Just only four to six hours from Manila, it’s the perfect getaway if you’re on the quest for an adventure or just simply want to soak up some sun. The province produced primarily buyboy, walis tambo or brooms. Aside from that, there are some other special festivals held yearly all over La Union: Photo from:  http://www.ilocandiatreasures.com. This is a celebration where it genuinely promotes the resilience and hardship of the Ilocano farmers. The town holds the annual Dinengdeng festival because of the abundance of ingredients found in the province. That is why they specifically have a festival for this dish. 8 Reasons A Trip to the Philippines Should Be In Your Future by Huffington Post, Breathtaking Volcanoes in the Philippines, Colorful and Meaningful Festivals in the Philippines.

This is a festival associated with the much-loved Ilocano Culinary dish that is famous like pinakbet and bagnet.

Here’s how you can relive the best moments from #GlobeLUSurfBreak—surf season or not.

Read More:  http://rappler.com, This pilgrimage town held its 8th “Dinengdeng Festival” on Tuesday with local cooks simultaneously whipping up various kinds of dinengdeng (vegetable) dishes at the grounds of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, South La Union campus. Recently, in Candon City Fiesta, it was package in the streetdancing competion. La Union Photo Gallery . It was co-incidental that coming from Baguio City, I saw an event in San Fernando City about to happen. In the surroundings you will find the remains of mining operations and facilities for the mineral smelting of that time and the 19th century. Each year, there will be a new theme for the festival’s anniversary. You will be surprised by its lighting and amazing acoustics. (Photo by: Alex S. de Guzman-City Media Bureau) Read More: Baggak, an Iluko term referring to the morning star, stands for the dawning of a new day for Bauang.

Continue to browse our site if you agree to our use of cookies as described in Globe's Cookie Policy. Other Visitors Also Viewed: Palani Beach Boasts of a 10 Km-Long White Sand Beach. To complete the three-day festival, Globe partnered up with La Union Surf Club for a massive surfing exhibition, capping off the weekend by donating rashguards to members of the non-profit organization. The province produced primarily buyboy, walis tambo or brooms.

The Cante de las Minas Museum is located on the ground floor of Casa del Piñón, and is a sensory museum, where you will relive the most outstanding performances of the Cante de Las Minas International Flamenco Festival. Looking for music festivals, craft shows or art fairs? Another set of performances was mounted at LUNHS Don Pacoy Ortega Auditorium on Feb. 18. The travelling performance and exhibit showcased various arts mastered by the students of the Tawid Taoid partner schools such as  La Union National High School (LUNHS), La Union Special School for Culture and Arts in Santol, La Union, and Saint Louis College. Last month, beach lovers paid witness to ecotourism in full swing as the Surfing Capital of the North teamed up with Karpos Multimedia for the much-awaited cultural surf, music and arts festival. The “Beach Fever” Province of La Union. Well, come and see... because there are few places as spectacular as the La Unión Mining Park, a mining complex of 50,000 square metres, where you will discover "in situ" the whole process of the 19th and 20th century mining industry and go through the Agrupa Vicenta Mine tunnels at a depth of over 80 metres and one of the biggest mines open to the public in Europe. Read More:  http://nboi.blogspot.com. If you have the privilege of visiting La Unión during Holy Week, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, you will find face to face with this feeling. Read More:  http://kingki.blogspirit.com, Palani Beach Boasts of a 10 Km-Long White Sand Beach, San Isidro Labrador / Pahiyas Festival in Quezon, Colorful and Exciting Festivals in Nueva Ecija, Embajada Festival – a Re-Enactment of Christianization, Bird Watching at the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, The Small Paradise in Agho Island in Iloilo, Sugbo Festival Honors the Humble Tiger Grass, Kabila / Kibila White Beach is Famous for Diving and Snorkeling, Aurora Is Host to Philippine Surfing Cups, Boracay White Sand Beach

La Union is located in the Ilocos Region. Festivals in La Union Dinengdeng Festival. LA UNION: Best of the Islands Philippines Feasts and Festivals Agoo Semana Santa. Sillag is an Ilocano word that means “illumination from the moon.” The two or three-day event features light-inspired activities such as a ceremonial lighting of Sillag Village, a musical show, and lantern parade. Don’t get confused there. It was co-incidental that coming from Baguio City, I saw an event in San Fernando City about to happen. Dinengdeng is a one of Ilocano dishes that are popular in the whole country, and the most popular dish in La Union. Its mountains, with iron, manganese, zinc, sphalerite or pyrite brushstrokes, give a peculiar touch to the landscape, deeply marked by the traces that the mining industry left behind throughout centuries of activity .

Not to mention the perfect tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable people in the area. Batangas Dive Spot

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And even if you missed it, a recap of what you can do in LU next time!

Read More:  http://sanfernando-launion.blogspot.com, Photo from:  http://kingki.blogspirit.com, Candon City has many happy faces.
Taal Volcano & Lake. Several events are also organized to draw the attention of tourists and potential investors to let the locals experience the fun of summer. Here’s How To Get A Head Start. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. “[This reminds] both visitors and locals that it’s possible to [enjoy] and relax in La Union while still doing your part for the environment.”. Between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean coast, shows a unique and singular landscape. Because of this, Tobacco festival is annually celebrated in the city, which produces the biggest volume in the whole country.

The City of San Fernando ended 1st runner-up during the said competition. This year, festival organizers enjoin the different villages and the community to come together to celebrate this simple dish “that is symbolic of our culture as an Ilocano people,” the mayor said. Read More: Candon City has many happy faces. Utensils on display behind these showcases bring you closer the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of La Unión. By: Marti Salva Philippine Daily Inquirer / 12:04 AM March 16, 2015.

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La Unión is the fixed residence of the best magical flamenco. The event closed at the Saint Louis College (SLC) Gymnasium on Feb. 20. La Union’s surf season officially getting underway marked the return of La Union Surfing Break!