But keep in mind you won't be swimming in money unless you specialize or are very good at running your own business. Oh yeah, way to disparage your possible future colleague…not sure I want you as mine. I love my job, despite the grumpy days when dealing with idiots. I would strongly recommend NOT going into this field, and especially not going to school for it. It happens, both in veterinary medicine and in human medicine. Don’t have the money to treat you pet? Even without that burden, I will never make as much money as a medical doctor for example. I love working with animals and I love my patients, I love the varied and challenging work of vet med, and I feel like I have more autonomy as a tech than I believe I would as a human nurse. Why I am not an authority on the subject, this is not only experienced by the veterinary profession and it’s basis is not soley from outside sources but from within. I’ve never ripped anyone off or did unnecessary stuff to pad a bill. No, I don’t mean if you can’t hack it get out. Reward? I have been on both sides of the fence. I mean why is it some go sducidal There has to be a line draw You need a good soul Some of us just want to be left alone, while others want to talk it out/get it off our chests. I’ve been a career vet tech for 6 years. Financial worth: Job? No one persons struggle is more valid than anothers. And there in lies the problem–I don’t want to be the type of veterinarian who turns away my beloved clients and their pets “just because” I have no room in my schedule – but I also don’t want to be the veterinarian that gets so burned out I consider leaving my profession or even worse contemplating suicide. To be upfront, I really do have a passion for animal welfare and I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else as a career. As a recent grad, I can say some of my classmates and colleagues had less, and some had more, some even over $300,000. Not stressing about loans, sure, shit pay, but very little in comparative debt. Nobody needs to worry about me…I admit to suffering from some burnout but it’s not to the point of danger and nothing a brief vacation won’t fix. I can’t imagine having to make the decisions our staff has to make on a daily basis. If you have a state school, go for that. I'm at an agricultural high school at the moment and I've been really confused on what I really want to do with my life. Probably not. Ok, pre- vet student, come back here in 10 years when you have walked the walk. Don’t get me wrong, I consider being busy as job security and we have gotten a lot of new clients from those practices that cannot see their own in a timely manner, but there are times when it is difficult to breath. Our appointments are booked at least 2 weeks out, but our walk-in business often trumps our appointments 5-1 (no kidding). I graduated from vet school 38 years ago and have been involved in many aspects of this profession. It is NOT a disease & that something WRONG with U….it’s a state of too much. Oh – it is a fact that veterinarians now have the highest suicide rate of any profession. I remember going to the vet in my small town and he didn’t seem to busy. If you find my account of that day too hard, then you really do need to reconsider veterinary school. A person that is that committed could easily do anything else. As I have become involved in animal rescue, I have come to learn much more than I ever wanted to know. The suicide rate is real, and her blog post is the most accurate depiction of a typical day than I have ever seen. Yes. Regarding the advantages over human medicine. I’ve already tagged two links to those studies about suicide rates among white collar workers in another comment. I had plenty of volunteer hours, but none where I actually was getting paid. He knows I don’t like to leave my dogs overnight unless it is absolutely and without a doubt necessary, he knows that I trust his judgement on all issues and my first question is usually what he would do if it were his dog. Compassion fatigue is NOT an ILLNESS or a DISEASE. It’s NOT something that someone just needs to take a chill-pill & get over….it’s signs of ABUSE! once established, and if you have a partner to help pay for living expenses, it should become more managable, but it would still be more than a decade of massive debt repayment. Does anyone have any experience being a farm/large animal Vet? Thank you for sharing your story. The human equivalent to our level of education is normally double or more. Keep reading to hear about why they enjoy what they do. They owner was very upset, and I was dumbfounded. She was overbooked, which is inexcusable. I rarely see my friends anymore because I work all day long and sometimes at nights, weekends, holidays, etc. Along with record numbers of admission slots (much easier to gain admission to Veterinary school-1:2 applicants in many states, vs 1:7 when I applied) and skyrocketing debt…..all a recipe for disaster. Is it worth it financially to pursue a career as a veterinarian? When I applied, I thought I I could do it, but that tuition/financial aid letter made it so so real and I knew it would be the worst financial decision of my life. And your statement on “Bogus Suicidal Statistic” — do you think I’m making this up? So I got a job at the local emergency clinic during my junior year of college. Finally, in regard to the vets that posted about being a large animal vet, I have found that this is often much better for my psyche. Being a veterinarian is not glamorous. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. CVTs in the US on average make between $23-28,000, many without company insurance. 10:30am: While in the midst of the knee surgery, the owner of the barium study dog calls back. Don’t get involved in this profession solely because you love animals 2.