A list of all of the matches in the standard battle mode can be found here. Set up your 3-person team before battle by taking note of who you’re about to battle. Plus, you get to collect your Operations rewards and start new ones for increasing your resources! Injustice 2 Mobile has finally been launched on Android and iOS! Enemy teams will almost always include two silver cards with over 3000 and later even over 4000 health, and the final battle has all-silver teams. Regime Sinestro becomes far less an issue. Watch out for Sinestro/Prime; tagging out against him will give him power. Now that you have completed this stage, you should start getting your golds to E7, because the last 2 areas is going to be a doozier without them. So my recommendation is to buy them as soon as possible to increase the number of heroes you have and therefore increase the options you have for doing more things at the same time and progressing even faster through the game. This boss version of Insurgency Batman is capable of using Lunge Kick as well as Way of the Bat (Prime Batman's special 2) with one power bar, although the damage is scaled down accordingly and they have slow animations and are thus easy to block. Rotating regularly, the Injustice 2 Mobile challenges offer exclusive characters you can only obtain in that feature. The character class changes every day, so take note of that when you choose your characters for a mission. So these would be our tips and tricks for Injustice 2 Mobile. Battle 18 has the "random enemies" handicap: you can't see who your opponents until you enter the match, and they change every time. For his full console character biography, see here. Defeating this boss for the first time grants 11060 Power Credits, and will unlock area 3. This is made far worse by the regeneration handicap, meaning that he gradually regains health, and his passive, which grants him half of his total health back when he knocks out an opponent. The first one includes countdown and dampening field (slower power gen.). The random tag makes it much harder to focus your damage while spreading enemy damage. Each boss also has a "weakness" to three certain heroes; if they are on your team, you gain different team-wide bonuses against that boss (this does not change between raids or difficulty changes). Explosive Batarang is a bit of a Morton's Fork case: it is a stun, that prevents your opponent from doing anything for a few seconds so you can use a special unblocked, but it is so slow it is hard to use it on anything other than low level AI who rarely blocks in the first place, making it unnecessary. Using a Red Son team with RSWW is the best choice, but if you do not have any Red Sons, that's okay. Watch out especially on Battle 54 for the Arkham team composed of Bane/Arkham Origins, The Joker/Arkham Origins and Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight due to the very strong synergy with each other - if you managed to knock-out Bane, it's very unlikely that a bar of power is not granted to Joker and Harley; if you managed to finish off The Joker, however, Harley Quinn is granted with 3 bars of power! Completing it for the first time yields Regime Catwoman and 1380 credits (4110 total including the first log in bonus and the tutorial). However, an update halved Heat Vision's damage, making him much less threatening. Battle 15 starts with Wonder Woman, the same as the one you got from the starter pack. • Complete your daily objectives every day to help develop your favorite heroes and villains, as well as earn exclusive rewards. Try to prevent them from reaching two bars (power drain, such as that on the special 1 on Nightwing/Prime, who is given to all players after the tutorial, or Lex Luthor/Prime if you have him), and if they did, it's essential to block or their special 2 will do immense damage in this early stage. Well, that won't last too long. Remember you can simply do the first three (easy) matches, exit, tap on a different battle which resets your process, then go back to the beginning of battle 33 repeated to rack up credits quickly. You may start to see cards with the roman numerals "I" or "II" in the top left hand corner. Finally, you face the most powerful version of Regime Bane you've ever faced: with 2553 damage and 4600 health, he is both difficult to take down and can potentially hit over 6000 with Venom Uppercut if his passive is active. Injustice 2 Mobile – Official Launch Trailer, https://www.facebook.com/Injustice2Mobile/. The random enemies are stronger than ever and can contain rarely/never before seen gold cards like Killing Joke Joker (knocking him out grants his teammates full power) or Arkham Origins Deathstroke (chance of unblockable crit s1). At the end of battle 35, you must defeat Prison Superman. Using basic attacks on The Joker will only give him more power. The characters on Battles 50, 51 and 52 are promoted to EVII, EVIII and EIX, respectively, but starting on Battle 53 onwards, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X (not to mention that starting at this point and on the following battles, characters are gradually rocketing past Level 50), and upon reaching the last fight on Battle 55 up to the very last fight on Bonus Battle 8, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ELITE X AND LEVEL 60! NEW!! You will see battles with different and challenging Handicaps, with possibly one of the hardest battle being the 4th Battle with both Lex Luthors and Arkham Harley as their health passives and Harley's healing with the Countdown challenge make them very notorious. Regime Doomsday's next special is unblockable if he deals a knock out blow. If you have more than three heroes when someone’s energy ends up depleted, switch them out for someone fresh and keep on fighting.