I garden, even when the only space available is the rooftop of my apartment. Its scent deters mice, flies and mosquitoes. Lavender has many health benefits. Slowly pour warm, liquid, de-crystalized honey over the dried organic lavender buds making sure not to get any water from the heating process and being careful not to create any air bubbles in the jar. And when it’s time to harvest, you can easily dry the lavender to store and use throughout the year. If you'd prefer not to, you don't have to heat the honey, just know that it might be a little bit more difficult to pour and will take longer to infuse. This post contains affiliate links meaning that I may make a small commission based off of your purchase at no additional cost to you. If you decide to try these fantastic recipes, be sure to take a photo and share them with us using #waxingkararecipes on Instagram. Choose the right variety of lavender for your landscape with this post. Infusing honey with lavender or any other herb, or hot peppers, or anything else that interests you is a neat way to enhance honey that has been in the pantry for a while. Tinctures of lavender are especially helpful for internal cramping. Powered by WordPress. We hope you enjoy it. Required fields are marked *, ©2020 Kara Brook Art, LLC trading as Waxing Kara© |. I kept remembering how strongly scented most lavender soaps were. Let the honey infuse for about 6-7 days, or longer for a stronger flavor. It is a popular addition to skincare routines helping to normalize oil production, decrease redness and calm itchy scalps. After busy days, tight deadlines, persnickety customers, harsh lighting and nonstop stress, we all deserve a little relaxation.This bath soak harnesses the great relaxing energies of lavender and Epsom salts and adds skin-softening moisture courtesy of sweet almond oil. For more information on how we may collect and use your data please refer to our Privacy Policy. Lavender-infused honey is fun to make. If honey is overheated it loses all of its magic powers. This can prevent atherosclerosis and … It’s an easy perennial to grow because it is generally free of pests and disease. You can find me at BesemerWrites. The color you get when you make lavender simple syrup just begs for it to be made into cocktails or added to whipped cream or icing. Few other botanicals evoke such as sense of calm, beauty and peace. Pour warm, liquid, de-crystalized honey over the dried organic lavender buds making sure not to leave any air-bubbles, and fill all the way to the top, you will need about 42 ounces of honey. She has a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and her first book, The Backyard Herbal Apothecary, was published by Page Street Publishing in Spring 2019. Tyrosine is one of the primary amino acids in all types of honey, but a Spanish study published the November 2003 issue of the journal Food Chemistry, found that lavender honey had the highest levels of tyrosine among the tested honeys. The high sugar content of honey absorbs water making the wounded portion unfit for bacterial growth. Learn all about the medicinal uses of lavender & make yourself a restorative bath soak! Make sure that no water gets inside of the jar of honey. The herb can be infused into sugar or honey, added to baked goods and added to the classic French herbes de Provence. The strong smell of lavender makes it harder for deer to smell the tasty vegetables they like to nibble in your garden. All you need are dried lavender buds, some cheap grain alcohol, a mason jar, coffee filters, and some time. It is really important that no moisture is present. Make some honey now, so it’s ready for the flu and cold season. Devon is a writer and author on subjects of holistic and sustainable living. Sprinkle lavender buds on top of honey frosting for a unique dessert. Store the infused honey … In my early teen years, those first seeds planted in flimsy seed starting trays failed miserably, overwatered and squashed by the cat. You want to be sure the lavender is completely dry. Much in the way that lavender is associated with cleanliness of our physical places and things, I would suggest that lavender contributes to cleanliness of the mind. Work with sterilized glass and seals. And if you can ferment it, it’s probably in my pantry or on my kitchen counter. After the honey has infused, pour it through a mesh strainer to remove the lemon peel and lavender buds. Add the lemon peel and dried lavender to a container with a tight sealing lid. It sounds medieval. So, these days I consider myself to be almost a homesteader. The scent of this beautiful flower keeps moths away and keeps your clothes smelling fresh too. https://healthywithhoney.com/lavender-honey-a-honey-for-health-benefits But I’m okay with never revisiting the adventure that is using an outhouse in the middle of January. Depending on the type of lavender you use, you can sometimes get a very pale lilac-colored lemonade—what a lovely drink. When we remove the lavender from the fridge, we spread the lavender lightly over a paper towel on a baking sheet, inspect and remove anything that isn’t lavender. Lavender lends itself well to teas and infusions, often combining well with mints or chamomile to offset its somewhat soapy flavor. If we dig back in history, we learn that mulled wine dates back to the second century. Clean your kitchen completely. When the honey has warmed, stir in the fresh lemon juice. I love my Wi-Fi, and knowing pizza is only a phone call away. To send yourself drifting off into dreamland, make this homemade lavender linen spray. After the honey has infused, pour it through a mesh strainer to remove the lemon peel and lavender buds. Mulled Wine, for Chilly Autumn Nights and Holiday Entertaining, Easy Paleo Cookies Made with goodMix Blend 11, The Ultimate Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Seedy Nutty. English and French lavender are quite popular and are the most commonly used for scenting things and cooking. It can be used to soothe aching muscles and joints, improve brain function, heal burns and wounds, restore skin complexion, treat bee stings, nausea, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and stress, soothe chapped or sunburned lips and help improve sleep. As the mixture was h …, It’s so easy to make Honey Banana Bread with just a handful of ingredients. Waste not, want not! © 2015-2019 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • DO NOT USE PHOTOS OR CONTENT WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION • Devon Young | Nitty Gritty Life. 12 Plants That Repel Bugs and Other Annoying Pests Naturally, Five Types of Lavender & Why You Should Plant Them, I am an herbalist, farmer, cook, and forager. I can never pass a lavender spike without running my fingers through the foliage and buds. Remove the lid and set the glass ball jar into the boiled water, simmer on low heat. Be careful to completely disinfect your work areas with 70% alcohol. Ask me if I have a favorite child, and I will say, “Yes, but it changes with the hour.” Ask me if I have a favorite herb, and I will probably blush and say “lavender” kind of sheepishly. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), known for its anti-stress, calming effects.Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), known for contributing to better quality and quantity of sleep.Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), known for sedative properties in sleep quality.Recipe. Lavender is well known, especially in the aromatherapy field, for its ability to uplift one’s spirits. No one likes the smell of mothballs, and they’re toxic if … Boil a saucepan of water that covers about 50% of the Ball Jar of infused honey. The word lavender comes from the Latin verb ‘to wash.’ It is gentle enough for the littlest babies and is on the short list of essential oils that can be used directly on the skin. Here are ten other ways to keep these pesky four-legged thieves out of your garden. Lavender Sachets for Natural Moth Control. Ideally, you’ll want to have several plants to ensure a decent harvest of this beautiful purple flower.