Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest offers and current news. The opinion is open to public comments until 13 March 2020. The cookies serve to, for instance, save the items that you have placed in the shopping cart. The  SCCS  considers in its third opinion issued in January 2020  that  Indigofera  tinctoria  is  safe  when  used in non-oxidative condition hair colouring products as on-head concentrations of up to 25%. Indigofera tinctoria (C170) with CAS number 84775-63-3 has been scrutinized by the SCCS since 2003. * The delivery costs are based on stardard delivery. Obelis International Offices are independent partners who are able to provide our clients with solutions in other global markets of their choosing. Henna only colours the hair in a natural way, strengthening and thickening it, while providing more volume. Ensuring compliance and registering products to be made available on the EU Market. The remaining footprint is compensated through eco-social projects. The first SCCS opinion called for "a complete safety dossier on Indigofera tinctoria is required". Indigo, Indigofera tinctoria, is a tropical plant that has been used to dye cloth since at least 9,000 BCE.1 Ancient Sunrise® Indigo is still made from fermented indigo leaves as was originally done. Representing non-EU based manufacturers in a successful EU Market entry and safeguarding their future across the entire community. Administering leaf juice mixed with equal quantity of milk is effective  for rabies . Our head office is in Brussels and we have a network of offices in 11 different countries including the US and Israel. Change ). To increase the longevity of the Henna, one tsp of salt may be added to the paste. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) Indigo, a member of the pea family native to India, is a tropical deciduous shrub that bears small reddish pink flowers. Hair becomes stronger and shinier, while flakiness is reduced. Excludes delivery costs. Because they allow us to provide you with a unique shopping experience. அது ஒரு புதிராகவே உள்ளது எப்படி . The first SCCS opinion called for "a complete safety dossier on Indigofera tinctoria is required".. Are you concerned about the compliance of your cosmetic product? Find your way through a complicated EU marketplace with the support of a professional. We have provided compliance and consulting services for more than 3000 manufacturers in over 60 countries, helping them successfully introduce products to the European market.  Family           : Fabaceae, Vernacular names: Delivery on Friday, 04 December: Order today until 22:00. These cookies are exclusively used by us (First Party Cookeis) and do not draw conclusions back to the user. The Henna by Tea Natura originates from Indian Fair Trade projects, such as Naturveda Biotech from Pondicherry, a long-standing business partner of TEA. You may heat the hair using a blowdryer during this time. In Arabian countries, the use of Henna is often part of everyday life, to express self respect, as well as benefitting from its antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Natural indigofera tinctoria dye was a major product of India and West Africa before the invention of synthetic indigo. If you are looking for a natural alternative for chemical hair dyes, then indigo powder is a great choice. Hair becomes stronger and shinier, while flakiness is reduced. Pose a question about this product to customers who have already purchased the item. Meet the dynamic team creating compliance for safer European markets. Uses. Decoction with Nilamari root is a good antidote against arsenic poisoning. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the Henna paste sit on the hair for one-two hours. Being a leguminous crop, it improves the fertility of soil through nitrogen fixation. The following services are used on this website: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Microsoft Bing, Commerce Connector, We are able to display personalised content based on your interaction with the website, purchasing habits and preferred brands. Cyber Monday Deals: Save up to 40% on selected products! Apply the plant pulp on the wound and also take the plant  juice internally  for poisonous stings,. I've done henna first, en then this and i'm very happy with the results, i let the indigo work for 2 hours and now it's very dark brown, and shiny ( i used half a box), Was this review helpful? Back in 1988, our CEO Mr. Gideon Elkayam founded Obelis: a small, family-run business with a grand vision to “create compliance for safer markets”. Other brands colour more than this one. The safety of Indigo (CI 73 000) used as a colorant should be re-assessed.". Compared to conventional colouring treatments, the use of Henna is safer and less harmful. Take the first step to a consulting career that helps build a safer Europe. Scientific name: Indigofera tinctoria Linn Information about your previous purchases and interaction with our website are used. Cools the head and eyes. Indigo powder can be used for coloring hair a deep brown to black when used along with Henna . The following services are used in order to offer a more personalised shopping experience: RTB House. What kind of testing do I need to do to register my cosmetics in the EU? TEA Natura Black Henna (Indigofera Tinctoria), The Charm of Rosy Anti-Aging Skin Moisturisers, 4 Customer reviews for alviana Naturkosmetik Organic Peppermint Toothpaste, farfalla Ravintsara Balancing Facial Fluid, little leaves Watermelon & Coco Foaming Hand Soap, Gyada Cosmetics Radiance Face & Neck Peeling, Hyalurvedic Gold Hair Colour Shine Shampoo, Gyada Cosmetics Hyalurvedic Purifying Hair Sheet Mask, Delivery with Colissimo, UPS Standard, DHL Express or UPS Express, Secure Payment using SSL Encryption Technology. English           : Indian Indigo Auburn coloured hair will become darker when using this colour and naturally darker hair colours, such as dark brown to black, will be provided with more radiance. It forms a major ingredient in the preparations of hair oil. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. மனித மனம் அறிவது எப்படி? This information and customer recognition, in form of device data, are forwarded to third parties, such as Facebook and Google where applicable. Leaf juice is effective against various stomach problems. For your products to legally enter the EU Market and continue to circulate, you must have valid documentation. Uses of Kunthalakanthi Tailam: This oil is a herbal hair rejuvenation which can be used daily to prevent hair loss and greying of hair. Although the leaflets and branches of many Indigofera species yield a natural blue dye, I. tinctoria — which was used at least 6,000 years ago in China — is used most commonly today. Neelamari is effective against asthma, whooping cough, stomach ache etc. Tamil             : Averi, Leaf contains glycosides, steroids, tannins and flavanoids, quinones, saponins etc. Additional fees may be charged for special delivery services including the shipment of produce or bulky goods. This promotes the colour's longevity. An experienced EU compliance representative is just a call or meeting away…. No scents are used as in other hair oils, and is harmless even if used liberally for better results. The leaves are used for extraction of  natural dye of indigo colour. Let the paste stand for approx. 102 reviews 2 customer reviews in English 65 customer reviews in all languages. Employing cookies that are absolutely necessary guarantee that the website can be used with the relevant functions as intended. Moreover, it considers it as a weak skin sensitisation potential cannot be excluded for Indigofera tinctorial.