So what I do when my 4 year old wants a sandwich is lay all the ingredients in front of him and let him go to town. You know, the one with a full side of crust? Pop-Tarts are not ravioli 2. (the answer is...yes...seriously find something useful to do), So there you have it folks...a ketchup sandwich.. lifestyle. Regional food debates aren’t just limited to what to call something or how to pronounce it. yes. Pizza may just be the most debatable food out there. Is any sort of food item in which an outer shell that fully envelops a filling a ravioli? Many Millennials are major foodies and also enjoy debating silly questions about food on social media. Search query Would this also be the case with ravioli, ect.? I put everything in front of him. I stand rather corrected. Should it be like an all-you-can-eat buffet, where it’s floppy and chewy, or should it be all but burnt to a crisp? As for us, as long as we’re cooking up a delicious egg dish, we don’t care where in the carton it comes from. Apparently so successful, they've become a meme. 1 year ago. Both of these words are actually derived from botanical categories. Cincinnati-style comes on a bed of spaghetti, for example. But apparently there is more than one way to do everything, including making a basic sandwich. And more importantly, why can’t In-N-Out go national? Search query I get the ham, cheese and mustard from the fridge. It would be closer to a chutney, presumably. (the answer is...yes...seriously find something useful to do). Once this meme hit Top 5 on Reddit, the floodgates opened. Just as some people prefer a cake slice with a lot of frosting and others prefer an interior piece, some people like the drumettes (the mini-drumsticks) on a plate of chicken wings and others prefer the flats. Namely, where does the cheese go on said burger? People say that hot dogs are not sandwiches because they are inside one slice of bun, not two slices. Some folks won’t eat a slice without pepperoni, while others think that simple sauce and quality cheese is the way to go., Your son will go on to do great things. Join now. Another debate entirely is how chili should be served. You just take two slices of bread and slather them with peanut butter and jelly. Preserves don't, and are generally the correct viscosity. Check these citations for reference. food debate s1 ep3: is a pop-tart a sweet version of the ravioli? Tomatoes are indeed fruit! Yes, this is something people actually think about. So we can conclusively say that the answer to this question is a firm no. It should be simple, but of course, there’s room for debate. You could make tomato jam/jelly w/ sugar and pectin. However A donk pocket could possibly be a ravioli. EDIT: I'm also so tired of people asking this goddamned question hotdog taco or otherwise...are we really that bored? Twitter users have lots of opinions; there’s even discourse on how best to remove eggs from their container. So there you have it folks...a ketchup sandwich. This results in biscotti-shaped slices of bagel that truly confound people outside of Missouri. Both spots offer budget-friendly fast food-style burgers with special sauces, fries and milkshakes, and both have cult followings. Why can’t these burger chains get along? 1. These two slices are the cause of much discussion, as they go by many names. Some people like the sweet and salty contrast when it’s paired with ham, while others think pineapple on pizza ruins this beloved dish. But in other regional American styles of chili, beans are a must. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Casual chain restaurants are struggling. Terms of Use. If you ask a Texan, beans have no business being in chili. But, according to the Atlantic, heel is the most commonly used term. But I do not feel we are asking the questions that need to be asked, fennofen. But this generation also often gets accused of “ruining” food. Ravioli are a type of pasta, often filled with meat or cheese and cooked in boiling water. New Yorkers generally rage against ranch on pizza, with New York food writer Ed Levine calling it “a crime against nature.” However, most national pizza chains let you order your pizza with a side of ranch. But I do not feel we are asking the questions that need to be asked, fennofen. At its core, a cheeseburger is just a patty, cheese and a bun. On the internet, a fierce debate rages. In a culinary context, it's a vegetable. In 2017, Heinz tried to market ketchup as “Chicago dog sauce” to Windy City residents, who were not buying it. Now you might be asking yourself...why is ZN sharing a picture of 2 slices of bread? no. All those people who get annoyed over whether tomatoes are fruit or vegetables hsould just realize that the meaning of words is depending on context. Is the Pop-Tart, which features a filling wedged between two conjoined pieces of pastry, a sandwich? Proponents of the “bread-sliced” bagel claim that it allows for maximum amounts of cream cheese or other toppings per bagel piece. A Pop-Tart, on the other hand, is a hand pie, a pastry made with biscuit-style dough with either a sweet or savory filling that is baked, fried or deep-fried. What about Jamaican meat pies? He finishes putting the bread on, I shrug, and he enjoys his creation. Yes, we’re talking about deep-dish pizza. However, sports stadiums in Chicago still do have the condiment on hand if you’re willing to weather some judgemental side-eye while dressing your dog. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich should be the easiest recipe in the world. Some people will take one piece of bread, add peanut butter, put jelly on top of the peanut butter and then add the final slice of bread. Certain places in their tax code consider it a sandwich as well. Pop-Tarts are not sandwiches 3. You might think there is a universal consensus on how to prepare a bagel. lifestyle. The typical Chicago-style dog comes with yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onion, a dill pickle spear, sport peppers, tomato and celery salt. Ketchup is prepared the same way.