Scary only because people fear death and having an intimidating reputation. Set is a chaotic evil god of murder, perhaps best known for killing his brother Osiris. The warriors of the land have had to adapt to the harsh conditions in order to survive, but they haven’t been too twisted by the needs of their environment. The suggested cleric domain for Iroas is war, as he is the steadfast god not just of war itself, but of victory. Many people have a favorite among the gods, one whose ideals and teachings they make their own. They resemble the Greek pantheon. Hopefully, this list has helped you decide! $0.30, Drannith Healer [Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths], Near Mint Dozens of deities are revered, worshiped, and feared throughout the world of the Forgotten Realms. Hey Thomas! As a result, there’s a great deal of overlap in their portfolios: Pelor is the Flan god of the sun and Pholtus is the Oeridian sun god, for example. Set is a chaotic evil god of murder, perhaps best known for killing his brother Osiris. The thick boar-infested woods and the sere, olive-covered hillsides hold evidence of their passing. Iroas, God of Victory. The gods of Olympus make themselves known with the gentle lap of waves against the shores and the crash of the thunder among the cloud-enshrouded peaks. Types: Legendary Enchantment Creature — God. The estimated time frame for sellers to receive stock is not fixed, so it could be anywhere between 1 - 10 weeks for delivery. He was once a mortal who sought immortality and banded non-evil undead together, until the gods decided to brutally slaughter him, in which he rose as a god. Most clerics who choose this domain are evil NPCs, but if you want to worship a god of death, consult your Dungeon Master. Rather unfortunately for him, in his rare lapse of attention spared for the mortal world, events were unfolding which would undo the archdevil's grand plan in the very moment of his victory. 5e: Avatars of the Gods — Asmodeus, God of Sin In our version of the realms, Asmodeus claimed the porfolio of sin by force, becoming a god. Lawful Neutral is what is alignment would be since as a god of death he is simply doing his job as the Lord of the Underworld, and is really the chillest of all of the deities for the most, if maybe a bit gloomy. A number of other deities, mostly evil ones, suggest the Death domain, which is detailed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Curbside Pickup & Local Delivery Available. Left hand pointing upward, outlined in fire, Upright black right hand, thumb and fingers together, Skull surrounded by a ring of blood droplets, Sheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain, White jawless skull on black or purple sunburst, Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales, Point-down triangle containing a swirl of mist, Circle of seven stars, or nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single star, Crystal ball containing many kinds of eyes, Three lightning bolts radiating from a central point, Upright coin with Waukeen’s profile facing left, Four spears and four maces radiating out from a central point, Silver sun or full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon, St. Cuthbert, god of common sense and zeal, Circle at the center of a starburst of lines, Trithereon, god of liberty and retribution, Winged wyrm with woman’s head and upper body, The Mockery, god of violence and trechery, The Silver Flame, deity of protection and good, Flame drawn on silver or molded from silver, The Blood of Vol, philosophy of immortality and undeath, Stylized dragon skull on red teardrop gem, Cults of the Dragon Below, deities of madness, The Path of Light, philosophy of light and self-improvement, Corellon Larethian, elf deity of art and magic, Garl Glittergold, gnome god of trickery and wiles, Rillifane Rallathil, wood elf god of nature, Sehanine Moonbow, elf goddess of the moon, Skoraeus Stonebones, god of stone giants and art, Yondalla, halfling goddess of fertility and protection, Briganlia, goddess of rivers and livestock, Manannan mac Lir, god of oceans and sea creatures, Artemis, goddess of hunting and childbirth, Athena, goddess of wisdom and civilization, Re-Horakhty, god of the sun, ruler ofthe gods, Hathor, goddess of love, music, and motherhood, Ptah, god of crafts, knowledge, and secrets, Heimdall, god of watchfulness and loyalty. - Powered by, Iroas, God of Victory [Secret Lair Drop Series], translation missing:, translation missing:, please keep in mind that this card only appears in the Secret Lair Drop Series: Stargazing Sealed Product and will ship out to you. He is just a guy doing a job and otherwise leaving everyone else alone, not really bother in the affairs of the gods or mortals. Many people in the worlds of D&D worship different gods at different times and circumstances. $1.20, Genesis Ultimatum [Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths], COVID-ERA OPTIONSWalk-In: The gods of Greyhawk come from at least four different pantheons, representing the faiths of the various ethnic groups that populated the continent of Oerik over the ages. Here, you will be introduced to the various gods you can serve in DnD 5e! Like the gods of Greyhawk, gods in different families sometimes have overlap in their spheres of influence: Frey (of lhe Vanir) and Odur (of the Aesir) are both associated with the sun, for example. These deities have been called by many different names and held in varying levels of esteem by different peoples and cultures through the world’s history, but they are the only gods of this world—their place fixed in the stars as constellations. Iroas, God of Victory Iroas is a Chaotic Good god whose symbol is a four-winged helmet. According to Greek mythology he mostly stuck to himself, and even allowed Orpheus to take his wife. Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Type: Legendary Enchantment Creature — God Cost: null Indestructible As long as your devotion to red and white is less than seven, Iroas isn't a creature. He established the Iroan Games in that city's arena. Ontario, Flourishing Fox [Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths], Near Mint Domains - War, Trickery The Norse pantheon includes two main families, the Aesir (deities of war and destiny) and the Vanir (gods of ferlilily and prosperity). - The gods of the Sovereign Host are thought to have dominion over every aspect of existence, and to speak with a unified voice. Eberron’s other religions are very different from the traditional D&D pantheons. The warriors of the land have had to adapt to the harsh conditions in order to survive, but they haven’t been too twisted by the needs of their environment. The Norse pantheon includes two main families, the Aesir (deities of war and destiny) and the Vanir (gods of fertility and prosperity). Iroas is the god of honor and victory in war. a few that your character prays to most often. But the Dark Six are the primitive, bloody, and cruel gods who offer a dissenting voice. Nonhuman races often have whole pantheons of their own. or Create an