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That's heartless and unkind, … propose wild guess, got nothing to lose, Imply Madness singer has time to take ecstasy, Newspaper boss comes in to try uplifting Greek dish, involve as a necessary condition of consequence; as in logic; "solving the problem is predicated on understanding it well", make a proposal, declare a plan for something; "the senator proposed to abolish the sales tax", suggest the necessity of an intervention; in medicine; "Tetracycline is indicated in such cases", call to mind; "this remark evoked sadness", imply as a possibility; "The evidence suggests a need for more clarification", introduce or insert (oneself) in a subtle manner; "He insinuated himself into the conversation of the people at the nearby table", give to understand; "I insinuated that I did not like his wife", approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value; "the average income in New England is below that of the nation"; "of average height for his age"; "the mean annual rainfall", have as a logical consequence; "The water shortage means that we have to stop taking long showers", marked by poverty befitting a beggar; "a beggarly existence in the slums"; "a mean hut", have a specified degree of importance; "My ex-husband means nothing to me"; "Happiness means everything", an average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n, of no value or worth; "I was caught in the bastardly traffic", have in mind as a purpose; "I mean no harm"; "I only meant to help you"; "She didn't think to harm me"; "We thought to return early that night", (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt.

Clue: Imply. Crossword Clue, 'Are You A Man Mouse?' "Bill ___ Saves the World" (Netflix science series) crossword clue, Quarterback Joe who led the Jets from 1965 to 1976 crossword clue, Favor one leg when walking crossword clue, One of Canada's Prairie Provinces crossword clue, Animal with zebra-striped legs crossword clue, Loretta with the #1 country hit "Coal Miner's Daughter" crossword clue, Traditional toy named Ann or Andy crossword clue, After 1-Across, skilled childcare worker ... and a hint to putting together this puzzle's circles crossword clue, XLV years before the Battle of Hastings crossword clue, Villain defeated by Puss in Boots crossword clue, Name given to the team of NASA mathematicians who performed calculations for early space launches (2 wds.) Now, Mirror Quick Crossword puzzle published this particular clue. GETAT. Refine the search results by specifying the number of letters. With you will find 9 solutions. Last updated: March 20 2020. If you have any other question or need extra help, please feel free to contact us or use the search box/calendar for any clue.

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Imply subtly: 2 wds.

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Clue: "Queen of Mean" Helmsley "Queen of Mean" Helmsley is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 4 times. This clue was last seen on October 22 2020 on New York Times’s Crossword. Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Imply.

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