They did add methylcobalamin from yeast, so the B12 should be stable. This is a cherry flavored powdered multivitamin with a stronger formulation that can easily be adjusted if needed. These are like Juice Plus, which means you are getting small amounts of dehydrated fruits and vegetables with synthetic vitamins added to it. Was wondering what you could tell me about Cal-Mag fizz as a supplement? If you take it on an empty stomach, you will not absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and carotenoid absorption goes way down. Treatment with a hot water extract of Lion’s Mane decreased lipid peroxidation and increased superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activities, quenching free radicals in the gastric tissue of the ethanol-induced rats to exhibit gastroprotective activity. Iodine is only 30mcg and vitamin C is only 50mcg. mom, I decided to cut way down on carbs in July to try my own modified form of Keto. Synthetic versions of beta-carotene have been shown to increase the risk of cancer in heavy smokers and drinkers, and accelerated the death and shortened the life span of rats exposed to radiation. My mum visited some practitioners before, but not much improvement could be seen. I should have added I take Divalproex 500mg DR also and will be weaning off soon dropping to 250mg ER. I do wish they would remove the 5mg of iron. I am really hoping that the vitamins will give her more strength so she can survive the gallbladder stone removal. Are you aware of any sources for the multi vitamins you recommend that export to the Philippines? As for CoQ10 ubiquinol, I have only recommended it when people are on statin drugs, during chemotherapy or with mitochondrial dysfunction and high oxidative stress. Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin is scientifically formulated for your overall good health. I have used Thorne Research in my nutrition practice for years, and have talked with their customer service and medical staff anytime I have had a question about their product. Thank you, I’m very motivated to help people get accurate answers. …when I run out of my current supplements in about a month, I will stock up from your site. We know that with diabetes, the cells become resistant to insulin causing the pancreas to increase the amount of insulin released. The gut/brain axis is an extremely important concept for mental health, and diversified gut flora is going to help produce GABA, lowering the destructive effects of excess glutamate on the brain seen here and assisting sleep. There isn’t much I can add to it. One question though, your list mentions “Contains a higher dose of vitamin C (750mg) from L-ascorbate” but when I read the label on Amazon it says “Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 250mg” I’m wondering if they perhaps changed the formula and if you would still consider it #1 or would advise more C from another source. It is also missing K2. Thanks,,,Great article. BTW — your website is awesome! This is more stable than mulitivitamins that come in a liquid form. The other fascinating characteristic of Lion’s Mane is the gastro-protective effect on the digestive system. Sleep deprivation increases the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Tell your Around 2 yrs ago, one day after doing my interval walk/jog on my treadmill my left knee hurt and the next day I could hardly get around at work. What do you think? If you keep getting niacin flushes, I would try a new product. I would ask your doctor about some of the side effects of your medications causing digestive issues and consider using probiotics and digestive enzymes. Perque Life Guard is very high quality. Memory and Nerves: There is a wide net of causes and solutions here. For Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2 per day, selenium and chromium are quite high as compared to the RDA. Alex would you please look into Emerald labs multivitamins by These side effects of multivitamins do not usually call for users to discontinue use unless they do not disappear some time after adding them to the daily routine. Whether vitamin C is whole-food based or L-ascorbic acid, this doesn’t change the recommendation regarding diabetes. However, I picked the Optimal Multivitamin Powder and Thorne’s Basic Nutrients over Xtend for a few reasons. and my knee started hurting again. Informative and very useful!!! Constipation can be remedied with magnesium citrate, probiotics and dietary fiber. I would avoid it due to the use of sucralose, synthetic vitamin E (Dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) folic acid and cyanocobalamin. The formula is missing K2 (important for heart and bone health) and boron (important for testosterone for men and bone density for women).