Check Out Uncle Sam’s Partners and Sponsors Below, Lacey Township High School Punishes Students for Range Photo,,, is record, are in jeopardy of being ruined, My son had a pic posted on fb at a gun range while a junior at LTHS back in 2014, never had trouble, and there was an abundance of shootings back then!”. She will pick a family in need to donate the rest to for Christmas. Of the hundreds who awaited Lidl and ALDI opening on the same morning in Lacey, nobody prepared for it quite like Totaro. View Event Details. "Now they have the specials running Thanksgiving day," Totaro said. She misses the tradition, when shoppers had to wait overnight to have a chance at the best deals. They could easily have looked into it and moved on. Totaro loves kitchen gadgets. "It smelled delicious.". The school opted to give detention rather than suspension according to the rule. Simply stated, it is our values that guide our actions. It is the mission of the Lacey Township Police Department to protect the lives and property of those who visit, work, or reside in Forked River, Lanoka Harbor, and Bamber Lake, New Jersey. Lacey Township High School in New Jersey reportedly punished two students for a photo of their day at a private gun range that they posted on Facebook. You may obtain a motor vehicle accident report, valuable information on identity theft, neighborhood crime alerts, information on the passage of new laws, and much more. What are some of your feelings. This link provides the public with information directly from the police department related to some of the arrests, investigations, and other matters dealt with on a daily basis. Some community members are planning to attend a Townhall meeting on March 19. Here are some of the more rational comments: Terry: “I get looking into it, but when they found out it was legit, no punishment should of been assigned. Lacey Township was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 23, 1871, from portions of Dover Township (now known as Toms River Township) and Union Township (now Barnegat Township). Lidl opened at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday with hundreds waiting in line. Hope they sue them, and take the BoE for several million dollars! So after that point it is no longer the schools business.”. Lacey Board Of Education Meeting View Event. The three taxpayer candidates are Sonia Marchitello, Gavin Rozzi and Sal Armato. Possession of any weapon… So steak knives, baseball bats, hammers, vocabulary ( because words hurt)… Looks like this school needs to start suspending its entire student body. How in the world can a school dictate what they do off school grounds? Nominate Your Favorite, Six Flags' Holiday In The Park Opening Drive-Thru Experience, Thanksgiving Day Grocery Store Hours In The Lacey Area. The Principal’s name is Greg Brandis. ter - verb- talk rapidly or incessantly about trivial matters. Dear Lacey Township Recreational Softball families, Our top priority within our league is the safety and health of our players, c... Jan 17, 2020. The situation was reported in a post on Lacey Township Chatter. Lacey Township Meeting View Event. Lacey Township Chatter. Totaro hasn't camped out for Black Friday deals in four or five years. The students’ ages are reportedly 16 and 17. Jan 23, 2020 – Jan 1, 2021. Lacey Township High School in New Jersey reportedly punished two students for a photo of their day at a private gun range that they posted on Facebook. Community Partnerships – The Lacey Township Police Department is committed to forming partnerships with the stakeholders within the community. I think it's ridiculous, and I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving because that is a day you spend with your family.". Our values are the fundamental beliefs from which our department establishes policy and practices, delivers the highest level services, and implements programs to meet our goals and objectives. This is another incidence of “zero tolerance” policies punishing good kids for ordinary activities. Please feel free to browse this website to familiarize yourself with the Lacey Township Police Department and the services available. The dedicated members of the Lacey Township Police Department are committed to providing the highest level of service to the community. The Lacey Township Police Department believes in empowering the public through the release of timely information regarding what is occurring within the community. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. The acutal photo of the student’s range day was unavailable. TO THE EDITOR: Our organization is hereby announcing that we are supporting and endorsing the taxpayer team running for the board of education in Lacey Twp. Download here. LACEY: Unconscious @ Bus Stop November 18, 2020 LACEY: Carwash Drama November 16, 2020 LACEY: Mailbox Crash November 13, 2020 Join Group. "My son was a good child, so I always tried to get what he wanted, but I had to do it on a budget. I am looking for a qualified, bonded person to spend time with 2 elderly people. Some community members are … Confidential matters such as domestic violence incidents, sexual assaults, child abuse, suicides, involuntary commitments due to mental illness, etc., are not included in this blotter. ter - verb- talk rapidly or incessantly about trivial matters. The Lacey Township Police Department is committed to providing the best possible service while doing so under tremendous fiscal constraints resulting in limited available resources. I've been working at Uncle Sam's Misguided Children since 2013. Caller... Lacey: In the area of 1030 Lacey Road, just east of GSP interchange for a crash. They did not break any laws.”, Michael: “Anyone pulling the “with all the school shootings happening the school did the right thing” argument please stop. Announcements: See All (11) Mark Dykoff > ‎Lacey Township Chatter. That parents agreed to the rule is ridiculous in the first place. Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive news, merchandise discounts, early access to new features, and much more. One resident contacted an attorney, who wrote the following letter: Their townhall meeting with the Board of Education could be very interesting on March 19. Have a news tip? "Now they even start the Wednesday before Black Friday. This site will continue to evolve as additional opportunities to serve you better become available. Public group. © 2015 Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She admits the most difficult part was "monitoring my fluid intake." Latest headlines: Ocean County 911: 'Amer. The school is unlikely to retract their actions, since their handbook specifically lists a rule that no student can be in posession of a weapon at any time for any reason on or off the school grounds. Customer called police to report... Lacey: On Beach Boulevard for a vehicle that ran over the caller’s mailbox. "I really look forward to going back and checking out the bakery," Totaro said. In a continuing effort to maintain transparency and keep the public informed, this link will lead you to the monthly and annual statistics on the specific types of police calls and the number of police actions per month related to those call types. The Lacey Township Police Department is committed to providing the best possible service while doing so under tremendous fiscal constraints resulting in limited available resources. I am a patriotic American. But punishment was given that clearly was not deserved. ... Come Join Lacey Girls Softball Recreational League for our 1st "Outdoor Movie Night" featuring basketball superstar Michael Jordan... Jul 08, 2019. Bob Lindsey Sr – 2A Sheriff for Los Angeles County, California. She can't wait to go back to Lidl, under more normal circumstances. (Courtesy of Lacey Township Chatter) LACEY, NJ — Donna Totaro arrived 10 hours early to the grand opening of Lacey's Lidl. Upcoming Events Lacey Township Chatter.