And since so many people place so much value on the "photo evidence of their lifestyle" which they spend so much time crafting in social media, cameras that make it easier to make their lives appear better are more valuable. focal lengths even are or mean, FOV really is all that should be used to describe, well, the field of view for each phone camera. A camera like the new soon to be announced Olympus EM5 III and the versatility of a 14-150 (28-300) would be great when pared with an iPhone 11 pro, a very lightweight combo if you still prefer to have a traditional camera. Liquid damage not covered under warranty. BTDT, was in a hurry, pulled my ip6 from my pocket, slipped/dropped ~30" (my inseam) onto the sidewalk I was walking it doesn't take pictures anymore other than a faded/weak cloudly mess. DXOMARK invites our readership (you) to post comments on the articles on this website. I think this is great. Maybe a flip-out articulating camera unit would make more sense. I'd be happy if this periscope single/double anamorphic setup would accommodate that. To the point of defining many people's lives. @cosinaphile Nobody cares about that technical jargon (Apple understands this). Apple claims it's a new sensor (though it's similar in size to the 1/2.55" sensor found in the XS), offering '100% focus pixels', which suggests a dual pixel sensor with split photodiodes. ; … I've gotten in the habit of wiping my phone camera lens before any picture. I do wish ILCs would hurry up on that. And, with all the hype around IoT in the home, we imagine that TechInsights is not the only one interested in learning more about this chip. But even for tele stills with no digital zoom and stabilization off, it's rubbish. I have P30Pro and it's awesome mobile, my wife has iPhone XS Max and for many things Android and Huawei are better.Spying is not Chinese invention, but this kind of spying on hardware microcode cpu/gpu level is invention of your companies/gov, not to mention MS, Apple, Google and other sw companies. Front are rear cam same time already could be done with phones from Sony, LG amd HMD Global. There are techniques to shooting ultrawide that take practice and thought to master. Is camera phone HDR actually using multiple exposures? Available space is less and varies due to many factors. Click on an image for a higher resolution version of the sample shot. Both ultra-wide and telephoto cameras use 1/3.6" sensors. iPhone In another 2 years, Apple might even invent a camera module that houses 4 lenses including a telemetry lens with laser based TOF sensor for the depth map... Will Huawei clone that as well? Lol! I don't think you understand. How does iPhone 11 Night Mode compare to Google Pixel 3 Night Sight? Defective devices can really ruin your day... @Franz:Thanks. They're getting silver instead of gold, just to save pennies... ;). We deduct points for obvious artifacts or image quality flaws visible in images. Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that might be a bit older but still offer a lot of bang for the buck. This new phone's pair consists of a new ultra wide lens — which is what photographers describe as a 13mm equivalent. Though I was disappointed that the 11 didn't include a Tele lens, I think I understand it now. Charge time varies with environmental factors; actual results will vary. Another area that separates out the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone 11 is during video recording. With Apple Trade In, you can get credit toward iPhone 11 when you trade in your eligible smartphone.15 Trade in multiple devices for even more credit.