Required fields are marked *. I have been using borage in smoothies and it’s delicious! (Here is the full recipe.) Then it was time to prep that bed to plant a round of summer cannellini beans. I am pleased to see that I’m not alone in having encountered this “problem” and that you have foraged ahead (excuse the pun) to find some yummy ways to use the stuff. it was delish! Dessert? Thanks for the recipe ideas. The bees will now have to share. But it’s really an issue of getting to know an ingredient — really getting to know it — that made this so much fun. So yeah, I made borage chimichurri. Thanks for this post. Knead the flour together with the egg, 2 oz of the yolks, a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp oil. The oil is often marketed as “starflower oil” or “borage oil” for uses as a GLA supplement, although healthy adults will typically produce ample GLA through dietary linoleic acid. It has taken over my garden and I’m trying not to waste it! I’m all ears, as there will always be more borage lurking somewhere in my garden. Then salt and pepper to taste. Borage has been eaten for thousands of years. Borage leaves and flowers with lemon slices were the classic Pimm’s Cup garnish–before the cucumber, mint and fruit bits became popular. Another Ligurian dish where borage is used is the Torta Pasqualina – a herb, local cheese and egg pie, of which there are many variations, (spinach only, green beets, artichokes…) and there are wild herbs (like a micx of nettle. You can also use it in salads, like this Purple Flash Spinach Salad, or any other salad that would benefit from that mild cucumber-y note. They put it in stews & soups instead of spinach, too (had a tripe & borage stew…). of borage 12 OZ. I’ve never fermented them. Coming soon to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami…, Authentic Italian Cooking since the 1920s, © Edizioni Condé Nast s.p.a. - Piazza Cadorna 5 - 20123 Milano cap.soc. This is great. Thanks for these tips! Fascinating! Offers may be subject to change without notice. Borage chimichurri is both pretty to look at on the salmon, and a good balance to its richness. All these recipes and ideas are wonderful, I’m thinking if it can be used in place of spinach or other wilted greens, maybe in place of spinach or mustard greens in saag might be an interesting flavor. It goes into the eggs, not a stuffing) I am familiar with Borage Oil but didn’t realize the greens are edible. . Work until smooth on a flat surface and set aside in the refrigerator to rise for 30 minutes, in a bowl sealed with saran wrap. We’ve had borage all season, and left to themselves, a handful of plants have gotten huge – rain-forest huge (which, in the Pacific NW warm summer weather, isn’t too surprising). Just Yesterday my friends brought me borage milk (like an english tea with milk with borage, linden, anise, aniseed, camomille) they say its great to calm the nervous system. I’m going to make the chimichurri. Ligurian Pansotti, a triangular ravioli filled with borage and ricotta cheese, was another good choice. I’m going to purée it and use in place of cucumber in my cream cheese, yogurt, onion cucumber dip! But Euell likes jellies with his meat, a la lamb with mint jelly. is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Half of my polytunnel has been taken over by borage (I know you were dealing with seedlings, but I had to mention.). My blog is pretty new and I just now am making an effort to advertise it– anyway — you’re on my blogroll. A light, refreshing vodka and borage spritzer might be nice. If I had some, I’d try, but borage is not one of my gardening success. I’ve never been successful with borage, so I wasn’t expecting last year’s batch to self seed! When I watched Top Chef and heard Collicho say that there are no truly blue food I was all, like, you are so wrong. Borage is rich in minerals, especially potassium. Stretch out the pasta to very thin layers; place large spoonfuls of filling at regular intervals on the layer of pasta; brush with the remaining egg yolk, then fold the pasta layer in half, sealing it closed around the filling. How it was used has never been clear to me. Beyond that, I looked around my cookbook collection and came up nearly empty. Has anyone had any reaction eating this plant? Cook for 2 minutes, adding salt at the end. No beans. These comments from wonderfully generous people sharing their recipes, together with the main blog about the chimichurri and lots of other recipe, are brilliant. It so readily seeds itself I get volunteers sprouting all year long; sometimes those seedlings get, well, a little aggressive. Interesting information. Frankly, you compost most of them. Next time you're on the hunt for herbs, look out for borage and put a floral twist in your dinner. saute like spinach)? Thanks for getting zen with the borage! The borage blends into nothing but pure green, similar to spinach. Sometimes there are things as part of a plant’s makeup that, when divorced from the rest of the plant, are toxic. Sure borage is obscure. MyRecipes is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. I imagine I’ll have more to work with soon, if my seeds have sown:), Your email address will not be published. Serve hot. Borage arrived in my garden years ago when I planted it not to eat, but as a bee attractant: The more bees in your garden, the better they pollinate its other plants. It would also be particularly pretty in any presentation that showcases herbs and flowers from your garden, like this dinner party-worthy Flower and Herb Butter. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. I’ve been wondering what to do with it (other than composting it). The They would be pretty garnishing an ice cream or an ice. Remove as soon as the batter is golden (does not take long), salt if desired. Love the cold soup and the chimichurri idea. C.F E P.IVA reg.imprese trib. I’ve planted a PILE of borage seeds in a tub for the bees. Your herb garden and spice drawer probably have some of the usual suspects: rosemary, basil, coriander, mint, and parsley. I am going to try and stuff some leaves to see what happens. Not everyone knows that the borage plant is edible. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. PS I’ll post the picture and recipe in a week or so , you may want to have a look . My first year growing borage- hopefully my plant will grow and spread. Not sure a borage ice cream or sorbet would be good, although a savory borage sorbet would be a good palate cleanser between courses, I suspect. In Baja we had batter fried borage layered with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes as an appetizer. Sylvie: An omelet would be good, but I think borage would be too delicate for fritters.