As mentioned already 99% of users do not reach the limits, but for me personally this is the point, why o2 only comes in third place after 1&1 and Deutsche Telekom. Compare and combine broadband, landline and TV deals with Unbundled from MoneySavingExpert. videos and photos) from anywhere and with anyone. no unlimited data plans under 100€ and afaik only available as 2 year plans. These days, the internet is the best travel companion. With StraightUp Internet, you get 1 TB of data each month. You can now get your pocket wifi and join our Webspoter's team. Afterall Deutsche Telekom has the most extensive telephone network infrastructure. Even better, the company will pay your current provider’s early termination fee (up to $500) if you break your contract to switch to their Triple Play or Double Play bundle (availability based on location).. from your previous contract) you can just use that one without any problems. Versatel is also a good deal. These days, for us, Wi-Fi is even more important than the air we breathe! I don't live in Germany, and in just trying to help my mum (who has even less of a clue than j do). 1&1 double checks during sign up process if the option you have chosen really is available. If you’re one of them, you may have questions such as “why do I need a... Finding reliable and fast internet access while you’re traveling is not always easy. thanks to our platform you can also follow your consumption in live and your historical data, Discover our offer and our management platform and we would be pleased to count you among the Webspot family. And believe us, signing up with the wrong internet provider can be a costly mistake. The similarity that groups these types of internet packages together is that they don't force the customer to commit for over six months at a time, and in most cases the deals won't automatically renew at the end of the time period. However, some of them are still expensive (Telekom: €84.95/month) so it might be wiser to get a different plan with 30GB or 60GB allowance. Compared to other internet providers 1&1 offers very competitive rates and great service. This is a pretty straight forward process to be honest. Internet via a mobile network sounds fine to me; they will essentially use my mobile signal, right? ✅ Very fast internet via glass fiber with up to 250Mbit/s Some internet providers, however, sell data packages instead of services. Hello, i’m from spain but living in germany and younger that 28 years, but i’m not an student So, can i get the younger unlimited plan anyway? Can you tell me more? Hi Tim! This means you could save some money and go for a cheaper mobile contract without an all-net flat, as you can do free calls from your homephone. Additionally their HomeNet s offer an entertainment , which gives you access to their huge online video library and internet radio. ✅ Awesome prices for DSL contracts Online. I have recently moved into Germany for a 4-year work, and I am planning for a postpaid phone plan. With StraightUp Internet, you prepay for 1 month at a time - $50 flat fee with no hidden fees. No messy surfing on German provider websites, no cumbersome comparison of different plans. Anything Suitable for Tourists even if Data only? So getting a Homeserver for free is already a great deal. Also if you read a bit about 1&1 online you will see that most 1&1 customers would recommend 1&1 to their friends which is a very important measurement of customer satisfaction. Hi, I am planing to study in Germany and currently I am living at Mülhaim in Germany Which package would be best to me in this area for internet and voice. All DSL contracts with more than 16Mbit/s include free HD quality TV channels. In simple words, a portable WiFi router is a just like a pocket WiFi or WiFi modem you set up at home. Whether you stop by a coffee shop to find quick internet access or spend hours in your hotel’s lobby trying to ... You’ve heard the terms ‘Wi-Fi hotspot,’ ‘Wi-Fi dongle,’ and ‘Wi-Fi egg,’ but what about ‘mifi hotspot?’ Do you know what it means? English-language discussions and news relating to Germany and German culture. Created in 2014 in France, My Webspot is today a company with 50+ employees over 3 main offices in Paris, France, Cancun, Mexico and Bangkok, Thaïland. During the signup process it will be double-checked if the option you have chosen really is available. Comparison German Internet Providers 2020, This website uses cookies. Find the best internet provider in Germany with our help. o2 Internet used to be called Alice in the past. My Webspot allows travelers to improve their travel experience using the best pocket wifi service. For the O2 Free L plan, this would get you 60GB instead of 30GB per month, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Launch in Germany, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Launch in Germany, Congstar Fair Flat: New consumption-based phone plan in the best network, Apple iPhone Xs: Best German Phone Plans with the new Apple iPhone (and 8 / X), Cheap All Net Flat Plans: Check out SimDiscount. Advantages of short-term and no contract broadband T-Home, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, offers the best quality in terms of stable network connections. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to store. Currently, Telekom and O2 are the only providers, which offer unlimited data plans. I am looking for an internet provider that does not require a contract and an existing phone line. It is often considered providing the best service quality and the best customer service. Data-only Plans (e.g. Required fields are marked *. Its network is however not as extensive as the other service … Each day pass in Germany includes 1 Gb in high speed 4G/LTE and reduce speed above until the next day. I just moved to Germany recently and I am confused about which ISP I should choose. About Privacy Policy / Datenschutzerklärung Impressum / Legal Disclosure Contact. Comparison Best German Mobile Phone Providers. And the cherry on top of the cream on top of the cake? For just $49.99/month, you'll get unlimited data with max download speeds of up to 100Mbps, so you can stream shows and movies to your heart's desire without worrying about your data use. These are the main no-contract internet deals on today’s market: Direct Save Telecom: This small provider is known for its budget broadband deals. If you are lucky they might even have some special offers like discounts for the first 3 months or very cheap Fritzboxes as router. ✅ DSL contracts also include a German landline You can use them with your tablet or with an internet surf-stick.