In regards to both Guided Walking Tours and Pub Crawls. Image by Sergey Ashmarin on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. Did you know that Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP) is the fastest growing sport in the Med? Free Walking Tours are informative and entertaining tours at no upfront cost. Cannes Walking Tour : Informed and entertained, every step of the way with a well informed local guide. So how better to uncover the city’s secrets than with a local and knowledgeable guide?! See us at Eze beach.

Built in the early 13th century as a gate tower for the city's western fortifications, Zytglogge has served over the years as a guard tower, prison, clock tower, center of urban life and civic memorial. Check out what other travelers say about New Bern-Craven County on. This street runs from between the clock towers of Käfigturm and Zytglogge, making it a short but important street in the center of Bern.

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Discover Nice with a Professional well-informed local guide I French Riviera Private Tours I Specials Offers. Explore Bern in a new light (literally) with a Bern Bar Crawl.

A flat on the second floor of the house was occupied by Einstein, his wife Mileva Marić, and their son Hans Einstein from 1903 to 1905.

From a pre-tour consultation by phone or chat to the walking tour itself, the entire experience is tailored to you. French Riviera Private Tours : We will customize your perfect day. Not herded with a group. The perfect venue for your Canyoning-in-Nice adventure. ©New Bern Convention and Visitors Bureau. Create Your Own Self-Guided Walks in Bern. Built in the Gothic style, its construction started in 1421 although its tower, with a height of 100.6 m (330 ft), was only completed in 1893. The Old City of Bern has countless sights to see. The “Spooky Bern” city tour is a skin-tingling stroll through Bern’s underworld, where stories of ghosts and other specters abound. Not packed in a bus.

Churches & Cemeteries Tour . As the tour are offered tip based, you get to determine what the tour was worth.

Also, someone who can give you all the best tips and recommendations for making the most out of your stay! by RBC & TOURS | Sep 19, 2020 | Bern, Franchise, walking tours | 0 comments. It should not surprise anyone that there is a fountain dedicated to the founder of Bern, Berchtold von Zahringer.

Discover Nice by night, and see the city in a different light. A tower and new nave were added in the late 15th and early 16th centuries to complete its renovation. 49 in Bern, the Einsteinhaus (Einstein House) is a museum and a former residence of Albert Einstein. Of course, exploring a city at your own pace is always a great option. So as you can imagine, the city makes for quite the sight! Image by Peter Mosimann on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. Exploring with a Bern local is less like a traditional tour, and more like having a friend to show you around, share tips on the area, and give personalized recommendations.

Top experiences Day & Night with Friends from all around the world, +33 649 244 407 Amazing Guided tour of Nice.

Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice). For further enquires and information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via our email:, Your email address will not be published. Among other things that make Switzerland popular around the world, chocolate is definitely the one. N°1 on TripAdvisor in Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Basel, Bern, Interlaken. At Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, we have years of experience in providing our visitors with some of the best and most memorable experiences of their lives. And this is in regards to all tours and activities, even pub crawls for those looking to celebrate special occasions. With over 100 public fountains in its Old City alone, Bern has a well-deserved reputation as the "City of Fountains". It’s the small features like this which give Bern most of its classical charm.