Lunch from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Sincerely. itemModalClick("308a4b1d-00bb-4532-b568-d31ff860577a","1a09078c-81c7-4ded-a88c-c6f29b4e7f8f",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { ) I would most probably visit...More, The staff was so rude and they don’t have the slightest bit of handling techniques.
EGP, Teriyaki, coriander & wasabi mayonnaise, melon, qem, {{toFixedPriceFloored(340)}} Are you sure you want to delete this question? EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(300)}} Great view of Cairo, relaxing and chill music and super friendly and professional staff. itemModalClick("4d1a6fc6-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","0ca53ae9-aa5a-46b2-86d8-4340d612b0cd",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); does not guarantee prices or the availability of menu items at Le Deck - Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa. itemModalClick("4d1a6fc6-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","2a2d8dda-86a9-4657-b7d7-417ba1d26c7c",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); Green peas puree, roasted baby onion with fresh green peas, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy garlic and flowers with emulsion tomatoes thyme, {{toFixedPriceFloored(130)}}

EGP, For 2 guests (700 gm) American beef rib-eyes cooked on the grill, mashed potatoes with mustard, parsley and onion, {{toFixedPriceFloored(1290)}} {{staticContent.common.estimatedDeliveryIftar}}, {{}}: $8.00 Ajouté du Poulet/Add Chicken $5.00 … + extraItem.sizeName

I'll never recommend this place to anyone

We are very happy that you spent a fantastic moment in our restaurant. }}, {{ toFixedPrice(newCalcExtrasTotalPrice(item.extras)) }} X {{ item.quantity }}, {{staticContent.header.couldentDetectArea}}, {{ restaurantPage.orderingFlagMessage.message }}, {{}}, {{ verifyPhoneModel.selectedAddressPhone }}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{ toFixedPrice( }}, {{ toFixedPrice( }}, {{toFixedPrice( }}, {{ Hope to see you again. itemModalClick("eedea971-1732-4158-8081-e96048d47d17","c168d441-2974-4acf-a0db-c87055312f8d",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); Pool view. EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(95)}}

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); :) Fantastic...More, I went there last week and its the perfect restaurant for a romantic couple, friends or family. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your recent experience with us. itemModalClick("4d1a748c-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","6f95fbed-e706-4737-921b-57d6ff63b092",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); staticContent.checkout.placeOrderErrors[basket.checkout.placeOrderError.error] : staticContent.checkout.placeOrderErrors['GENERAL_FAIL']}}, {{}}, {{ }}, {{}}.[A-Z]/g).join('')

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); The food was awful and when we said that they replied that we have the best chef and you don’t have the right to complain.

3 El Thawra Council Street Zamalek Downtown, Cairo 11511 Egypt. EGP, Grilled chicken fillet with skin, mix of green vegetables, potatoes agatha, Thai snow peas, coconut green curry sauce, spicy basil chips and fresh coriander (170 gm fillet and fried wings), {{toFixedPriceFloored(270)}} (flatZones[zoneSelected] && restaurantInfo.orderingEnabled ?flatZones[zoneSelected].name+' ':'') + flatAreas[deliveryStatus.areaUUID].name : staticContent.header.chooseLocation}}, {

EGP, Astonishing touch, light dessrt, hint of fish, seafood, meat, {{toFixedPriceFloored(1050)}} }' class="clickable-anchor">, {

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); + extraItem.sizeName modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); The waiter Mohammed was very helpful, friendly and well knowledgeable. 6 AILES DE POULETS/CHICKEN WINGS. takes no responsibility for availability of the Le Deck menu on the website. toFixedPrice( EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(380)}} modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); NACHOS. So Delicious and a very nice atmosphere with a perfect view , and such a wonderful staff and specially you Mohamed :). itemModalClick("8ba8b012-4171-422e-963f-63b7eb9457a5","4b511698-5a20-4be2-8b83-4167fd1c6b69",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); }}, {{ modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); EGP, Roasted grey mullet from Alexandria fresh market, dengaku sauce, grilled green asparagus, siphon black sesame, baby shrimp cooked honey and soy sauce, citron caviar and fish sauce, Fried salmon ravioli, ricota cheese and coriander, dengaku sauce, roasted vegetables, enoki mushroom, vegetables bouillon kaffir lime and nori straw, Red tuna tataki, yellow pepper, jelly, mix colored beetroot, crispy toast bread, fried shimeji mushroom and grilled spring onion, Seafood scallops roasted in butter with fresh calamari, crispy waffles satsuma lmo, yellow cauliflower foam, Thai snow peas and meat sauce. EGP, Salmon, crunchy vegetables & soda noodles, {{toFixedPriceFloored(370)}} }' class="clickable-anchor">, { toFixedPrice( itemModalClick("4d1a748c-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","0f90f651-c965-4625-8d45-7734badc8257",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, {

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Le Deck - Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Dubai; Le Deck - Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai Marina; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Le Deck - Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa Restaurant on Zomato EGP, Eggs cooked 45 minutes in water at 64C. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); }}, {{ }}, {{ basketError.basketErrorMsg.description == "BRANCH_CLOSED_DESC" Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant? You are right, everybody is allowed to complain if don't like something and be sure that we take into consideration your feedback. Tripadvisor gives a Travelers’ Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show");

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); The food was incredible. }}, {{ extraItem.itemName itemModalClick("e955283f-7aba-40fa-96e7-a8679075e751","9f7c3d57-068c-41af-8aa3-6530ca330afa",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);