Roll a barbell over your lap so that it is in the crease of your hips. The barbell step-up is a fantastic functional, unilateral, multi-joint exercise that is killer for your quads, glutes (and core). Try moving your lunges to an uneven surface—if you're on the road, you can even put that extra hotel mattress on the floor and stand on that. Doing so will enable you to remain more upright, while working your quads hard and having your glutes assist to help you stand up. Ensure that the client is aware he should keep an upright torso and sit the hips down until the knees are 90 degrees. Brace your core and take a big step back with the same leg as the arm holding the barbell. Not only does it work the same muscle groups as the hack squat, but the leg press also places no axial load on the spine. How to Program Landmine Press Alternatives. When it comes to the belt squat, there are many different variations that can be performed and it largely depends on the equipment you have available. To avoid this, I’d recommend keeping your elbows tucked in and close to your torso. What makes this exercise special is the uneven distribution of weight. If that doesn’t work, you can also cross your arms in front of you and grab the barbell with an overhand grip rather than an underhand grip. Note, this is NOT for beginners. Through optimal hip extension, barbell hip thrusts target your glutes and hamstring. Have your client back out of the rack with the loaded safety bar and grab the rack for assistance. Obviously, the load that one can achieve with a leg press cannot be achieved with resistance bands, but this is a great beginner’s starting point. Hold a weight of some kind on your shoulder—a medicine ball works great—with one hand, like so. The landmine squat is a great substitute for the hack squat, as it allows you to remain fairly upright and load your quads effectively. This approach to walking lunges will increase the mass building benefits through your quads and glutes. It uses a Swiss ball which is placed behind the hips, on top of the heels, and against a wall. The hips go back, but should not overreach as they would in a hinge or deadlift position. If you want to get bigger, squats will help. 1 If you want to get stronger, squats will help. If you have a Smith machine available, moving your lunges over there can also be tremendously helpful. Before that he was a master trainer at Equinox in Washington, D.C. He’s the author of Day by Day: The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success and Elite Program Design Concepts, and a frequent contributor to the PTDC. Below you will find a range of exercises ranging in difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Similar to the safety bar squat, the Hatfield squat also makes use of a safety squat bar. Hold this position for the desired amount of time. Let’s get started! The further away your feet are from your hips, the more you will target your hamstrings. The joint angles seen in the goblet squat place a high demand on the quads and glutes, despite it not being a machine-based alternative to the hack squat. The leg press will also be less fatiguing than the free-weighted alternatives listed later in this article. In an earlier article we discussed four of the most common, Benefits of Landmine Pressing and Alternatives, The landmine press offers coaches and athletes a unique way to diversify pressing strength, increase c. ore strength, and build greater shoulder stabilization. Rather, the goal is to maintain as close to neutral as possible and avoid valgus collapse. I prescribe this exercise for my clients often, specifically for its balance and symmetry developing benefits. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Doing so will cut down on the number of unnecessary sets that you would have otherwise done. Like the barbell step-ups as mentioned above, but with a greater focus on unilateral strength. With the landmine squat, a portion of the weight on the barbell is carried by the bar itself and this makes it a more manageable exercise to load. The landmine press is a unique exercise that can build strength, core stability, scapular control, and general body awareness necessary for strength, power, and fitness sports. The landmine squat by Travis Pollen is much like the goblet squat. Loading the weight like this forces you to engage your oblique muscles, too. also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Upgrade Your Fitness, Movement, and Strength! • Quadriceps• Gluteus (maximus and medius)• Hamstrings• Calves• Abdominals. As alluded to earlier, the risk fits the reward, and often times squatting just isn’t in the cards for people who are susceptible to injury or lack flexibility/mobility. For example, a powerlifter will have more forward lean on a 1RM back squat than someone performing a bodyweight squat. Once your client hits appropriate depth, have them pull on the rack to assist in the upward drive. Place the spotter arms at a height that positions the bar about knee-high and perform a couple of sets. This is such a monster exercise, it’s worth waiting for! It also provides a rotational/lateral flexion core stability component. Set up a barbell in a landmine attachment and load it with an appropriate weight. The leg press is also a popular choice for those suffering from lower back pain. A common complaint with the goblet squat is sore wrists. World records, results, training, nutrition, breaking news, and more. 3 Squat Substitutes That Work. Hold the other end of the resistance band in both of your hands and bring your hands up to your chest to create maximum tension on the band. If you’re just starting out, try it with your bodyweight for starters. Bench Press Alternatives: Improve Your Bench Press Without a Bench, Leg Press Vs Hack Squat: The Quest For Maximum Quadriceps Hypertrophy, 13 Seated & Lying Leg Curl Alternatives (You Can Do at Home), Bench Press Vs Push Ups: Why The Bench Press Isn’t Enough, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: A Guide To Keeping Healthy in 2021, Top 8 Highly Effective Pull Exercises for Full Body Strength, Top 10 Best Pull-Up Bars for Wide Doors (Buying Guide & Reviews), Top 7 Compound Shoulder Exercises to Build Shoulder Boulders, Top 8 Smith Machine Exercises for Beginners, Lie on your back with bent knees and the resistance band under the arch of your feet. Prior to jumping into the myriad of variations of squats that exist, it is important to refresh your knowledge on what a squat is, what it isn’t, and what universal coaching techniques are applicable, regardless of which modality you choose. The v-squat is a fantastic alternative to the hack squat because it primarily isolates the quads and uses a similar motor pattern. Coach a controlled repetition to eliminate the bar from bouncing without support on a client’s shoulders. This variation provides an additional challenge for the legs and works the extensors in your back, too. The minor forward lean from this position will help you avoid shifting too much weight into your heels and curb the sensation of falling backward as you squat down. Unfortunately, not all gyms decide to invest in a hack squat. Because of this, you’ll experience a bit more abdominal and back work with the v-squat compared to the hack squat. Done from the quadruped position, it creates an opportunity to coach foot position, hip abduction, core stability and tension management, and proper tempo. Even with the best of form, the constant tension and shortening of the hip flexors combined with the lack of hip extension fuels lower back issues. The offset loading makes this exercise more difficult, but also allows you to avoid placing a barbell on your back, which many find uncomfortable. We did a comparison of the leg press vs squat and leg press vs hack squat if you want to read more about the differences, pros, and cons of these exercises. Push back up to standing position with power, without locking your knees at the top of the movement. Therefore, in this article we will offer a few alternative movements that you can integrate into training programs to bring about similar benefits as the landmine press. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram. Step-ups focus on the same muscles (quads, hamstrings, glutes) as lunges. The barbell hack squat is a close variation to the machine-based hack squat exercise, making it a great substitute.