DESCRIPTION: A medieval name derived from Latin clarus “clear, bright, famous.” St. Claire, a follower of St. Francis of Assisi, who left her wealthy family to found the order of nuns known as the “Poor Clares,” has always been very respected in Ireland and the name is still popular today. What's your favorite Irish language name? (See Fionnuala above). You are now seeing Irish girls names from A to H. Click a name to add to your Irish baby list, Branna (Beauty with hair as dark as a raven), Brenda (Little Raven; Beacon of the Hill), We could not find a translation of your name, Gobnait (Irish Form of Abigail Brings Joy), Please Log in or register to save your List, MyTribe101 Ltd.,Officepods, 15A Main St, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94 T8P8, Ireland.Company number: 482158, By using our site we assume you are ok with our, Archaeological excavation of 13th century Kilkenny parish church, Business Post Daily Online Subscription Offer, Digital Projector for Kilkenny's Watergate Community Theatre, Kilkenny Castle Yard & Butler House Conservation Project, Kilkenny's Castlecomer Family Park Development, Kilkenny's St Mary’s 18th century Almshouses ('poor house') Restoration, Protect over 500 Kilkenny family burial plots, Re-plant Kilkenny's 19th century Woodstock formal gardens and arboretum, Teaching Kilkenny's 8-12 year old children about their city's medieval history, Trace 600 year old ancestors from Kilkenny's St. Mary's Church, Tribe101 gets your message to your Global Diaspora. This name means "freedom" or "liberty." Actually this is the Irish version of the English name "Olive", which is derived from an ancient Latin name. DESCRIPTION: The Irish word mara means “sea.”. And among certain friends, even family members, I am always called Homer. DESCRIPTION: fionn meaning “fair, white, beautiful” it is the feminine form of Fionn. St. Patrick had arrived. As their healing skills became widely known, many Cassidys were employed by other chieftans, particularly in the north of the country. Being the mover and shaker that she was, I had no idea she was old when she was well into her 80's. This name means “intoxicating.” In the Irish legend, Meabh was the warrior queen of Connacht. DESCRIPTION: muirgheal “bright as the sea.” The Irish form of the name Muriel. Rós - (ROHS) Although the origin of this Irish baby girl name is unclear, it is probably derived either from the German hros, meaning 'horse', or the old English, 'rose'. "; Bern - This simple French name for girls means "brave." In Irish legend, Aine, the Queen of the Munster fairies, was one of the wives of Fionn MacCool. He brought her to St. Comghall who baptized her which transformed her into a woman. You can listen to the author Frank McCourt pronounce every girls name in vivid description. She is equal in esteem and shares a grave with St. Patrick and St. Columcille. However, if they heard a Christian bell in Ireland they would become people again. DESCRIPTION: In Irish cara simply means a “friend.”. In the figure of Roisin Dubh (“Dark Rosaleen”), a Gaelic poem translated by James Clarence Mangan in 1835, the name became a poetic symbol of Ireland, reflecting the Irish tradition of disguising outlawed patriotic verse as love songs where she is told not to be downhearted for her friends are returning from abroad to come to her aid. This name comes from the word “clodhna,” meaning “shapely.” In some Irish myths, Cliodhna is the goddess of love and beauty. DESCRIPTION: From radharc meaning “a vision.”. namecandy - Celebrity baby names, ask the Name Lady, & more. She revealed the secret entrance to her husband’s fortress to him by milking her cow and letting the milk run down the hill into a stream. When the expression of Irish patriotic poetry and song was outlawed during Ireland’s troubled and turbulent past, the Irish bards would disguise their nationalistic verse as love songs. This name means “of pleasant, beautiful sheen” or “radiant beauty.” It is often interpreted as a diminutive for the word Eve, or, “little Eve.”. While the traditional spellings of Maebh and Meadhbh are a little more common in Fantasy Ireland is created by Deborah A. Felkerand is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.For permissions beyond the scopeof this license contact the author. Both the sister and daughter of Brian Boru were named Orla. DESCRIPTION: From rionach meaning “queenly.” In legend Rionach was the wife of “Niall of the Nine Hostages” (read the legend) and as such is the maternal ancestor of many of the great Irish family dynasties. DESCRIPTION: Eimear possessed the “Six Gifts of Womanhood” – “beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, needlework and chastity!” She was bethrothed to the warrior Cuchulainn (read the legend) when they were children and they loved each other very deeply. DESCRIPTION: Means “sea white, sea fair.” The very appropriate name of the 6th century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. Headed the democratic presidential election campaign in Buchanan County, MO. Annora is a noble name, a distinctive twist on its most essential form: Honor. The local people requested that he bless a river that had no fish. DESCRIPTION: A classic Irish name, it could be a shortened form of Eleanor meaning “torch” or could be from the Latin Honora meaning “honor, reputation” and became so popular in Ireland in the Middle Ages that many people assumed it was Irish. When the fairy king Midir fell in love with her his wife, Fuamnach, transformed Etain into a scarlet fly that was blown over the ocean for seven years. Irish language names for girls are the perfect way to honor your Irish roots! Let us know in the comments, below! This name means beautiful, comely, and graceful. This name is rooted in the Irish word bronach, which means sad or sorrowful. DESCRIPTION: From an old Irish name Madb, “the cause of great joy” or “she who intoxicates.” The great warrior queen of Connacht and embodiment of sovereignity she stars in Ireland’s greatest epic “The Cattle Raid of Cooley” (read the legend). DESCRIPTION: ciar means “dark” and probably implies “dark hair and brown eyes.” County Kerry means “the land of the descendant of Ciar” who was the love-child of the High King Fergus Mac Roth and the legendary Queen Maebh. DESCRIPTION: Meaning “thirst” as in “thirst for goodness or knowledge.” St. Ide and St. Brigid are considered the most influential woman saints of early Irish Christianity. Of Scottish origin it is quite a popular name in Ireland. Sometimes the name is translated as “unity,” from “una,” the Latin word for “one.”, This is the Irish form of the Latin name Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and implies ‘pure and musical.’. She was well loved, respected and is sorrowfully missed. When she reached for the cloak it rose into the air, and spreading out, floated over land and sea until it seemed to rest upon the hills of a distant land. Megalithic sites throughout Ireland are still traditionally referred to as “the bed of Grainne and Diarmuid” (read the legend). After seeing the strength of Fand’s love she offered to withdraw. Send The IrishCentral Box to your loved ones abroad this Christmas, Coronavirus live updates: 17 deaths reported between NI and RoI today, Thanksgiving roast turkey with sage and onion stuffing recipe, Irish language Great Hunger film selected as Oscars contender, WATCH: Brendan Gleeson delivers stirring oration at Croke Park for Bloody Sunday centenary, Brexit: President-elect Joe Biden says “we just got to keep the border open”, Why Mayor Dinkins's St. Patrick's Day Parade march with Irish LGBT group still matters, Saoirse Ronan says she wants “to play a villain in a Bond film”, Auction of Michael Flatley’s Co Cork estate features a Hannibal mask. Noreen is the diminutive of Nora and means “little honourable one.”. DESCRIPTION: In Irish dorcha means “dark, dark-haired” or “descendant of the dark one.” Both a surname and a given name. DESCRIPTION: Form of Isabel which is a Spanish form of the Hebrew nameElisheba, meaning “God is my oath.” Forms of Elizabeth have always been popular throughout the Celtic world. Unusual and exotic sounding Irish girl names. Nora is often used as a female character's name in Irish plays to depict Ireland herself. DESCRIPTION: Aibreann is April in the Irish language. Her passing was a shock to me, even though she had forewarned me prior to my moving 350 miles away in 1973. One Fidelma, a daughter of the High King Conchobhar Mac Nessa, was known as Fidelma Nichrothach “Fidelma The Nine-Times-Beautiful,” and a warrior of note herself.