Put the flour through the sifter and add to the egg yolk. I’d suggest to double/triple it based on your cake size, because it’s harder to calculate how many % you need more…. . Perfectly covering the cake with whipped cream like the cakes sold at the shops is an art in my view, and it is quite hard. Brush the syrup on the top and sides of the sponge cake. We ate it after having an all Japanese Christmas dinner. Thank you so much for trying this recipe. All Rights Reserved. It actually tastes better and it's easier to slice the cake into half. Hmm… if you use 10 inch cake pan, the cake will be flatter than mine. This will be my first ever cake! Thank you so much for your kind feedback, and I’m so glad your cake came out well. I am not definitive about the quantity of strawberries and cream. Please advise! 104F (40C) is like a bit warmer than human body temperature. The detailed steps really helped as a checklist for me. Or does this cake freeze well? Hi! I finally got around to making this cake and it was amazing! Happy Birthday to your BF! Not only have I never baked this type of cake before, I’ve never baked before at all. Hope this helps a bit…. This will reduce the amount of cream intake. Then add 30 ml (2 Tbsp.) Would be attempting to make the cake for my son’s birthday thursdathursday ???? For whipping cream (while cake is cooling) Prepare ice bath by placing ice cubes and water in a large bowl (Bowl #4). I promise, your guests will fall hard for it! I made the forth cake batter. Hope you enjoy this cake! The size of the bubbles within the sponge needs to be consistent. Aww! It was delicious!!! 9. I go slowly while I see the cake from the side to make sure my knife is parallel to the countertop. . If I didn’t over-beat egg whites, I wouldn’t know what it looked like. Japanese Strawberry Shortcake | sweeticity.com. I’m sorry for my late response. Hi Mary! The springform tin leaves a dent at the bottom of the cake when cooked so, I prefer a non-springform tin. Hello Nami, I am planning to make this for my mom as this was one of her favorite cakes when she lived in Japan. I know it’s a bit of an overkill but I really think these step-by-step pictures are helpful and I can explain the step a little more in detail along the way. Syrup is brushed on the sliced surface of the cake pieces to keep the sponge soft and moist. If it’s still not working, I am going to need another technique. AWESOME! As a French girl, I’m using Grand Marnier, Cointreau or Rhum Brun in crêpes ! The Japan Times: An apprenticeship in a traditional Japanese craft can be daunting for even the k… Visit Japan: Hands up if you love the golden leaves of ginkgo trees in autumn The leaves tha… SHISEIDO: Whether the holidays take you to the ski slopes or your own backyard, SPF is … Mix in vanilla. And once you try it, you will never be able to go back to regular strawberry shortcake. , Hi Sara! I’m truly happy to hear you tried this recipe and your cake came out well! I can’t see the other end of the cake while I am cutting! Thank you! I manage to make this cake, fluffy and soft, despite I don’t really bake and that’s my first sponge cake. -little dry, pale all around, sticky top; Even you use the thermometer inside the oven, your oven may have a hot spot, and the temperature is not evenly distributed. Tamanoi Sushinoko Rice has more unwanted things in ingredients I think… but if you don’t eat it too often, I think that’s okay. Cake flour: If you don’t have cake flour, you can substitute with all-purpose flour and corn starch. , Hi Carol! A light and airy Japanese cake roll filled with strawberries is one of the most requested recipes I had in the last few months. 3) After frosting the cake, can I leave it in the refrigerator before serving or should I leave it out at room temp? Gravity will keep the cake from falling and it will be nice and airy. As all your recipes do!! I like the simplicity of the cake, proportions are good, the level of sweet is satisfying, could use some more flavor though! Could you please tell me how tall your sponge cake was? So you’re saying you didn’t get to stage 6. c: Hi Karolina! Strawberries: If you like to decorate your cake with strawberries, you want to look for similar size strawberries to make it look pretty. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! (not too much grease) Melted butter should be at room tempurecher when you add it to the cake batter to be mixed in evenly.