'Kay. Voting feed. As a man of science himself, Barry can just come to understand or at least theorize the workings of his powers in a much better way than Wally can. Furthermore, in creating the Speed Force, Barry also created the force that moves time forward. Quicksilver should beat him because he's much more experienced, but I can't in good conscience give him 10/10 because of speed force shenanigans. Unfortunately, though Wally has accomplished a lot in his time as The Flash, he hasn’t done anything up to that level. Flash won when he had access to the Speed Force and lost when he did not. Power. Created by AOU1667. Honestly, I'm about tired of the Quicksilver/Flash debate because it's really no contest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The only thing I read with him was Teen Titans :/, If only someone on this thread talked about that and posted scans on this thread :/. After graduating from the role of Kid Flash, Wally began to learn much more about the source of power for all speedsters. Barry was briefly transformed after exposure to the Strength Force, and Wally wasn’t operating as a superhero at the time. Kid Flash gets blizted. Furthermore, the more he knew about the speed force, the faster he was able to become. Though both Flashes have incredibly similar powersets, Barry Allen has a much stronger connection to the Speed Force, the source of power for all of DC’s speedsters. However, with the introduction of the Strength Force, the strongest Flash is much more debatable. @batvibe12: I was gonna say that, I just wanted to differentiate which Wally since ppl are still confused with there being 2. his weakness is an empty stomach?? Weismann has stated numerous times on AskGreg.com that Wally is "almost the speed of sound" and has said that it is because Wally messed up the science. 22 comments; share; save; hide. R2: Wally West Pre 52 vs Ultimate Quicksilver, same setting. In addition, he had to accelerate and decelerate when running. Wally's only real feat that I'm aware of is trashing a single drone. taking hits from Superboy. @firestarlord73194: Here's a tricked I learned. Light years faster than QS. Both Flashes have an incredibly powerful array of allies. R2: Wally West Pre 52 vs Ultimate Quicksilver, same setting. And "Wally I" is now called the Flash again. Wally's about the speed of sound too. Quicksilver wins! It has been stated by Weisman that Wally is just shy of the sound barrier and he was often tagged by people like Chesire and Savage and various other mook.l In addition, he doesn't not perceive the world in bullet time(which both Impulse and Flash are able to do)like Quilsilver and has to accelerate and decelerate when running. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Follow 27973. R1: Which Wally West? This is why they each have many devoted fans. In Quasar #17, a galactic race was held to see who the fastest person on Earth was. And they don't tend to lose to people as slow as Quicksilver. QS isn't as fast as Impulse or Flash either. top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? Sign Up Login-= VOTERY STARTED =- Celebrate 15 years of SHDb. Post a comment! As the season went on he stopped tripping on things, more feats doesn't always guarantee a win. Quicksilver both rounds. However, Wally still proved to have the advantage over Barry, thanks to everything he learned as The Flash and also due to his imprisonment within the Speed Force. Win awesome prizes! @arcus I was referring to Wally. sorted by: best. Both Barry Allen and Wally West are incredibly likeable, though for different reasons. However, due to the ever-changing continuity, the list is in need of an update, especially after reintroducing some more forgotten speedsters from the timeline. But kid flash without a doubt is easily faster. Though only marginally superior to his mentor, Wally West is truly DC’s fastest man alive. Further confusion ensues when Wally winks at him, says "对不起朋友,也许下一次", and Quicksilver suddenly has a memory of him being kicked in his tender bits by the Flash when he was 5. He had a slight headstart. Draco69. dodging Cold's cold gun. Labs and the like, Barry undoubtedly has the advantage, no matter how much help Wally may get. OK is this the quicksilver from the avengers the age of ultron. Random Encounter. Again, it all depends on the individual’s relationship with the Speed Force. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. With villains like Reverse Flash, Gorilla Grodd, and The Rogues, both versions of The Flash have had their hands full over the years. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. We can't say which character is faster since we don't know how fast Wally is running but we all know that it's only a matter of time until a writer tells us how fast he is running and then it will be absolutely no contest just like with any other Flash vs Quicksilver battle. Kid Flash wins! Wally is still very new to his powers so he hasn't used them much and hasn't needed to max out. Now people can differentiate between the two. I will mention however that Wally has some sort of light/energy type attacks that no other speedsters have. NEXT: 10 Underrated Flash Stories Every DC Fan Should Read. Strength. Quicksilver could see bullets in slow motion and blitzed Cap. Therefore, since Wally has the stronger connection, he is much more durable than Barry. Both Barry Allen and Wally West have done a lot in their respective times as The Flash. Just saying. While it's typically understood that the fastest man alive is The Flash, the debate becomes a bit more complicated than just that. Kid Flash. but as far as the fight im torn. 10 Best Graphic Novels Of All Time, According To GoodReads. This is Wally as Kid Flash. BlotskyA 6 mo 28 d . Both speedsters need to catch their breaths after while. Lmao, pre-52 Wally West literally outran death by racing Black Flash (essentially the grim reaper for speedsters) to the end of time. Quicksilver (MCU) vs Kid Flash (YJ) Arcus1. 0. Barry tends to have a more serious yet awkward personality than his outgoing, mouthy protege. He also has more skill and experience and has been trained in H2H by Black Canary. Who will win in a fight between Quicksilver and Kid Flash? On the flip side, Wally can use his speed to create tornadoes has better durability e.g. @yarva: IIRC didn't he catch Godspeed after he split into 2? Hmm. storyline proved a lot for Wally West. Flash can run straight through any trees or obstacles in his path, could detonate whatever he chose to run through behind him, pickup Cantonese as a second language, turn around, construct a blast shelter around Quicksilver to shield him from the thousands of exploding trees he created earlier, the shelter built to spec because he also picked up civil engineering while returning the books on Cantonese to the library. he should be fast enough to take down QS, i think the biggest problem is that Quicksilver is good in h2h combat so that might be a problem.