According to lifestyle website Female First, Lopez proceeded to dance, and urged the audience to sing along. Benji Eisen from Music stated that Lopez had used 'genius marketing and branding' by synchronising the digital release of 'On the Floor' with the premiere of its music video on American Idol. Which pop song and tv theme do you feel really defines the 1980s? The song was adapted in Spanish as 'Ven a Bailar' which featured additional lyrics by Julio Reyes Copello and. This file is no longer available because it's identical to file banned.,on the floor jennifer lopez ft pitbull page 8. The 'queen' character 'dangles lazily on a couch' and 'regally oversees a crowd of people getting down on the dancefloor.' On her 47th birthday today (July 24), in recognition of all she has achieved so far in her career, we're celebrating J.Lo by taking a look back at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Icon's 10 biggest Billboard hits.Read the list list below, which dates back to her 1999 debut single 'If You Had My Love.' I wanted it to be very me, but I wanted it to be me not from my first album or my second album, but for today.'. Within the song are recurrent elements of the 1982 Bolivian composition ' written by Gonzalo and Ulises Hermosa, a composition that gained notoriety when it was sampled by in their 1989 single '. Pitbull Ft J Lo On The Floor Original Version Plasa Music. –, songwriter, vocal arranger, vocal editor, vocal producer, instruments and programming, recording engineer. The completed clip premiered simultaneously on and during the March 3, 2011 episode of American Idol. He applauded Lopez for moving on from her previous lack of commercial success in recent years. Pitbull Ft J-Lo - On The Floor (Original Version) - MP3 Download. Do The Beatles not have a signature song? The original singer who astonished. Jennifer Lopez's top Billboard Hot 100 hits chart is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, through the May 3, 2014, ranking. Gonzalo Hermosa – songwriter. An editor from magazine agreed, saying that 'Lopez showed the contestants how its done, commanding the stage during her smashing performance.' At the end of the performance, Lopez addressed the crowd straight after the performance, saying 'We ain't gonna let that get us down, right? The in the video for 'On the Floor' was likened to that last displayed by Lopez in the video for 2002's '. Jennifer Lopez Releases On The Floor ft. Little stuart full movie in. The video received critical acclaim for its lavish production, the styling and choreography, that critics felt best highlighted Lopez's abilities as a dancer. Nobody keeps mama down.' In another scene, Lopez wears a silver crystal and lace skin-tight catsuit, designed by Lebanese fashion designer, as she dances against a 'gold cardio ' before proceeding to shake her 'money maker,' according to the. Sample appears at 0:26 (and throughout) jump. As a result of the video's premiere, the online traffic at Lopez's official account increased by 1000%. Geraldo 'Teddy Sky' Sandell – songwriter. , RedOne replied: 'Let's face it: With J.Lo, you have to go big or go home'. Lopez described 'On the Floor' as an evolution of her classic sound and as something which sounded very current. –. Avicii's Levels sample of Etta James's Something's Got a Hold on Me. Commercially, 'On the Floor' is Lopez's most successful single to date, topping more than thirty national single charts. "On the Floor" is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her seventh studio album, Love? 2 Answers. The debut and release of 'On the Floor' coincided with Lopez's appointment as a judge on the of US reality TV show, as well as several other product endorsement deals. 'On the Floor' is an up-tempo and song produced by that incorporates elements of and. Susie. 'On the Floor' made its debut in the United Kingdom, on January 28, 2011 when it was played by DJ on his radio show, Ready for the Weekend. Reception The music video was welcomed with critical acclaim from music critics, praising the expensive finish, arrangement, Lopez's sense of fashion and the overall execution. She can sing. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 'On the Floor' was written by Bilal Hajji, Kinnda Hamid, Gonzalo Hermosa, Ulises Hermosa, Achraf Janussi, RedOne, Pitbull and Geraldo Sandell in the key of. It was added to the B-playlist on the UK's biggest mainstream radio station, on March 16, 2011. Kyle Anderson from 's Newsroom agreed, noting the 'gorgeous and exquisite execution,' particularly praising Lopez's 'incredible hairstyles' and the 'gorgeous club interiors set design.' American Idol also provided a platform to debut the single's, as well as the stage for Lopez's first live performance of the song. Kaoma-Lambada(1989) Ghayal-(1990) j'Lo-on the floor (2011) It's Bappi Lehri who copied. When asked by MTV News, 'What was it like working with Lopez?' To date, it has sold over 11 million copies worldwide, making it one of the. © 2011 Island Records #VEVOCertified on April 15, 2012. Don Omar also took the melody from that song in his song called Taboo. 'On the Floor' was met with a generally positive reception from, with editors from and drawing comparisons to Lopez's debut single, ' (1999) and follow-up single ' (1999). Kaoma-Lambada(1989) Ghayal-(1990) j'Lo-on the floor (2011) It's Bappi Lehri who copied. Fox paid 7-figure settlement over bogus conspiracy story. Is this 'Charlie Brown' scene racially problematic? It's new,' and that's what I wanted. Pitbull Ft J Lo On The Floor (Original Version) mp3 - Free. The curves she displayed when she recorded the hit video nine years ago have been replaced by a leaner, fitter look in 'On the Floor'.' Relevance. Lopez's vocal range spans from to while the melody uses a simple of –––. Spliced in between these scenes, she is seen dressed in black harem pants and a bikini top, as she walks through the crowd to mount a circular stage on the Las Vegas-style dancefloor. Download Video Gaby Tinggal Kenangan Asli, Download Dynasty Warrior Gundam 2 For Pc Tanpa Emulator, Jennifer Lopez On The Floor Original Song Mp3 Download, Download jurus tunggal ipsi tangan kosong. RedOne. Why are Yes King Crimson Pink Floyd Deep Purple Led Zeppelin never described as a boy band image? As the music begins, she puts on a pair crystal earrings before the camera switches to inside the club. According to and Gerrick Kennedy from the, 'On the Floor' is reminiscent of Lopez's single, ' (1999). Tonight we gon' be it on the floor I know you got it, clap your hands on the floor And keep on rocking, rock it up on the floor If you're a criminal, kill it on the floor Steal it quick on the floor, on the floor Don't stop, keep it moving, put your drinks up It's getting ill, it's getting sick on the floor We never quit, we never rest on the floor