MinuteKey also cannot copy keys that are labeled as “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy.” How to Operate a MinuteKey Kiosk. No. When the stamp is a common key, house key or business key, the current automated machines will ignore the stamp completely and anyone can copy the key. Absolutely. Hello, Sherry Ann! Once they leave the company, you have no way of knowing if they made a key to your business and you have to go to considerable expense to protect your business (such as having it rekeyed so the old keys no longer work). Landlords must be able to enter their property. 4448 E Main St #3, Mesa, AZ 85205 (480) 380-2263, 1219 E Glendale Ave, STE 5, Phoenix, AZ 85020 (602) 422-9879, 7118 E Sahuaro Dr, STE A, Scottsdale AZ 85254 (480) 951-1971, 81 S McQueen Dr, #102, Gilbert AZ 85233 (480) 857-3431. If you rent your room to someone that turns out to be untrustworthy, then the only real option is to get your locks rekey at your expense. House Keys - Keys for locks on the front door of a home can easily be duplicated by a locksmith. In fact, subletting without a landlord's permission can result in fines and/or eviction in most states. Your locks are one of the many ways to deter crime, but homes still have windows and doors. So here is a list of four locks that cannot be picked. With the right duplicate, you won't have to worry about whether the new key will work or not. All that having a lock that cannot be picked gives you is the knowledge that the way to pick your lock is not readily available. In this scenario, the only thing standing in someone’s way of duplicating this type of key is the locksmith and their policies. To implement a restricted keyway system so unauthorized copies still can’t be duplicated, you just replace the cylinders in some of your existing hardware so they use a different keyway. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. Do what you can to secure your property, but do so with the knowledge that security changes with the advancement of knowledge. How do you stop employees from making copies of your company keys? Whether you're trying to choose a lock to ensure the keys cannot easily be duplicated or you need a copy of a key created, The Professional Locksmith can help. Besides being labeled as DND, there is NOTHING that prevents a DND key from being copied. We encourage you to also seek the one-on-one help of a certified professional. With all the trouble that the lock presents, not knowing what the key looks like would further confuse a thief looking to pick your lock. The key cuts and round shape of the key compound the difficulty of picking this lock. So if you need a special key to the front door of an office building or a computer chip to start your car, just call for a local locksmith and tell him … Most leases require all permanent tenants to be jointly and severally liable for the lease, which means that if one moves out then the other is responsible for paying the lease. The only way that you can key an entryway in order to make it difficult to copy a key is to install a high-security lockset with special keys that are difficult to copy. [3], MinuteKey kiosks can duplicate home and office keys, including the following varieties:[2], MinuteKey cannot copy car keys or keys for schools, high-security buildings, public institutions, or other restricted properties. The service costs about $2 to $6 per copy, but you cannot copy “Do Not Duplicate” keys at MinuteKey kiosks. Unfortunately, Walmart’s minuteKEY kiosks are unable to copy any type of car key, regardless of the car’s make or model. Here I’m at a big box store using one of these automated machines. Or take it to the kid down at the local hardware store that has no idea what “DND” means. MinuteKey cannot copy car keys or keys for schools, high-security buildings, public institutions, or other restricted properties. Only people you have approved will have a copy of the key, and only people you have designated can make copies of a key. The lock was revealed to be pickable very publicly. Key-based padlocks are an area locksmiths are experienced in, however, it should be noted that some padlocks are designed where they can never have their key copied. Any roommate situation I am speaking of has been discussed with the land lord and is 100% okay. They too were thought to be unpickable, but time and prevalence allowed study and practice. Convert your locks to a key type that is restricted. Restricted keys are the variety that you should obtain permission to duplicate. Any key classified as "restricted" is covered by U.S. Patent Laws, making it a key you will likely not find a locksmith willing to duplicate.