INC VAT. Available in 250, 299, 399. In this regard, a quick look at chemistry books should show copper as the clear winner. The benefits of stainless-steel are widely known in the domestic boiler market, however not everyone is aware of the benefits of aluminium. Stainless steel is the key and here is why. Optional low height frame and header kits offer cascade options of up to 4 boilers with a combined capacity of up to 540 kW. This technology is patented by Viessmann. CTRLMAX Control System-EZ Setup allows for a quick :60 second setup. . CTRLMAX Control System-EZ Setup allows for a quick :60 second setup. In some cases, you may find that your radiators are cold at the bottom or a pipe becomes clogged completely. Dirt and debris from corroded radiator pipes can clog up your system. The ecoTEC Plus is also one of the more stylish models on the market with back lit digital display, contoured case and stainless-steel heat exchanger. Exalt Combi The Exalt features an all stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. The aluminium heat exchanger developed by Ideal Boilers will allow for a wider range of temperature differentials, typically 11–20 °C, meaning that the aluminium heat exchanger is perfect for older system… This technology brings with it an extremely high efficiency rate of 98 percent and exceptionally reliable and efficient operation during its long service life. The VGH boiler is a high efficiency, water tube condensing boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger and includes electronic front facing text control panel with data logging. From the specs I see that the Worcester has an aluminium heat exchanger and the Vaillant has stainless steel. We sell and deliver stainless steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger in various dimensions, specifications and grades. Used the solution shown in the vid and voila. 3. It has a small footprint, is lightweight. It’s an ideal choice for new construction. Over the years, we’ve introduced new products that reflected the prevailing technologies of the time; coal then gas for fuel, cast iron then aluminium and stainless steel for heat exchangers, and most recently, the move to condensing boilers for improved efficiency. Patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. Plus – 5-year parts, 2-year labor allowance, and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty with registration. The Exalt features an all stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. You do NOT want to use a plate heat exchanger! Copper: Up to 401 2. 316L Stainless Steel The microstructure of 316L classifies it as an austenitic stainless steel. Stainless-steel heat exchangers also depend on water velocity to clear any debris, but because they have very narrow waterways, the system often does not flush as effectively as … The Exalt features an all stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. All the years of experience we have of designing and manuf… Even if your boiler’s heat exchanger is made from stainless steel, it may need cleaning every now and then. The Ideal logic high efficiency boiler comes with a 7 year warranty as standard from the manufacturer and the Ideal vogue comes with a 10 year warranty. Combi sizes are available in 155 and 199 MBH for all your home heating and your hot water needs. High efficiency condensing boilers 95% energy efficient. Stainless steel heat exchanger; High 5:1 turndown; Compact - one width & height for easy siting All Viessmann gas condensing boilers are equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers. In the case of stainless steel heat exchangers, 316L stainless steel is widely used. Standard – 2-year parts and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty. Inox Stainless Steel is an alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass and a maximum of 1.2% carbon by mass. Elite – 6-year parts, 3-years labor and 12-year heat exchanger warranty offered with registration, combustion analysis and hydronic system treatment. Thermal conductivity, measured in watts per meter pre Kelvin, various across metals: 1. Hi. Evomax 2 30 - 150kW Evomax 2 Cascade And PHEX 60 - 900kW EVO S 50 - 135kW Imax Xtra 80 - 280kW Imax Xtra EL 320 - 1240kW Evomod 250 - … Not available to Click & Collect Deliver (2 Days*)-+ Update. Key Vaillant ecoTEC Plus features: Rapid hot water delivery in just 5 seconds This remarkable unit transfers heat to the domestic hot water with nearly 100 percent efficiency. With the largest stock of heat exchanger and condenser tubes in Europe, Salem Tube International has the ability to meet your heat exchanger tube … in your basket Checkout Now. Stainless steel: high teensOn average, the thermal conductivity of copper is 20 times that of stainless steel. Manufactured in-house. Standard – 2-year parts and 10-year primary heat exchanger warranty. Savoy Piping Inc. See warranty for details. Is the number one supplier for high quality heat exchanger tubes in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and special alloys. Solo sizes are available in 110, 155 and 199 MBH for all your home heating hot water needs. We’re very proud of our heritage, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stood still. Higher chromium content makes stainless steel resistance to corrosion and staining, and low maintenance, making it THE most ideal material for a heat exchanger for best combi boilers … Ports on opposite sides force the water to flow thru the entire heat exchanger for better heat transfer. Wall hung; Natural Gas or LPG; Stainless steel heat exchanger