You can get one for less than $50, just have to be careful with the set up. I added some bodyweight movements to the workouts to add more variety. Main Muscles Used: Quads, adductors (inner thigh muscles), hamstrings, glutes and abs. Other than converting this into a full-body exercise, the different press options can help you forget about the legs during higher rep protocols. Offset loading refers to when a load is placed only on one side of the body. No, I’m not talking about those things that you explode once you step on them. Place the barbell right in front of your shoulder and proceed by taking a step back to lunge. You will remain in an isometric lunge and press while you’re in that position. Rotate your back foot as you bring the barbell down towards you and shoot your hips back to the bottom portion of a squat. This process burns more calories and with enough intensity, it elicits a positive hormone response that is optimal for fat loss and muscle growth. A landmine is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to perform a myriad of dynamic exercises and movements. Even newcomers have trouble messing up the form on this one, as the landmine naturally pushes you onto your heels with an upright upper-body position. As I do in the video, you can play around with your angle to the bar. If you place two big plates on it, the landmine can dig into the plates and we wouldn’t want that. Make sure you are not too close to the barbell. When you lean forward it becomes a shoulder exercise and won’t target your upper pecs as much. Ben Bruno seems to be the top trainer to specialize in landmine exercises. Most gyms have a dedicated t-bar row machine but even if you there wasn’t one, the landmine tool is a great alternative. Speaking of MMA fighters, take a look at this unusual floor pressing variation from Martin Rooney : As Rooney says, “When everyone shares, everyone wins.” The one-arm Danish floor press is definitely worth sharing. You’ll see them in gyms, and you can also buy them to use at home. How to do it: Face the landmine in a staggered stance and grab the barbell with one arm. Although I think you should try all of the exercises discussed (along with those T-bar rows, standing one-arm presses, and Russian twists), I recommend starting with these three: Kidding! Like the reverse lunge to press, this landmine squat variation will surely burn tons of calories. Lunge, Lunges and more Lunges. I suggest keeping the weight light and performing multiple reps for speed, as this movement can put the shoulder in an awkward position. In this post we are going to take a look at how to workout using a landmine tool. Below is another example of an offset loaded exercise. For a slim, sleek and sophisticated physique. Like the previous lunge, this variation will challenge our core due to the offset loading. In landmine exercises, the barbell moves in an arc, not a straight line. A reverse lunge does not require you to decelerate as you do with a forward lunge. Then forcefully stand up and pivot your back foot forward. Meaning most of the movement will happen at your hips and not at your knees. …your lower back has to work a lot harder since the weight is out in front of your knees. You want to take advantage of a full range of motion and let your hand tap your shoulder as you bring the barbell down. This is another one of Ben Bruno’s videos. Kate Upton’s video is good, but this is maybe 1% better when it comes to proper form. With a T-bar, the weight is further back, so you aren’t as limited by lower back strength. Hopefully, the rest of the videos give you some ideas of how to incorporate a few landmine exercises into your routine. This makes it useful for bodybuilders attacking specific muscles and athletes requiring strength in non-standard positions (like in football or MMA). This ensures I’m working through a full range of motion. The variation in the video above is quite effective (especially if balance is a challenge), but I prefer being perpendicular to the bar as Ben is here: Standing landmine trunk twists are challenging if you’ve had a short lifting career. Fortunately, the landmine addresses both of these challenges. At 2” in diameter that can be hard to hold on to for heavier exercises. Keep your arms extended, this leverage will increase demand on the core. He created a “portable corner” made of wood. You knew you were at a good gym when the drywall had a designated hole for the bar. …they just didn’t demonstrate proper grip as well as Ben (it was a close call). For some of you, simply using the barbell by itself will be enough. In this lunge variation we will be adding a press at the top position of the exercise. The landmine is an inexpensive, convenient piece of equipment that offers challenging variations for high-value training movements (push, pull, knee bend, hip extend). I’m a huge fan of this exercise because it forces you into an ideal squat position. Hand an internally rotated client a light dumbbell to press over his head, and it looks excruciatingly painful, but set him up with a landmine, and he’s an instant success. The barbell should be close to your body and about chest to neck height. The standing varieties seem better suited as an add-on to some of the leg options listed below. I know you have been patiently waiting and I appreciate it. Pressing at the bottom requires a lot more hip and ankle stability. Since the bar is moving towards you, this enables you to efficiently sit back. It’s also quite useful during power or explosive workouts when you add the hip extension (performed at the end of the video). How to do it: Face the landmine and grab the barbell with one arm. Instead of continuing to watch this fantastic piece of equipment collect dust at facilities across the country (while there’s a lineup at the Smith machine), I decided to compile a list of its many uncommon, but extremely effective uses. Simple, But Significant 002- Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Bodyweight. Best Landmine Exercise for … You can also do this standing for a more explosive power movement. Check out these simple workouts and fun exercises that can be done at-home with makeshift or no equipment at all. Keep in mind that most standard barbells weigh about 45 lbs or 20.4 kilos. Compared to using a dumbbell, there’s no restriction on weight, and to say it’s easier to perform than a barbell sumo squat would be an understatement. "Visual Impact Kettlebells" - Home Workout Course You can either place it on the floor, attach it to a weight training rack or integrate it into plates. In short, a landmine is an attachment that you use combined with a barbell. Then row the barbell towards your torso. Like I mentioned above, most of these exercises will target a broad range of muscle groups. Interestingly, it allows for a bit of a forward lean, which I’d argue makes it more conducive to athletic performance. Make sure you are keeping your eyes on the horizon, this allows for a better posture. The landmine can be very portable but it is somewhat heavy. Keep the bar close to your body and try your best to keep the natural curvature of your back as you descend. This one has another subtle change. I’ve found this exercise to be exceptionally useful in teaching clients to press with a properly positioned elbow and a stabilized core. Main Muscles Used: Quads, adductors (inner thigh muscles), hamstrings, glutes, front deltoids, traps, triceps and abs. Lunge backwards while holding the barbell and don’t let your trunk shift towards the landmine. Worth mentioning in this category is Dr. Jim Stoppani ’s alternating landmine deadlift: After watching the next video, I’m guessing you’ll be as confused as me as to why this exercise isn’t more popular. How to do it: Face the landmine and grab the barbell with both hands.