Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is sometimes referred to as an “initial breakout”. If not it could be your skin care regime; If you keep switching products or if your using harsh products. For years I have never experienced that! please do not post conversation and comments, please connect by email. Lynn. About a year ago, I started getting maybe 5 pimples at a time and I was horrified. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I have only been taking the lower dose of Synthroid for five days, but my acne is just about gone!!!! Yeah it’s pretty much gone now – today my fever broke and I was actually able to get up, get work done, eat food, etc. Thanks . I wish I could have a copy of all your books. well since i started drinking water my acne got alot worse. It fights dry skin and removes unneeded contaminants. But also for me when I switch to something new, skincare-wise, it seems to work really well for the first week or so then I start breaking out.. so I figure that’s all I can take of that nd switch to something else! reaction? Oh Lord, big mistake! Maybe that’s the reason ? It started on my right cheek and then spread to virtually my whole face. Not to mention I’ve been drinking about 3-4 times as much water as I normally do, and I’ve been walking every evening/doing yoga in the morning.) I do hope someone finds it interesting or helpful though. I started drinking a few cups a day starting about 4-5 days ago, and haven’t eaten anything that should cause this. Ive noticed i have alot more energy. For example, maybe your breakouts are smaller but in greater numbers than usual (like a lot of small whiteheads, that you don’t usually get). Also I have gotten alot more cysts on my chin (this is my major problem area). A week in and I’m flaring up more than before, more acne! Other than that my diet and exercise habits could not be any better. Wish me luck . back when I hit puberty. I know, it sucks, but your body needs a little time. but these breakouts are getting to me. Thanks for this website, it gives a lot of information about detox diet and skin issues related to it. Manuka Honey Tracy always talks about. So it’s a possibility! I always had clear skin as a teenager but i experienced my first bad breakout in my early 20s because of the pill I was prescribed. After researching the symptoms of Hyperthyroid, I discovered that a hormonal imbalance will occur resulting in chin, jawline, neck, and back acne. But shortly after my skin and PMS worsened again. Share your comments below. Just started yesterday, so hopefully things will start to improve and I can get a better handle on the trigger foods! knock on wood (been using Estroblock, gotten reiki for emotional issues, relaxed a little about food so lowered stress). Omg. After having done the detox for a few weeks, wean the pills off. So it’s definitely unusual for me. I also usually have a pretty clear chin for the most part! Also I am having big breakouts on my forehead, Where I usually don’t get them, is this also a sign of the detox reaction? Thank you so much!" I also plan to start juicing in a week or so. The problem is that just a day or two later, I get numerous red bumps along my jawline that itch intensely. I stopped all supplements except the cod liver oil, the omega, and the probiotic, and I decided to take these remaining only once a day. I gave up a daily cup of coffee about a week and a half ago (felt like I was dying until about a week had passed; now I’m symptom free!) It‘s great to know that your skin looks awesome right now. and for the last months they seem don’t work for me anymore, and my face is just getting more and more red. The water in itself doesn't cause spots but have you changed your diet at all? Not picking. -  Carolyn, "Lemon water is one drink both my wife and I can't drink. However, the following is a little guideline that I believe can help you to figure it out: If it’s a real detox reaction, it should start anywhere from a day or two to a week after making significant positive health changes. So about 2 weeks ago, I stopped using my oral and topical prescription acne medicine because I did not want to harm my skin so I switched to natural skin care. Just like when you detox your body and you feel crummy for a few days, and then feel so much better! Balch also writes that the presence of candida can cause hormonal changes that encourage the liver to produce the wrong substances for healthy levels of sebum. I was just wondering, has any part of your body been removed ? Thanks for all the tips so far, Tracy! Some even pitted. How soon did it start getting worse after you started all the changes? It might cause or enhance depression. . I just came across your site! I used to eat a lot of yogurt and cheese, but I just stopped eating those altogether, and I never ate ice cream to begin with, so my only real change was going from eating my cereal with cows milk to eating it with almond milk. I wanted to ask you if you think that I need to cut off other things like gluten to see improvment on my skin? I used to have really beautiful curly hair with so much volume, now it looks so thin and ugly, with no volume… all because of this awful pill…, I feel like i am not myself anymore. The logging idea I think is really helpful. and I had late June some sort of detox breakout. My skin has been absolutely horrible this past month. Obviously you were still detoxing if you got headaches and other symptoms. Your article is a great help but any other input would be great. Since the beginning of May though I have been slowly phasing out all of my potentially “toxic” (full of chemicals) household & personal care products for natural/organic/more simple alternatives. DO you think that could be a detox reaction ? I’m gonna look into naturopaths in the area to help me out! I’ve already been on a fairly healthy diet full of veggies, nuts, some fish/chicken/eggs and very little wheat gluten for about a year now. Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But for plenty of people out there, it seems as though detox breakouts tend to be “different” than their usual acne. I wish I could send the pictures. I believe it has gotten better, but I’ve noticed the same cystic acne flaring up in the same spots over and over. In started 2 different things around the same time. I had what I thought was awful acne about ten years ago and I went on accutane and I was completely clear for 10 years. Good for you for pushing through it, must have been pretty scary. It is a minor problem, but still very annoying. I was told the first 2-3 weeks can be the healing crisis/purge , and that it will calm down after, but its so hard to continue taking something that makes it worse than before. I was oil cleansing, using honey with baking soda, honey with lemon juice, bentonite clay masks, jojoba oil mixed with various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, not to mention taking a bunch of supplements like omega 3s, zinc, hormone-regulating herbs, etc. Does this seem right? Meditating and performing yoga can also be a great cure for your skin. Hi again, Tracy! Thanks again for being so encouraging! I’m kinda losing faith and wondering how long I can put up this. I also get little postures that hurt quite a bit. Well, there could be absolutely nothing practical and also best medication compared to water. This especially applies in the winter when you're all covered up with only your face exposed. . Use great OTC acne products like “Niapads”, “Cetaphil” etc that are simple and easy to use. According to SheKnow's website, US surveys have revealed that over 85 percent of the country's water is actually considered hard. I know, I’m not really sure if it’s true that acne takes that long to form, but I do know that we are usually wrong when we try to figure out what exactly caused a certain pimple! So here’s my story, in short: My acne has been on and off for about 6 years, about a year ago I tried homeopathy and that worked wonderfully for me, but since then my skin has gone back to being acne-prone — not as bad as it used to be before the homeopathy, but quite bad. For eg - with Niapads (Nicotinamide acne pads) you can cut a piece, wet it with water and place it on the pimple. If you are looking for more suggestions then visit my website The Healthy Suggestions for better tips. Just do it every once in a while. Sending love to get through this whichever way you choose x. I’ve followed your blog for a while now, your articles are so interesting and helpful !