THE KILL CHAIN DEFENDING AMERICA IN THE FUTURE OF HIGH-TECH WARFARE. The Predator ushered in a new era of drone warfare, whereas the tactical radio project was cancelled before it could produce a single radio. The leaders at Harris foresaw the enormous technological and program management challenges that awaited the winner. The author did a good job with the narration, This book is eye opening. has been added to your Cart. It's not just the fault of Pentagon leadership: Congress, the defense industrial base and the military services suffers from lack of cohesion and a "failure of imagination.". He recommends that the US build a battle network that enables rapid prose. The author did spend quite a bit of time complaining on how defense leaders make decisions and the bureaucracy involved. It's also useful for understanding a growing tech-centric perspective among DC national security wonks. This should be required reading for anyone involved in defense R&D. The attacker ends up dead--and turns out to be a federal agent. His first hand experience while working with John McCain is valuable. Thankfully, Brose issues a thoughtful and compelling plan for America to adapt effectively in this gripping, must-read book.". Subscribe to the weekly Policy Currents newsletter to receive updates on the issues that matter most. It raves about new technology yet recognises that much of AI's contribution will be supplemental. Izabella Workman/U.S. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published This is a very interesting book - I don't think I've ever seen someone so intimately involved in US defence criticise it quite so harshly. Sean Robson, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, et al. We must accept that we’ve lost the time and opportunity needed to maintain an offensive capability that can project globally and need to accept, double down. The department is only still at the beginning of trying to execute or carry off this change. The Kill Chain is a convincing wakeup call that the military-congressional-industrial complex is so broken that the very survival of America as Americans know it is at risk unless mammoth changes are made in how the Department of Defense defines, identifies, procures and deploys emerging technology, a problem that is as much about organizational change as it is about technological change. A treatise and expose’ on the urgency of reorienting, re-focusing, and restructuring how Congress, Government and Industry work together to adopt the concepts and holistic-approach needed to secure our nation in an era of great power conflict. "Christian Brose has done the country a great service by writing this important and timely book. A good book, written by a former Senate Armed Services Committee staffer, providing an overview of many of the issuers confronting the modern US National Security establishment. Brose's book convinced me the problem is not how much we spend, but what we're spending it on. The author did spend quite a bit of time complaining on how defense leaders make decisions and the bureaucracy involved. America's traditional sources of power are eroding amid the emergence of new technologies and the growing military threat posed by rivals such as China. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. by Hachette Books. "Kill chain" is military-speak for the three phases of combat -- figuring out what's going on, deciding what to do about it, and taking effective action. Please try again.

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