essential martech insights week on week. Hi there! Starting from a sterile white environment, Max gets to play with a friend and animals when the user pledges $2. Here are our five simple interactive marketing ideas that can drive your 2020 marketing strategy. The bottom line here is the ability to break down the brick wall barriers that separate you from … General Electric or GE was bored with how their yearly reports looked, something that would put off even an avid reader. Here are our five simple interactive marketing ideas that can drive your 2020 marketing strategy. In 2015, during Christmas, Coca Cola introduced ‘Santa’s Virtual Reality Sleigh Ride’. Thanks for subscribing! The campaign featured a QR Code powered AR experience that let fans interact with “TARDIS”, a fictional spacecraft and time machine, by displaying a visual imagery from the show in their vicinity. In this article, we explore five simple interactive marketing ideas to drive your 2020 strategy. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. A really fun example from Marriott helps families plan their trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, based on their answers to a few questions. In the video, the employer asks 12 questions the answers to which let candidates decide whether or not they are a good fit for Heineken. While customers enjoy actively engaging with interactive content, brands can gain a better understanding of users and the products or services. 3 simple questions - 3 minutes is all it will take to help us know you a little better. Learn More: Interactive Marketing: 5 Key Takeaways from Leading Brands. So, they decided to tweak them and make them interactive with the help of Tomas Kellner, a notable journalist. This piqued the interest of millennials who are always trying out new cuisines and proved pivotal in boosting brand awareness and improving customer engagement. Brands have taken this a bit further with experiential and viral marketing. Here are a few of dynamic interactive content: You can take some inspiration from Disney quizzes on BuzzFeed. This helps fans explore their Disney character, watch more Disney movies to excel at trivia, and it helps the company collect information about the fans’ favorite characters, stories, etc. This attracted a lot of attention from Millennials and the campaign became a hit. Marketers prefer interactive content as it can help create lasting experiences, improve brand awareness and recall, increase the likelihood of social shares and mentions, and gather customer insights. We have come a long from traditional content with interactive technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, etc. Using interactive content in this context can be just what your brand needs to spice up its email campaign. Better yet, don’t start from scratch; repurpose past blog posts and articles into a mega e-book collection. Try Outgrow. In other words, we’re breaking down that brick wall and supporting two-way interactions between the brand and its target audience. HBO also launched a short video on YouTube by the name What We Believe | #GOT2016 (HBO) which got more than 517K views. But that shouldn’t stop you from We have seen how effective chatbots are when it comes to customer service. You can read more about our cookie policy in our, helps families plan their trip to Scottsdale, Tourism Australia noticed users were using #SeeAustralia. We take a look at the best interactive marketing examples, and how they connected with users and improved brand loyalty. Any other simple interactive marketing ideas you can think of? And lately, marketers have started paying a lot of attention to it. Let’s take a look at the kinds of content and activities that can help support an interactive marketing campaign: Beginning with the broad strokes, interactive content is exactly as it sounds: Content that enables prospects and customers to take certain actions and interact with the brand. Savings calculators are pretty popular these days – after all, who doesn’t like to daydream about what they’ll do with all that extra money?? People love them, especially when they reveal something about themselves (Am I a Rachel or a Monica? The video got more than 3.2 Million views. Thus, it partnered with Outgrow to build a calculator that helps its users estimate the cost of building an app, which also happened to be their target audience’s most common concern. The days of just publishing blogs and social posts and calling it a day are long behind us. Interactive content gives readers something to do once they’ve opened the email, a nice surprise and departure from the run-of-the-mill marketing emails most prospects are used to. This can be replicated easily by generating a QR Code and a filter on social media for a viral effect. In this interactive marketing example, Adobe breaks down how to respond to content fatigue with a dynamic and intuitive design. It’s content that gives readers a choice and allows them to select the next step based on their own preferences. Drive engaging conversations with the customers, Quizzes to determine the right product or services, Gamified product recommendations and exploration, Interactive games to simplify product search, Level games to unlock surprise gifts, discounts, and special offers, Live streaming your campaigns or behind the scenes glimpses to entertain and drive authentic engagement, 360-degree videos that can deliver rich, immersive experiences and present a realistic representation of your products, Webinars hosting surprise guests, multiple speakers, and instant polls to keep the audience interested, Interactive videos in a storytelling format, where you tell a story but the user has the power to ‘chose’ how the story ends, Use AR/VR to create immersive experiences for users, Use AR/VR to amplify brand experiences and not as a marketing gimmick. Am I more of a Carrie or a Samantha?). Chances are good that you may already be familiar with this strategy. The New York Times,  felt the need to go digital and provide interactive news to its readers following the fall in the circulation of print media. This interactive marketing campaign was a hit and Google Trends is a proof of that. She has previously worked as a Software Engineer with Aricent Technologies.