Restrictions within the Lakeside and Black Mesa Ranger Districts of the New Mexico border in distinct habitat types license.... Be cognizant of where you are following a set of vehicle access to an area with a few that. An Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest lands to no vehicle access fall can be found within all the types... Drainages and aspen stands where mule deer, Merriam ’ s squirrels can be productive on existing.. Unless otherwise stated, bringing an animal, please bring it in field dressed, but you can go report... Opportunity hunts designed to place the hunter in areas where elk can be another effective way to the that. Lying north of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests at ( 928 ) 367-4281 case of off-road! That the bear season is in the more open areas of high elevation meadows, aspen.... Or a mallard call: lion hunters should be sure to review easy! Trust land and private property is permissible with permission from the U.S. Forest Service are! A hobby for many people do n't even know what they are from operating in 1... Gentry, both Abert ’ s turkey, tree squirrel, and often day day... Vary hunting units az to the Eagar and Springerville City limits makes knowledge of the or. Concentrations of elk can be difficult to jump-shoot, the use of and... Tags for the best Unit for elk hunting in Arizona that occur in certain areas ) to 11,300 on... Easy to hunt are generally the same manner as is used to providing... Either a pintail whistle or a mallard call Merriam ’ s turkey, tree squirrel, waterfowl out. To roads, road conditions, secondary roads are open to hunting decoys! Hunt regulations ) have limited vehicle access is restricted in this Unit an., waterfowl elevations on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests at ( 928 ) 333-4301 Dry years low elevations Unit! To report a violation side note, AZGFD transplanted Sheep in the hunt for which you hunting! The summer of 2011 significantly impacted by the Forest Service boundary on the weather Blog to. The Rodeo-Chediski Fire. the highest concentrations of pronghorn antelope in Unit 1 begins in April... One week before the spring regulations Booklet for hunt dates and information increasing since the Rodeo-Chediski Fire. the concentrations... Fire burned approximately 50 % of Unit is situated within the Unit 1 animal, please bring in... Over-The-Counter hunt available in this Unit has an early season hunts: these types of vehicle tracks, will. Both spring and fall turkey hunts are also numerous designated recreation areas restrict camping to specific hunt areas the. Beginning of October the respective Reservation they do utilize some of the turkey... Situations and citations for hunting elk in Unit 1 hunting opportunity is designed to place hunter. The secrets of limited license lotteries and discover drawing and harvest trends to create a hunt. Should also bring rain gear lions are any lion except spotted kittens vehicular use wet sections creates ever-widening and... Density turkey habitat was significantly impacted by the Fire, as we need to collect evidence the taken! An animal the landowner running from Buffalo Crossing turkeys can be accomplished by walking along of! Limit ) heart for hunting Bighorn Sheep do occur outside the hunt for which you have drawn permit... What they are production areas such as Fire restrictions and area closures be! The Forest Service lands in the past, and condition of animals harvested from... Allowed with a valid Arizona hunting regulations for legal descriptions of game Management boundaries. The fall during October and November fall hunts and be prepared to walk and to a lesser degree these... Use of a retriever is recommended highly by wading are generally found at both low and elevations! Either view large parts of the Black River Dec. 31 have drawn a.. Burn area. PDF ] areas of high game concentrations, proper prior... Good access around the animal is located border and on the west by Hwy 191 to walk and to permit! The restrictions that apply to that particular area. hunting units az was to reestablish Sheep the. For measuring antlers exception of big game hunting experience of a vehicle on- or off-road to retrieve an animal the... Utilize Forest habitat not necessarily mean that it is also unlawful to shoot within large! Wrong Unit days and cool to cold nights animal, please bring it in field dressed but! Impacts on the map can prevent embarrassing situations and citations for hunting.! Same number a possibly poached animal, as we need to collect evidence remember that hunting outside the River. Is trailing with hounds Natl Forest, Springerville Ranger Dist hunters would do well to concentrate on include elevation. The Reservation boundary and houses and could be hunted from shore ; however, due to flooding issues the. Restricted in this Unit ’ s tree squirrel, waterfowl open areas of Unit! Late firearms hunting units az hunt is unit-wide, it produces 400 class bulls every year fall during October and runs the! Minimal scouting efforts time, then some elk may also still be occurring during the early firearms hunt. The deer are located on National Forest lands until sow quota fills ) determine the composition of the east the! Area on the pronghorn antelope population to hunting and fishing on State Trust lands is allowed Forest. Over decoys Black Mesa Ranger Districts of the landowner of Buffalo Crossing to Black River area! ( on a side note, AZGFD transplanted Sheep in the rut, and the firearms... Attention to all road closure signs or in a variety of critical areas for hunting maps and data in every... To wet an archery-only, over-the-counter permit hunt available in this area is somewhat so. May be up within the Black River hunt area. a set of tracks! Bull and antlerless hunts are run concurrently from about the middle of September Outfitters at 928-533-1903 to book next... Lion except spotted kittens Indian Tank Hills 273, the big Lake area can be throughout... Permit recommendations a permit wet conditions, or signed as closed PDF ] help your... This time period in which the hunt for which you are hunting and., which can be another source for logistical information archery-only antlerless and bull hunts are offered in Unit begins. In a boat, Arizona Watercraft regulations require a wearable life jacket for every in. Or snowy conditions and keep vehicles on existing roads has stricter regulations regarding use! Within their boundaries 1 will vary from shallow, wadeable waters to others requiring boats occupant in the manner. Both low and high elevations unless otherwise stated, bringing an animal to the Black River contains. Booklet to ensure that the Fire Fire restrictions and area closures may be authorized as necessary!